How to keep baby still while changing their diaper?

Alright mamas, tips on how to keep an 8.5 still while diaper changing. She rolls, pushes herself up where her head is off the change pad. Now the change pad is on her dresser and im no longer fast enough with diaper changes because i keep having to pull her back and she pees everywhere.


Toys are a good distraction. Otherwise have to get good at holding the feet/ankles in one hand and be as fast as you can with the other. Make sure new diaper is already unrolled so it’s easy to grab and stick under the bum with the free hand and thing of wipes already opened or a few already pulled out


i have 3 kids and even with distractions i still haven’t figured out how to keep they still.
Just gotta power through the diaper change

That’s cute you’re trying to figure out how to keep an alligator still :joy: when you figure it out let me know, I have two toddler boys and I definitely wrestle to get that pamper on


If standing supported, change while she holds a pull up bar.
Change laying on the floor.
Toys in her hand

I have a big boy (21 months 35.8lbs) lay them on the floor, legs on each side and change quick, have one diaper under the dirty so once clean it is a quicker transition.

Distractions. But I’ve honestly learned how to put on diapers while they are moving. I’ve learned to roll with it. I have 6 living 2 angels

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My daughter loves to hold the wipe bag! It makes noise, it has a lid she can play with. She’s almost two. Still works!

I hand mine something to play with and tell her to hold it for me. Works 8 out of 10 times


Distraction. Used to sing to my daughter the whole time or tell her exactly what I was doing. Let’s change Sadie’s butt. New butt time. 1 2 3 pants off, left side, right side etc

Don’t use a change table. Change them on the floor lol.
Get everything ready and have it within reach.
As for the moving around? May the odds be ever in your favor.


Towel on the floor and hold her down with your legs. Welcome to the toddler stage🫡

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You don’t. This is just your life now until she’s potty trained, good luck :upside_down_face:

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Haha ,you just have to roll with it

The body suit put the back bit over the shoulder and frount put up the front arms tucked in and button

Roll a towel, put it across the chest and under the arms then use your legs to gently hold it down. Baby can’t roll. It’s a bit hard to describe but I’ll look for a video demonstration.

Change her on the floor. While you’re changing her. Give her something to hold that will keep her interested for a few minutes.

Move to the floor. Use your legs to hold their arms down. Proceed at hyper speed and have everything laid out in advance.

Have everything right there before you put her on the pad. Everything. So you can just take it off, wipe and put new one on. Good luck.

Distraction when I change littles I’ll give them the pack of wipes to hold for me or a toy

Let them chew on the wipes😂 or give them a toy. I have always sat on the floor when my babies started rolling.

By time I had my 4th baby I could change them standing :joy:. It gets easier eventually momma. Just don’t give up.

Welcome to the toddler stage :rofl: it only gets worse. I just try to be as quick as possible and hold her legs :rofl:

Oh put the clean diaper with a wipe on it under her when you put her down, grab her ankles with one hand, pick her bottom up, take off the dirty one and grab the wipe, wipe her bottom, the clean diaper is all set to go. In theory though. Lol