How to get rid of a stye on the eye?

Anyone kno how to get rid of a stye on my almost 2 year olds eye? I’ve been putting a warm compress on but we can’t see the doctor til wednesday sooo anything will help! TIA


Rub it with a gold ring. I promise it works perfectly


I’m 68 years old and when I was a kid when we would get a star on our my mother would always rub the cat’s tail in her eye and around our eye and it worked every time I know it sounds crazy

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Warm milk as a rinse and then take a tea bag soak it a few seconds warm milk let it cool Abita till warm then place it

On a warm wash cloth put some no tear baby soap and suds. With eye closed, wipe the soap over the eye gently a few times. Blink a time or two. Then use warm wash cloth without soap on it to wipe off residual soap. Do this 2-3 time a day. - this is literally the only thing that helped me get it gone in a couple days and relieve it!


My youngest son had chronic styes. They would get so big his eyes would swell shut then bust open. We were doing compresses, ointment, drops. They started as a baby. Finally when he was about 2 1/2 he had to get surgery to unclog his tear ducts. That helped a lot. He has only had a couple since then. He is 9 now. Compresses helped. Especially when they were first starting. We bought one of those things that you put in the microwave to heat up.

Put rice in a sock and put in microwave. The heat will last alot longer and u won’t have to be running back and forth trying to keep the cloth warm.

My eye dr recommended Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Its a gentle formula so no tears. You just add a small amount to a wash cloth & make it soapy. Then rub it across the eye lid. Leave on for a few mins & wipe off. Repeat for a couple days. I always keep it on hand as my son used to get them constantly


Please fashion wet tea bag…

Warm compress and then see if it hair a hair in the middle of it. If it does take tweezers and pull it out, everything should release once you do that. My dad got them all the time growing up, they’re usually from an ingrown eyelash.


I thought I was gonna sound crazy saying this but I see others have mentioned it also. Soak a tea bag in warm water and place it on the eye. I used to get styes alot and that’s what my mom would always do. When the tea bag cooled she’d dip it again and put it back on, we did that a few times and it cleared it up.


I can tell you how the Appalachian people do it back home.

Go & ask your local pharmacy, they do have cream to put on it

They sell cream for it at Walmart by the eye drops


You can buy ointment for it from the chemist providing its not for a baby :wink: maybe your “sister” has the sty :wink:

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A dab of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on a wet cotton ball. Eyes closed.

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I work in optometry. Everyone saying the shampoo and warm compresses are correct. The over the counter creams and drops are a waste of money. You usually will need a medicated eye drop to help things along depending on the size. Do not try to squeeze it at home. I also second the lid scrubs at least twice a day with a gentle massage on the lid.

Neosporin and hot compresses! Also occusoft eyelid cleansing wipes. My daughter’s ophthalmologist told me it’s all about eyelid hygiene and neosporin works better than what a pediatrician would prescribe.

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There is OTC stye cream. Takes care of it in 24-48 hours

I get them every year. I use tetley orange pekoe tea bags. Run it under hot water, squeeze and hold it on the eye while it’s closed amd warm. I do it two - three times a day ( new bag each time) for three days and it’s done