How to handle ADHD symptoms?

My child has ADHD and likes to chew, what can I do for her?

My daughter has high functioning ADHD, which causes a short attention span. And for her to chew on her hair and clothes. I’m at a loss when it comes to the hair and clothes. I don’t wanna cut her hair. But try my hardest to keep it pulled back where she can’t reach her mouth. I’ve heard of grip ponies if anyone has used them, I could use reviews. And the clothes I can’t do anything about either. She has ruined IDK how many shirts, the collar, and the sleeves of them from chewing holes in them. I know they do it when bored. Her teacher is now telling her(not a word to me) that she needs to bring something in to chew on instead. My question is, is there anything that other moms use for chewing? She’s 7 so I feel silly sending her with a teething toy of the sort. And since its clothes and hair then I guess I would need something soft with the same texture. I’m really not sure.


Amazon has really cute teething necklaces! They look fashionable so it won’t look strange for her to wear it and she can chew on it when she feels the urge.


I have a child who carries a blanket he chews in, but he is also only 4. Maybe a soft handkerchief or square of fabric?

Go on Amazon they have stuff for chewing

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There are chewing necklaces that do not look like baby teething toys.


You can buy Silicon necklaces to chew on.

I’m a para and we have these for some of the kids in our class. They work really well! I work with 7-8 year olds!


I would look into necklaces or even chewing bracelets

We use the chew necklaces. Our occupational therapist recommended them. My daughter has her hair short but she chews hole in her shirt sleeves.

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My son has the Lego shaped ones

FOLLOW Willows Beaded wonders she sells necklaces w teethers tell her what’s going on and I know she’s love to help! I really recommend hers! She customizes them


I second the chewing necklaces. My nephew has a few different ones he changes out using and it’s made a world of difference.

Chewy they help a lot a school

My daughter would do the same when she was smaller… her occupational therapist recommend the tubing they use for the nebulizer. Simply cut them about 5 inches long and have her carry one around… always carry extra in a bag. It helped alot… we would call her “chew tubes” she out grew it eventually as she got older.

My son has severe adhd with chewing tendencies. We use the necklace they are talking about too. He used to have holes all in his sleeves and collars. It definitely helped

My son is super ADHD I had him use a spoon when he would mindlessly chew on whatever he could get near his mouth. He is now twelve and sadly chews on his glasses or retainers all the time to the point of breaking them.

Are you sure her medication doesn’t just need to be adjusted?

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Search for Chewellery. Places like Amazon. They have some more descreet designs styles.

I send gum to school, the teacher keeps it at her desk. Its available when he needs it.

If she has an IEP it shouldnt be an issue.

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My son is 13 and also a chewer. When he is home, he will chew on his blanket, and every single sweatshirt w/strings have seen their day. I give him sugarless gum to try and avoid chewing on clothing and such. I would talk with your child’s teacher to see if gum is an option (as long as it’s used appropriately).

That chewlry looks cool. Maybe I’ll get my son one. He is a chewer. He chews the collars of his t shirts.

Chew necklaces, chew bracelets, plastic straws, rubbery squishies, and gum

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teething toys or wooden or bpa free plastic spoon, bpa free plastic cups, chew necklaces

We used chewing necklaces for the children who were on the spectrum. They really do help with redirection! I’m an aba and child care worker in a daycare center! :slight_smile:

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A string necklace. Quick, simple, easy to replace.

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They have pencil topper chewing items online for purchase. I used those exercise wrist sweat bands for my son to chew on at school. He went thru so many shirts & jackets due to chewing (still does to this day & he’s 13). It is a boredom thing & I try to keep him doing something. He’s ADHD & high functioning artistic as well. I started having him throw the shirts away himself when they get ruined badly enough so he can see the damage he’s doing. It has cut back a bit from what he ruins now. Find whats best for you & her as with ADHD the answer for one child may not work for another.

My son was the same way. His school agreed he could have gum to help him when he needed it. It helped him tremendously with not biting on his clothes. He still uses gum at school to help him when he needs it. They have put it in his IEP plan.

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I was the same I chewed my hoodies sleves up not much my ma could hair thou she told me that it could het stuck and they have to cut you open to get the hair ball out scared me so that helped also I liked short hair as a kid i was a tomboy and it was easier to keep clean and brushed if my ma didn’t let me cut my hair id do it myself

If you look up on the Autism websites, they will have ideas or websites for you to purchase toys that are made for children that are on the Spectrum and ADHD. I have 4 children in the classroom that are ADHD & Autistic in the school I work at and they have different types of chew items they can facilitate to use that is in their own box. The school purchases them for the children and they have an IEP so the school can purchase them and she can use them at school and you could use something at home.

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My son has the same problem. He stretches out the collars and the sleeves. He got an IEP and they started giving him “texture toys” like squishy balls and stuff like that. Fidgit spinners worked well too. Good luck it’s a tough problem because you’re basically telling your kid to change. At least in my opinion

My great niece chews her hair I wish I had your answer she is ADHD and autistic

Use an old t shirt, cut it into strips and braid it into a long rope/necklace she can keep with her and chew as needed. Although, it could be the specific textures that she likes and in that case it would be hard to find replacements


We use a squishy for my grandson. He will sit there and squeeze it it help

Very interesting post and information. Thank you. Such smart women. :blush::kissing_heart:

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My son also has severe ADHD. He also has sensory processing disorder which causes him to chew like crazy. There are things you can buy specifically for kids with sensory issues that like to chew.

Maybe a leather necklace…?? Leather fringe, like a purse pull, that can be attached to bottom of her shirt??

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My son is 8 with adhd and always wants to chew. He uses the flavored sports mouth guards💁

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Jerky dried fruit. Cut up bite size

You can buy sensory toys for this exact this. It’s on a necklace. My sister is 13 year old High functioning austistic, who also has adhd. And it’s been amazing for her!!!

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go get a teething bib… the ones that have the textured corners… cut off one od the corner pieces and give that to her its small handsized and she can do it without really being noticed …

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Get ur kids gum. My son has ADHD n chewing gum is a part of his OT

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Send her to school with a gents handkerchief they are made of shirt or blouse materiel

My grandson just started doing that he is 6.

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My son used to chew holes in every single shirt either on the sleeve or collar or both. I tried the teething bead necklace for babies. It does work to occupy and distract but he also likes to hold it like his clothes and therefore we lost a few. I honestly tried to discourage him from chewing his clothes because it gets expensive. It got him to stop chewing on clothes but now he is biting his nails down to nothing. I gave him also a old shirt from his dad that I knotted to hold but In my experience he exchanged one habit or tick for another.

My mom bought me rubber pencil tops. I was about 8

They have necklaces for moms with teething babies…that might be a good way to give her something to chew on that isn’t her hair and clothes and won’t ruin her teeth. I was partial to sunflower seeds, but that doesn’t really work in school. Amazon has tons of them but this is one. Goobie Baby Audrey Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear, 100% Safe Silicone (Teething Necklace, Mint)

My 7 almost yr 8 old son chews on his shirt collars and idk what to do he is ruining so many shirts

Google sensory issues.I got some material necklaces6per pack from an autism site in USA,quick delivery to AUS.Quite expensive but not as bad as having to buy new shirts all the time.Also talk to an OT they would have great ideas.