How to get rid of an Apron belly?

Hi. Just wondering if any other mother experience this.

I have an 8 month old son born by c section.

The past couple of months I have noticed my “apron belly” getting larger and a lot heavier. It is starting to bother me and actually getting in the way. It is still a little numb around my c section scar and I do have some mild pain still.

Is it just me gaining more weight and it sagging more due to having my son?

Or is this something that other people have experience after having a baby and got checked out by their doctor?

Just wondering what it could be.


I would see a doctor. I had four C-sections and never experienced anything like that

Couls be weight gain and its just getting bigger so it sags more. Have u tried to tighten the muscles with light excersice? If theres pain, then i would go see ur doctor. Try moving around more… excersice and try not to have any junky foods. It could help a little.

Its normal its harder to lose the stomach by c-section I would get get a waist trainet and drinks alots of water

Yes, JaShanta! I’ve had 3 c- sections. It’s so hard to lose that! My scar is still numb in spots, and it’s been almost 4 years.