How to handle depression in kids?

Hi. Can I get an anon post? TIA.

I could really use some advice… I’m due with my second baby this year in December. My first baby is almost 4 and from a previous relationship.

As of recently my son has been very I guess the best way to put it is almost depressed. I know it sounds like I’m crazy but he just isn’t happy this kid was seriously happy and so full of energy and now always crying and sooky. Has no energy. Wakes all hours for no reason. You can tell his exhausted from the lack of sleep. And just generally in the day he just seems sad. I ask him all the time of everything is okay. If his feeling okay and he tells me he is. But I can feel something’s wrong. And I know being his age he probably doesn’t understand what his feeling. But I feel helpless. I work full time and am exhausted myself but I’m trying to spend as much time with him as I can. Do you mummas have any advice or guidence on what I can do for my poor baby? Anything is appreciated!

Mommy and son dates! Try and make them a priority. And just on the safe side get him a check up and labs do.

Maybe try melatonin at night so he gets a good rest. No sleep really messes with how you feel.

Spend as much time as possible…and take a look at his days - make sure all is well with his care takers, schools, etc. see what they have to say, see if anything has changed there and if there is any cause for concern - is he being taken care of properly.

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