How to get rid of fleas?

How do you get rid of fleas? i rescused a cat who was a stray and didnt realize she had fleas until it was too late an dnow they are everywhere…help!


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Dawn dish soap and a comb


honestly flea treatment On the Cat(Will probably have to do this a few times) and the Flea bombs the whole House. When I had a cat honestly I spend Shit loads of money on Flea treatments and Flea bombs It Takes AGES to get rid of them all. one Flea bomb isn’t gonna be enough and One flea treatment won’t be You will have to do it again

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Topical cheristin for kitty and for your home flea busters. Thank you for rescuing her ! :two_hearts:

Dawn for kitty if they are all over your home you’re gonna have to bomb it :pleading_face:

Vacuum every day multiple times and check the cat and any other animals you have with a lice comb

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Cooking saly is the best

Hoover your house everywhere then flea home spray your house especially corners and close to the skirting boards then comb your cat to get as many as you can off her the flea drops on her

Original (blue) Dawn dish soap to bath kitten.
And a safe non toxic way to treat your carpet is to sprinkle sea salt (or finely grounded regular table salt) other wise, any texture salt dehydrates fleas, so you sprinkle all over carpet let set for a few hours or over night, and vacuum up.
The longer you leave it the better. And you can repeat if necessary.

Get pan cover the bottom with water put dawn dish soap all over water and set a light over the top where they’re the worse and it will help tremendously… Even better if the room is dark!

Take it to a vet. They Have a chewable monthly tablet that rids of fleas, ticks and heartworms.

They absolutely hate table salt. Put that stuff on ur carpets and they will die. Let it sit for awhile then vacuuming it up. Best thing I have found that works and it’s really cheap!

Hoover flea bomb hoover delt with :sunglasses:

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Seresto collar and clean the house. I had to rip out all my carpet and put seresto collars on 27 of my pets because a stray cat brought fleas onto my property. Don’t fuck around with home remedies. Just do it correctly in the first place or the issue can drag out for months.

I use seresto collars but talk to vet before use them on animals because some animals could be allegic something in them but we tested all my animals and they were fine with the collars. The chews never worked for my animals no matter how much i cleaned and bathe them.

I have a peppermint spray that I got at wal mart you can spray it on dogs, cats, couches, beds, basically anything. It comes in a white and green spray bottle or can. It does have a nice smell too so that doesn’t hurt and we also bomed the house too. Lots of baths

if you can, buy a few ‘bomb’ things for fleas, get everyone out of the hosue for the several hrs, & then come back, open the windows to air everything out & within a hr you are good, The apt I moved into many, many, many yrs ago, had fleas before I moved in & I did buy a few bombs & no fleas :slightly_smiling_face: Also out a flea collar on the cat :slight_smile:

I buy flea bombs, 3 usually do my whole house. I take all living things out and let it work, I thinks it’s about 3 hours. Follow the directions, and flea treat the animal at the same time. The fleas will continue for a while but if you’re thorough, they will all die off and the flea treatment also serves as a repellent for a few months. Flea treat your cat regularly also

Dawn bath for the kitty and bedbug foggers for the house then vacuum afterwards and wash every fabric you can and you’ll want to fog at least once a month for 4 months to make sure there are no eggs I fog once a month even after that because my dog goes outside and I don’t want fleas

Indorex or RIP Fleas house sprays. Advantage Spot On and Drontal Worming tablets for the cat. Can all bought bought online without prescription and won’t cost you a fortune. Will solve the problem in one hit.

Had this problem too. Knockout spray. Works great.

You will need lots of patience vacuum everyday make sure cat has no more fleece after

That’s amazing that you rescued a kitty! I worked in a pet store for years so I know a bit about fleas
Assuming it’s an adult a very difficult Flea dip. And some Flea meads (I prefer advantage).
If it’s a full on infestation keep reading if not you should be good
Then get some spray for soft surfaces your local pet store or Walmart stuff should work. Also vacuum any carpets.

The flea carpet powder works great.

Capstar combined with a topical (revolution/advantage/etc) is prob the most effective treatment for cats we’ve used. We’ve also had a lot of luck with these things when there were fleas around. Good luck!

Cheristin for cats will kill them off your cat in 30 minutes, and help keep them off, you can get spray and spray your house, if u have carpet keep vacuuming and dumping it out over and over spray again

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Green dawn dish soap for hard surfaces, RC spray from the pharmacy for furniture and whatever the vet gives you for the pets, you can also use dawn in bowl with water dip flea comb in it than run thru pet rinse then out in the bowl of dish soap /water. Good luck

Your going to have to get flea foggers and set them off all over the house

Detrimatacous earth, totally butchered the spelling, but it’s food grade safe and put on floors, on couch etc for like a week, vacuum, repeat and fleas should be gone. It’s like shards of glass for them and cuts them and dries them out. I wouldn’t even do foggers or anything else, just do this treatment.


Salt kills fleas :tipping_hand_woman:

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Blue dawn soap bath, baby powder on floors for 24hrs then vacuum. There are pet friendly flea sprays you can spray porous areas. Wash all loose blankets ect. Trust me I live in the woods so I know what you’re going through!!!

Flea bombs and get the cat dipped!

I bought flea carpet powder from Walmart and then I vacuumed like 5 times a day!! It only took me a couple days to get rid of the infestation

Clean everything and bomb your house, then while you’re bombing your house take the cat somewhere and bathe the sh** out of her, then you’ll have to hold her down and comb her with a flea comb and kill the left over fleas.

Baking soda and salt sprinkled in the carpet. And vacuum vacuum vacuum.

We had to get an exterminator in when my cat caught fleas. It was too out of hand for us to use any home remedies. It was pricey but it was so worth it!

If you have carpets get boric acid from store spinkle everywhere use a broom to kind of sweep it in let set for a few hours then vacuum really really well we had to do this when we had carpets a few times then shampooed and they were gone

Dawn and a lice comb for kitty and flea powder for the carpets.

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Eucalyptus oil and water mixed in a spray bottle. Spray on cat and it will kill fleas.
Buy a flea bomb for your home. You need to treat your lawn also.

Its hard to get rid of. I bombed my house all the time and put flea meds on and still have them i have two dogs about 60 lbs and i put meds on them every month and some times early depends how bad they are scratching but i have bites too. I just cant get rid of them

We got these and we vacuum all fabrics and the carpets every chance we get. If you can try to spray your house also, then a week later the outside of your property.