How to leave a relationship?

I’m feeling lost and alone and i need some advice my boyfriend of 6 years has been treating me really shitty lately constantly putting me down currently I’m a stay at home mom with our 3 year old I recently quit my job cuz he got a better offer with better pay and due to me not having anyone to help watch my child its impossible for us both to be working I have no support or no family… Lately he’s been coming home calling me lazy and worthless saying I don’t do nothing all day when I’ve literally just finish cleaning the whole house plus laundry and all household chores no matter what I do in his eyes I don’t do nothing . when anything goes wrong or he miss places something I get blamed and he blows up on me . I feel defeated and stuck I have no place to go or not enough money saved to rent a place alone. So I guess what I’m trying to get out of this post is some advice and resources you guys may know of for this kind of situations to get out and away from to thrive and set a better example for my baby I’m fed up with the verbal abuse and gaslighting .