How to live with someone with Aspergers?

Does anyone have an Aspergers Syndrome relative or husband? My husband has it and I need help getting used to it. It’s very mild but I need help.


Watch Parenthood the show. I


What do you need help with exactly? If he’s your husband I’d assume you’ve been together for awhile in some sense therefore you should be use to his mannerisms, moods, social behavior, ect… what is it you need help with understanding??


My 15 yo has asperger’s

My 6 year old cousin has it.

My niece has it. But sadly I don’t have contact with her anymore bc my sister is a bitch.

My boyfriend has it. It’s very hard to live with sometimes but I love him regardless.

I’d suggest searching Asperger’s on Facebook many of the first pages are great ones. I have several pages that I follow that are always enlightening to someone looking to educate themselves on Asperger’s that I could also send you the links to. Familiarizing yourself with the “why’s” may help you to have more understanding and offer grace when it’s due. Some of the biggest struggles between myself (Asperger’s) and my husband is due to miscommunications stemming from not understanding where I’m coming from, or why I’m responding the way I am.

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My brother has it…we learned you have to tell him one thing maybe 2 things to be done and then give him more instructions or he gets overwhelmed and messes up. Hes great with games, puzzles, and drawing. He just has a hard time remembering things that need to be done or sometimes how to do them. He doesnt always listen and it causes a lot of problems. He will tell you ok like he heard you but not really hear you.


I just watched a movie called ADAM about a guy who has it and wow it was very interesting and very very good movie

My 12 year old has it. Just remember, they feel too, they just don’t show it much. I have to remind myself daily. Bless you :blush:

I would suggest go to a therapist that is trained in it, so they can help you guys and teach you about it.


My cousin has it and she just turned 10.

There is a show called Parenthood on Netflix at the beginning it seems kind of boring but believe me it gets really good it’s a show based on Asperger’s very good show

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Maybe try family therapy. I know it’s tough, but they are very observant and brilliant individuals.

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Yes I’ve been with him for awhile we’re nit married yet but I call him my husband we have a 7 month old daughter and he doesn’t always know how to react with her. He gets frusterated and thinks he’s not good enough to be a dad but when he does try he does really well. I need advice on how to cope when he gets in a mood tho. Sometimes he gets upset and says he didn’t know being a parent would be so time consuming as he doesn’t really understand. How do I get him to interact with her more? I love him so much and I know he’s a really really smart guy I just need help.

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i have Aspergers…its a learning curb for sure. it takes a lot of patience and continuous telling me how im doing good. or ways to make things easier. the biggest thing is taking little steps. by reinforcing how well hes doing itll make the anxiety go down so hell interact more. sometimes just having him sit there while u do it so he sees how u interact would probably help as well. the moods will help if he finds an out lit for me its art or music. a lot with Aspergers its social interaction and continuing to question everything but it doesnt come natural. it takes patience for those interacting with it as well as finding ways to get the anxiety down.

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My 13 year old has it.

My son was like that until he was like 25 and you grew out of it

Each case different ,ask his family and friends. Habits and schedules are very important. Good diet, and daily living skills are important. Don’t do task that he can do in an attempt to help. Listen, ask questions. Everyone has a level of frustration, but he may have melt downs at this frustration level. Id go to school or work and observe him in his dealings with others. God bless you and your new family. Be patient, be kind.