How to get rid of internal hemorrhoid's?

TMI… i’m 10 weeks postpartum from my first baby, since he was born i’ve have server internal hemorrhoids…has anyone experienced them this long? or did you ever pass blood cots? Talked to my OB she said it was okay but it’s still nerve racking considering this is my first baby… i’m 21 if that makes a difference…


You’ve got to find out what’s causing them first. I spent 3 days in hospital for the same thing at 20wks pregnant and found out I have colitis and was suffering from a flare up. I have to limit certain foods that don’t break down like nuts or corn. I also take a probiotic daily now to help and haven’t experienced a flare in over a year. Thankfully mine weren’t painful but the stomach pain was excruciating. Good luck! Hope u find some answers and relief soon.

I had them for years,had to have surgery to remove them

They can give u a cortisone enema to use for the internal ones.

Surgery and not gonna lie it does hurt but worth it in the end

It took a year for me to get rid of them without surgery. My Dr offered surgery to correct the problem. But instead I ate alot of Fibre and used the prep h cream.

I have had a permanent massive internal hemmeriod since my first child was born in 2018, the only way to get rid of mine is surgery, which I have continually put off because I had more kids. Tucks pad, witchhazel, they make medicated hemmeriod cream, I recommend trying it all, the Dr’s won’t do surgery unless you’ve exhausted every option which includes a prescribed pill if nothing else works. Good luck to you!

Take a clove of garlic peel it n shave abit of it the use coconut oil n use as a suppository
Do it for 5 nights u won’t suffer after that


Try apple cider vinegar soaks just add a cup to the bath… Maybe two cups. Use a stool softener and make sure you aren’t eating foods that aggravate it.

I had same problem for weeks. No creams or hamorrid things works.

I started searching for other solutions. This is the only thing works for me.

I had surgery on mine and wouldn’t ever do it again. Worst pain I’ve ever had for weeks and wasn’t even 1 yr later and they came back! The only thing that gives relief is the prescription cream from the doctor

Go in and have them band them ! Its a surgery but u get relief after a few days post op