How to help anxiety?

I have posted something similar before. About my anxiety about dying in birth. Last night someone at work was telling me all about how many women and babies have been dying at my local hospital. And my anxiety is even worse than before. So much so idk what to do. Like i want switch hospitals. I feel like no doctor takes anyone seriously anymore. I went to the er for every symptom of preeclampsia besides the blood pressure. (Which was high the day before) and they ruled it as… stress. Stress. I felt like an idiot. My next ob appt after that did not say a word about be even being in the er. I want a doula but i have medicaid. Idk what to do. I feel like no one is taking me seriously. I have a son and im terrified if anything happened to me what would he do. Same would go for my newborn.


When are you due? If your not comfy I world switch
I had my son at one hospital and I’ve switched for my second

Only 700 women die from pregnancy related conplications per year. That is out of almost 4 million people giving birth. Your chances are pretty low.

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Try getting support from friends and family if you can. You have identified your problem as being stressed and having anxiety. It is perfectly normal for you to feel those fears…however it is your brain’s response to something you think/perceive is a great threat to you…try doing some deep breathing exercises to calm your nerves…a therapist would be of great support if you can afford one just to help you through your fears and anxieties

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Is it the same hospital you had your son? Same OB office? If yes you know the process there, if not go take a tour? If I had toured my 3rd son hospital, I would have not delivered there.

I mean if your blood pressure wasn’t high then it wasn’t preeclampsia. That’s kind of what preeclampsia is… it sounds like you’re letting yourself get worked up and the stress is causing physical symptoms.

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I don’t know where you live, but if that many women are dying giving birth there, I suggest you find a non local hospital to pop the baby out

Have faith and trust in God he will be there for you don’t worry

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Id like to share this with you. Try to relax and trust that your doctor, nurses and hospital have you and your baby’s best outcome at heart. Ask others you trust to be there and help advocate for you at times when labor is overwhelming and you may not do as good of a job advocating for yourself. And pray that all will go well and younwill have the grace to handle what may come and the thankfulness to realize you are not alone. Ever.

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Girl I understand my anxiety is full of death as well. All I think about is how I could die doing something. Idk y. But giving birth was EASY. The BEST experience ever

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You need to get a counselor not a new doctor. And if course your BP is high your stressing the fuck out of yourself over a situation that you literally have 0 control over! Not many women actually die during child birth these days and even if you’re going to be in that low percentage there’s nothing that you can do to stop or prevent that! If you’re truly that worried about it like you’re saying then you should definitely go make a living will and set up what would happen to the babies if this happened. That’s the only control you have over this, sorry. You can pray? Idk your beliefs but… If you’re really this messed up over this you truly need to get into therapy like yesterday! You’re going to cause yourself to develop preeclampsia! You’re causing the thing you’re so scared of, literally! This is truly and honestly not an issue with your doctor, or the hospital, or a doula, it’s you and your thinking disorder. And it sounds like you already knew you had an anxiety problem so stop leaving it to rub wild and get the appropriate help! And medication is just a band aid with mental health issues, so if you ever want to try to truly “get better” you have to attend therapy regularly, truly listen to the things they are teaching you, actually put the coping mechanisms into place in your life and most importantly stop feeding into your disease! You are literally making it worse and worse and it’s no one’s fault but your own. I truly hope you can get some help and get better! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart: it’s not easy but if you put in the work it really us possible to get better! XoXo

If you arent comfortable switch. I wish i would have. I told my doctor several times something didnt feel right. That i was dizzy. And something felt off. He said everything was fine. My daughter was 10 lbs. Turns out i had gestational diabetes. She had a hard time breathing and they kept her in nicu. If you dont like your doctor. Switch :woman_shrugging:

I do not see why you are asking this question, follow your feelings,switch!!

I had a midwife and had Medicaid. Some midwives and doulas take insurance!


Same honestly!!! I’m so terrified that either me, my baby, or neither of us will make it out alive. I’m due aug. 2 with my first baby. I was okay in the beginning was talking about trying it natural etc. But the closer the date comes and the more I read other woman’s experiences I get more and more anxious and terrified. I’ve always wanted to be a mom but here lately I’ve been feeling like a failure (already) or failing as a mom if everything does go well. My family tells me it’s normal and alot of woman get bad thoughts and scared before hand and some still even after the baby is born. I have a feeling that I will have postpartum depression bad because at least right now I know my baby is fine in my tummy and she eats what I eat so she’s fed, etc. Your not alone girl.



american obstetricians are dangerous to birth with

Sounds like u have ocd compulsive side anxiety is a sad thing that comes with it the fear everyday over rules ur life I no I have it if I get a headache I’m thinking the worst talk to ur midwife she will help u with ur fears stay positive hun

Counseling and maybe pregnancy-safe meds can help your anxiety. If you want to change docs & hospitals that’s fine, but most childbirth deaths come from unhealthy people who have had no prenatal care, and/or people with pre-existing conditions that make it a risky birth, or whatever. Presumably you are in decent health, have no conditions (physical or genetic) that put you at risk, have been seeing an OB/GYN, take vitamins, and are informed about your health and childbirth—all reasons to think everything will be fine. How many births does your hospital handle? How experienced is your doctor? I’m sure everything will be great and you’re just having hormone-induced panic. Distract yourself with fun stuff & preparation for baby. Get a massage, do maternity yoga, have a glass of wine (one won’t hurt), or do whatever relaxes you and makes you happy. You & baby will do great!

Check the medicaid website, I think I read that they pay for doulas and/or midwives.

Wouldn’t your husband take care of the baby if something happened ? You’ll be ok just relax

You need to chill out you are working yourself up you can check the mortality rate of mothers and babies at whatever hospital you are using you can google this if there was a high death rate the hospital would be investigated do the research get a second or third opinion and you should have told your doctor about going to the hospital an ER is to triage not diagnose and if whatever symptoms you thought you had were not life threatening they will send you home and you are to follow up with your OB who would run additional tests and monitoring. You have to be proactive in your healthcare

Stars in vision high bp and protien in urine and swelling in hands face feet are preelampsia signs ask them to check bp and for highprotien in urine u have to have those 2 things to be considered to have preeclampsia

Girl call Medicaid and get info on local midwives. Might as well learn this now, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS if prayer and meditation doesn’t work towards the situation.

also meditate you need to calm yourself so you can think logically go to drs different ones until you feel comforable otherwise you risk having problems due to stress and if youre not comforable with the delivery dr you will be stressed during birth

Do the research yourself. Don’t believe everything you are told

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You’re going to make yourself sick with worry. Eat right, drink plenty of water, take your your prenatal vitamins and keep your doctor appointments. Make sure each appointment they do the urine dip for protein and check your blood pressure. It usually starts out gradually so you’ll have time. Education will put your mind at ease, but anxiety and worry won’t help.

I’m confused the OB didnt say anything about the er? Was the ob at the er with you? Did you have the er stuff sent to the ob? You know that paperwork can take like months to actually get sent. I have a sever anxiety disorder. Before I got pregnant with my first I was on heavy anxiety meds twice a day plus sedatives for attacks. Guess what you are going to give birth and a hospital is way safer than at home. What if something goes wrong at home? Talk to you on about this fear demand a referral to a counselor and dear God start putting that baby first because if you are showing signs of real preeclampsia it’s too late abort. But please consider adoption. My anxiety didnt go away when being pregnant forced me off my med the fact that it was what was best for my baby made me feel calm.