How to keep up on laundry?

What are some ways that you find the time to keep up on laundry? i feel like i am always behind and am struggling


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Do a load everyday honestly. Or it piles up. At least on me it does. I feel like I’m always doing laundry lol.


I do a load everyday. I don’t have/use a dryer so I generally put a load on at night while I’m running my babies bath, lift the lid when the load finishes and then hang it out on the clothesline first thing in the morning while the baby is watching his show and having a bottle.

But honestly the doing a load every day is the way to keep above it all.

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I have a big family, and I literally do laundry every day to keep from getting behind. That’s the secret for me. I can’t stand to let it sit to be done all at once.

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Throw a load when I get in from work before anything else. Throw it in the dryer before bed. The next day when you get home start dryer to fluff. Go take off shoes shower and change then go get and put away. Repeat :rofl:

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If I miss a day it’s a nightmare. Like others have said, do a load as soon as you have enough. It’s never ending. I’ll finally finish clothes then realise I need to do a towel load, then bedding, or bulky things like sofa cushion covers or coats :woozy_face: luckily I have decent outdoor space and 2 washing lines. Don’t use dryer unless it’s raining

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Washing and hanging out everyday its the only way

Get rid of all the people living there and poof no more laundry :grin:


When the washer is full…start it!

I put one load in first thing in the morning. Then switch to the drier around lunch. I fold them after the toddler goes to bed (otherwise he likes to use them to decorate the house.)
If I have to do a second load (we have a giant washer so I usually don’t) I do it after dinner and then dry it during the bedtime routine, and fold it after bedtime. Laundry is like the only chore I feel like I manage to keep up with. I need a system like this for dishes. After 3 snacks and 3 meals a day, my kitchen looks like a dishwasher puked.

I have three girls who change 3 times a day… if I find something on the floor that looks and smells clean- I hang it back up :laughing::wink:

I make the kids load up all dirty clothes through the house in the morning and wash every other day. I have no back up on laundry. I also cloth diaper and have a pretty solid routine down every 3 days washing.

I run a load at night right before I go to bed and then when I get up in the morning I put it in the dryer and then that night when I start the new load I fold the other load

Have designated laundry days.

Go nekkid. Lol. Okay,that poses other problems. I would say do a load every day. I can wash and dry, but putting away takes a while.


Just switch out loads between other things. All you literally have to do is take 20 seconds to throw stuff in and walk away. Co.e back an hour later and do it again.

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I have two washers and two dryers. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Don’t wear clothes… lol JK…but honestly I don’t know. Feels like a never ending loop

Choose a specific day of the week for each member in the household.
Monday- mom and dad
Tuesday- child 1
Wednesday- child 2
Thursday- bedding, towels, curtains etc

This have worked for me since February

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I did mine every day first thing in the morning. Now it’s probably 3x a week. Because the kids grew up and now washing there own clothes :rofl:

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2 loads everyday no matter what. When I wake up an when I go to bed even if I can’t find something the blankets an pillow sheets go next


Once my kids hit age 12, they became responsible for their own laundry. I taught them, helped them out for a while, gave them their day to do it. Then they were on their own. If they didn’t have clean clothes, it was on them.

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Get rid of things you don’t wear. Minimalist

I get behind if the weather is shit & our line under cover is full otherwise it’s kept up with.

I never want too but I try to. I do one load every few days and put it all away right after it’s done

I just throw the whole load on the bed on one side after it’s done and watch TV while I fold on the empty half. Then break it up into sections and put it away accordingly.


When I wake up, I get dressed, brushed my teeth, change the baby, and immediately switch over laundry before I do anything else.

Catch up then wash a load a day to stay caught up. Weekends do whatever is left over and bedding

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I have 2 weeks worth of clothes then take it all to the laundromat when i run out. That’s how i keep up!

Family of 7
1 member a day, done deal yo.

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Just Do IT !
Easy !!!

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If you’re behind, take it all to the laundromat and do it all. Then try to do a load each of lights and darks a day.

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Depending on how big your family is , do a load daily, shove it in the dryer then fold an put away while watching TV

I never start a load I can’t see through from start to putting away, I also don’t have laundry baskets. Clothes go straight in to the washer, from the dryer they get folded and put away. Oh and that works perfectly for our house of five, three of which are small children.

Do a load a day. If you are feeling a bit behind get the a laundrette get it all done there. Then you can start a fresh.

I got behind with the laundry once, oh holy hell never again, I do 2-3 load a week so a load every 2nd day, dry and pack away straight away, turn up the music and away you go.

Family of 5. After I spend two whole days catching up, I find that it’s usually best if I beat myself up over it every day while still never doing it until we have no clothes and then I spend two days catching up again months later. Rinse and repeat cycle.

Seriously, laundry is the never ending cycle and this is your life now. God speed soldier. :joy:

We are lucky, only two of us so we wash on Sunday. When we had the 3 kids home I washed uniform each day and washed darks one day, whites the next. Once caught up try to wash daily to keep up

I pretty much do 1 or 2 loads a day

My laundry basket holds two loads of dirty laundry. So I start a load when it’s half full then when the wash is done I switch it to the dryer. When it’s dry I fold and put away. And repeat. Family of 4

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Yup, used to put a load in when I got up, switch to dryer before work, new load after work, fold both loads while watching TV, another load in before bed & put away, switch overnight load to dryer in morning. Sort while folding according to where everything goes so quicker to put away. Like everyone says, major backups go to laundromat where you can run 5-6 loads at once. Once they start school it may get easier & as they get older they can help. Make sure most clothes are machine wash & dryable and wrinkle resistant to avoid having to hand wash, dry clean dry flat or otherwise fuss with.

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Use the washer as your hamper. When it gets full run the load.


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Family of 5 (3 being messy little ones) I do a load per day no matter what. On days I need to wash everyone’s bedding, I just plan to get up super early so it all can wash & dry the same day

I accepted a long time ago—it’s always going to be a building struggle until I get another set of washer and dryer so I have 2 of each or I downsize and throw out everyone’s things and start new. 6-7 outfits and new socks for everyone. I have a like 20 gallon tote FULL—overflowing with mismatched socks alone. Time to just throw them out and buy everyone 1 pack of socks if 8 pairs or less. It’s mostly garments and items we don’t use or need that contribute to the large laundry loads and of course kids who mix clean with dirty AFTER the trouble of nearly folding and separating etc. depending on how many in your house—it doesn’t really get better unless you downsize your intake or get another washer/dryer set to wash and dry 2 loads at a time. Me and my boyfriend have 5 kids combined. Me, him, his 3 kids 15-12&10 and my two girls ages 15@10. Small family and hose hood duties to a Big one. Hasn’t been easy whatsoever

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I have a load daily so I wash and dry a load daily. Put in wash when I get home, put it in dryer when I’m doing dinner then clean the kitchen and fold clothes afterwards. I make a routine.

I hate washing- especially the folding and putting away. I put all washed clothes on the dining table, get my family to gather around it- and say- get your gear out of this pile.
It’s quick, efficient and I don’t get cranky

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Me too. Following for
the answer.

Disclaimer! I know that each household and lifestyles are VASTLY different!

If your kid’s are old enough. I have each person do their own laundry ( that includes their beding). Each person has a day that they can use the machines. That very much includes my SO. I’ll do the towels on top of my own.

The way I look at it is if they wear it they can clean it.

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As soon as the basket is full I wash it and I fold it and put away as soon as it comes out of the dryer. I do 2-3 loads of clothes a week for the three of us. Saturdays mornings I wash towels and bedding.

I do a load every day, that way I don’t have to much to put a way and it’s not over whelming. Family of 4. Sometimes I skip Sundays but that’s it!

I have 5 kids ages 3-14. I keep one hamper in the bathroom and one in my room. If Only wash what’s in those two. But between the 2 I usually do a load every day

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At least one load a day helps a ton


Once a basket is full, I wash it, dry it fold it and put it away. I have four kids ( two teens and two under 4 ) it’s a load a day.

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I always have the kids fold and put away the towel load. Some weeks ill do a load a day but if i get too busy or work late ill do laundry a full day on my day off.

Why the struggle? Behind what?

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I do a load every day or every other day. Stay ahead before you have to do laundry all day long

One load a day keeps
The piles away

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As long as you have kids and a job, you’ll feel that way. Enlist those that live with you:)


I made a schedule and do two loads every day (with of course exceptions for being sick/out of town, etc). I do the same load on the same day (for example I always do my oldest sons laundry and bedding on Tuesdays, my daughters on Saturdays, etc). It divides the laundry up so there is not to much on one day and it all gets done.

I just do a load daily and completely it. Start to finish.

I like to stuff it in baskets fresh out of the dryer and hide em around until the family starts looking for specific things then I throw em back in the dryer with a damp towel to freshen them up, fold em and :pinched_fingers: viola

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Decided it wasn’t worth stressing over. Just make sure I have what I need for tomorrow. Beyond that, it is on its own.


Just do a load every other day

Watch TV during or listen to a podcast ! I fold and fold and don’t even realize it!

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I try to do 1 load every day. I usually load the washing machine either first thing in the morning or the night before. I start it up when I get home from work. Start dinner, then pop it in the dryer. By the time we’re done eating and the kitchen is cleaned up, incan watch something as I’m folding laundry. Much easier to handle it that way. I also only have to wash the laundry for my husband and I, along with towels and wash cloths. My daughter learned how to do her own when she was 10 and my son is learning how now.

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small loads help… I always want to wait until it’s a big load, but then I don’t want to fold or put it away… just do a little load each day then you can match socks and everything super easy!


Following lol I gave up doing colors darks I seriously just throw everything in trued the volume up on the machine to hear when they are done and force myself to fold laundry :basket: if I get it all done in two days I can keep up for about a week but if I fall behind even one day :confounded::sob: it takes forever to catch back up !! :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: ps I just pile everything in laundry basket fold in bed and put on a movie for kids and listen to church while I fold makes it go by a lot faster “ bret athey creek doing a threw the Bible “

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Sorry to laugh… but unless you do it daily… there WILL be a “laundry day”. I have time between loads to do other things. My 3 year old likes to “help”

Keep sorted in baskets. I even use paper grocery bags for socks underwear etc. When I’m short on baskets. I keep it going load in washer load in dryer. I ALWAYS fold and put away as soon as i take out . once you get in habit you won’t change. I am 77 and so laundry for 6. 4 boys 2 adults. :cry::sob:my husband died recently. I taught him to do laundry and HE was BETTER than me. My daughter lives here and 4 greatgrandsons have lived with us since birth.

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that’s only way I keep up with dirty clothes is that they go straight in washer when full it gets washed which is almost daily so one load a day is way better then a bunch on a day off


I only have one kid at home, the other 3 are grown and out of the house, I feel like I’m never caught up on laundry lol. I swear that stuff mates overnight. I actually have a basket for me, 1 for my husband, 1 for my daughter and one for towels. We are all responsible for our own basket(daughter is 6) and I’m responsible for towels, and sheets. That is the only way it gets done. If you don’t have anything to wear, that’s on you.
When all 3 of my older kids were little, I would wash one load in the morning and one load at night, it stayed kind of caught up

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I set a schedule! Certain days are for washing certain things and started making my older 2 daughters ages 9 and 12 do their own laundry. Their laundry days are worked into my schedule too as I know they will need some help.

There’s 4 people. 2 adults a 16 yr old and 11 yr old. I do laundry everyday. Usually it’s just one load a day. Makes it so much less overwhelming. Then I end up putting up 2 loads every other day.

I have a schedule of what laundry gets washed every day. For example, my oldest child’s laundry and bedding gets done on Tuesdays, middle child’s on Thursdays, etc. That way everything gets washed and everyone knows what gets washed when.

I haven’t really figured out how to lessen the load but i usually do the laundry on a friday and then my husband and i will fold it all on saturday or sunday and out it up.

I’m only caught up because we have 1 laundry basket everyone’s dirty clothes go in it daily once it’s full 2 loads of laundry time

Limit how many times kids change their clothes in a day. Do at least a load of laundry every day. It’s not easy to stay caught up on!

Laundry is a never ending cycle unfortunately.

I do a load every single day .if there’s lots I do a load at night too but washing is always the first thing I do in the morning while the morning cartoons are enough to keep the tiny terror occupied

I just do a load or two every day. I also have a fold bin.

Like today i had a load in the dryer when I got home that went into the fold bin. First load in when I got home from work switched and second load in after dinner

Fold bin gets folded usually once the kid and the the husband go to bed and put in the bring up to put away bin for each person which goes up and gets put away when full for before we have non standard company lol

Laundry will always be never ending. Sad to say

Stop letting kids change several times a day. Hang towels to dry and use the same one a few days in row.