How to increase milk supply?


What are some easy ways to increase breast milk production?


My Dr has me taking fenugreek…

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Keep baby on your boob. All. Day. Long. :joy:


Hydration and power pumping.

Nurse and/ or pump more

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Adding flaxseeds into your diet. I know sounds weird but does help increase milk production.

Oatmeal and Gatorade helped me

Guinness! One pint a day.

Fenugreek drys some women up so beware of that

Power pump

Get enough water/ calories


Nurse nurse nurse

Check out milky momma’s breastfeeding support page on here

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Drink tons of water! I also eat oatmeal every morning :blush: offer breast anytime baby is interested to stimulate more milk production

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This stuff was amazing when I was breastfeeding

Put baby to breast as much as possible. Every 1-2 hours. Don’t stress stay hydrated.

Mother’s milk tea, beer, barley, bran.

Have baby nurse all the time, and pump right after feedings

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No bake lactation cookies. Mothers milk tea. Lots and lots of water. Old fashioned rolled oats daily (the oatmeal that you have to boil). Pump after every feed.

Fenugreek, drink a Guinness, only one. Lol. Pumping in between feedings will help as well. Milk production will increase with the demand for milk, if you pump more and or latch you baby more. Good luck. :two_hearts:

A bowl of old fashioned Quaker oats every morning :yum: sometimes I got really desperate to pump more milk and ate it 5 times a day and it worked!

Fenugreek vitamins, coconut water. Water in general, oatmeal, body armor drinks, and baby nursing as much as physically possible.

Hydrate. Feed often. The 2- 3 hours thing at first is not a joke.

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I’ve heard the body armor drink works like a charm

Drink a lot of fluids!


Fenugreek supplement, lots of fluids, oatmeal daily (flavored works too) and at least one daily breast tissue massage to stimulate production. Powerade or Gatorade for electrolytes as lots of water will dilute them in your system. Lactation cookies and teas. And make sure baby is nursing until empty on both sides.

Drink water and eat more

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I never produced enough milk no matter what I did. I had to use breast milk and formula for both kids. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t produce more milk.

I used Mamas Milk tea and raspberry leaf tea. It did seem to help. Good luck

Water, water, water! :droplet:
I wasn’t making enough milk for my babe and my doctor (also specializes in lactation) told me to drink looooooooots of water. My daughter was underweight and her pediatrician told me to supplement formula. This made me sad because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed. I told my doctor and she disagreed. She gave me 2 ginormous glasses of water and had me drink them while I was nursing. She told me to drink a huge glass of water before nursing her every time and drink more during. And let me tell ya, I went back to the pediatrician a few days later and she was right on target. A couple months later she was in the 96 percentile.
Water, water, water! :droplet: