How to live with HPV?

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Hi Mama’s. I’m 27 years old and have been diagnosed with HPV. One of the symptoms I have is genital warts. My boyfriend doesn’t have any symptoms but is being tested this week to see if he’s a carrier but my ex has been so promiscuous in the last 10 years it could have been him too. Im having the warts removed and sent out for biopsy in 2 weeks… Any other Mama’s have to deal with this? I’m so scared right now with the risk of cancer that I just want someone to talk to and cry with… Thank you to anyone who will answer my plea for help and advice…


I had cervical cancer removed when I was 16. Breathe until you know for sure. I’ve never heard of genital warts being caused by hpv. Learn something new every day.


The only advice I can say is talk to your doctor about getting the Gardasil vaccine. It’s recently been approved for people up to age 45, even if they’ve been exposed prior. Good luck to you though! :heart:


I was diagnosed with hpv around 23. They found some concerning cells and explained during pregnancy symptoms can worsen because your immune system is not as up to par. So what could seem bad now can get better after pregnancy- did for me. About 80% of the population have hpv, dont feel ashamed or bad.


I’m pretty sure my ob/gyn explained to me that there are now so many different strains and that a strain that causes warts does not cause cancer. Ask your doctor just to be sure.


I had it my entire life then in the past 3 years or so they just went away on they’re own. No need to stress or worry or be ashamed… I’m sure many women go through this, Its completely normal.

My husband has it but I have never gotten it bc I was vaccinated (at least that’s what I think bc it’s been 7 years) they removed them with the cold stuff like regular warts and his only came back once. He just had it redone again. Don’t stress it honestly. There are a lot of men and women who have them. Some people are Carriers and have no visible symptoms. It’s not HIV God forbid. You will be just fine. I know it sucks

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If it’s caused warts then it’s a low risk hpv and very rarely leads to cancer so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


What the doctor told me is the strains of hpv that create cancer, are not the same strains that create genital warts. :woman_shrugging: maybe contact the cdc for better information?

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Most people with the genital wart virus (HPV) have no signs or symptoms of infection. When someone does have signs of infection, the warts: Usually appear 1 to 3 months after someone is exposed, but it maytake longer. Begin as small red bumps that may grow larger.
So if you’ve been intimate with your ex in the last 3 months or within the last 3 months then it was your ex but if not it could be your boyfriend who got you infected if you haven’t been intimate with anyone else.
The virus that causes genital warts is easily passed from one person to another through sexual contact. … Genital warts can spread from one person to another during vaginal or anal sex. The virus can be spread by skin to skin contact so it can be passed on by close genital contact. USE CONDOMS.

I was told I had hpv but that I am a carrier and can get those when I’m severely stressed. Stress management saves my sanity. Don’t stress until you have to :heart:

I used to work at an OB/Gyn office. Ive seen pretty much everything. When HPV causes warts, the cancer chance it typically very low. It will more than likely clear on its own. HPV is very common. Try to stay positive. Always always get your pap smears. And even if it did go down the bad path, catching it early will be good enough.


I had hpv and biopsy and everything was good. Bit of advice after biopsy take tylenol its not fun procedure to go through.

I’m 44, I’ve had it for 25+years… no issues. Abnormal pap every time and they rerun and it’s fine. It may not be forever but it has been for 25+ years


Sorry, I cant help nut offering up a prayet!!

I was told I have HPV a couple years ago. Never any symptoms. They said there is no way to diagnose what kind and there are tons of strands. Told my OB. No one seems concerned.

If u have the genital warts kind then u don’t have the cancer type. I have the cancer type of hpv

My daughter had HPV, had that area removed…never came back, never tested pos for cancer.

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There is no HPV test for men.

Genital warts is low risk hpv, it is not the cancer strain.

High risk is the cancer strain

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No im sorry that sucks.

It’s a virus, like herpes. This is your life now. It’ll show up.

HPV doesn’t go away, it goes dormant