How to get rid of hemorrhoids

Does anyone have any remedies to reduce hemorrhoids while pregnant?

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Sitz baths or preperation H

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Sitz bath It May be spelt wrong

I got mine after having

Their was nothing but depositor

This is going to sound odd popcicle pieces it’s what the ob got me to do when pregnant with my last baby

Definitely a sitz bath. Tucks wipes, prep h

I also heard alovera and just straight witch hazel helps.


They suck so bad!!!

Preparation H suppositories is the only thing that has relieved mine! I had the doc try to call me something in, insurance didn’t cover it, was going to be almost $200

Hope that at least helps, I know they are so painful!

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Medicated wipes at Walgreens.They cool some have alone or witch hazel.Years ago didn’t have this nice wipes so would buy witch hazel in bottle soak tpaper warp it in there or how every it stay in there .Don’t. Use t paper.Special cloth just for this soak it@apply it to cool them down.

Witch hazel. I still use it