How to increase milk supply?

Hello Mamas,
I was wondering if everyone else who exclusively Breastfeeds had their milk production dropped right before they got their period back. Mine came back one day after my son turned 9mos old(kinda bummed about getting it back). Was it because of hormones? I drank Mother’s Milk tea and it helped bring my milk back. Im so happy my milk came back. I got worried because my milk dropped from around 5-8 oz’s to 1-2 oz’s per pump session. I did a lot of power pumping too. Did anyone else experience this? Is it normal? And is it easier to lose production again? I feel like Dory. Just keep pumping! Just keep pumping! lol My goal is to BF at least til he is a year old. Any longer will be just fine with me but the next 3mos is my goal. How do I stop production loss from happening again with my period back in full swing? or am I doing everything right with drinking Mother’s Milk and power pumping? Im also about to start sippy cup training. What’s the best sippy cup for a baby that is completely tongue tied? I didn’t feel it was necessary to have correction surgery when he was born because he didn’t have any problem with latching. But if it efforts his speech I will have it done. So far I believe it hasn’t. He mimics sounds just fine. Thanks for all the input.


Yes your supply will drop every period it’s completely normal to the hormones

Totally normal! It will re regulate once your hormone levels return to normal :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I didn’t get my period until 8 months postpartum and right before it started my milk supply dropped and baby wanted to be on the boob more often, I went on birth control the month after and have not gotten my period back in almost 6 months which has been great!