How to get pregnant?

Hi mamas!!
My fiancé and I are trying for our First bundle of joy! Any tips or special tricks that helped any of you? I know all bodies are different but I’d love to at least try. I used the pre seed stuff like the pills and the lubricant for about a year and it hasn’t seemed to work! Any tips would be appreciated!


Honestly just have fun while trying. My fiance and I were told we couldn’t have kids due to severe medical reason o nvm my part and his as well. We we relaxed had a drink went to a good dinner and just had fun. 3 weeks later I took a test and it was positive

Stop trying. When you try to hard to get pregnant and it doesn’t happen it stresses you out stress doesn’t help trying to get pregnant it renders it. Just have fun relax and don’t stress


Drink some tequila and enjoy yourselves. Worked like a charm for my husband and I lmao


There’s an app you can download to help you. Make sure to a lot when your ovulating.

Don’t focus on the trying so hard. Have fun.

Keep up with your cycle and have relations the week before or the week after. It might work

Get a little drunk and go at it about 5 days after your period :rofl: worked for me. And try not to go to the bathroom after the deed, let those spermies marinate girl.

Stop trying that’s when it happens

Ovulation test kits - my friend used Maybe Baby and that worked first time after taking them a couple of years two times before to fall pregnant

Stop trying. If you stress about it, it wont happen.

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TMI but when I was trying me and my husband were trying noth times doggy style left his sperm in for like 2 to 3 minutes worked both times for us

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I tried for over a year and nothing worked. I ended up stressing myself out and making sure it didn’t happen. The moment I stopped caring, BOOM pregnant in the first week.


Stop trying I tried for over 15 years
Then I just said well I guess it wasn’t meant to be
Then one month no period and took a test I was pregnant at 42 !
Today I have a happy healthy 10 year old
Trust me just relax have fun don’t be obsessed over it it will happen I’m proof


Relax and quit trying. I was on fertility meds for 2 yrs when me and my ex gave up and quit trying I got pregnant.

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When you’re done, dont get out of bed for a while. Give the swimmers a chance to get there lol. I’m not certain of course but I think it helped. :grin:

I never liked the ovulation test kits. I used the ovia fertility app!

Prop your but up and “bike” on your back. Also check to make sure you guys are both healthy, another this they say is to stop trying and have fun the added pressure and stress can make it not happen

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I dont have a pg13 way of saying this but my fiance and i were trying for 6 months and we got pregnant after sex every night for a week

Periods are highly irregular. And I haven’t had one In awhile I can’t rely on them!

Try prenatal vitamins… They increase fertility

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Intercourse every other day

I laid in the bed with my legs against the wall with both of mine :rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:caught within two weeks both times haha!! Make sure you’re both getting a good diet and exercise too xx

Stop trying. I now im. 27 weeks with my second. Trust anyone that tell you to stop. Trying and what i mean is so hard. If you think about it to much yoir body cant be relaxed enough to even conceve. As soon as you guys. Dont think about the baby. If you guys are fertile. You will get your baby trust me just relax on your self

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Don’t think about trying for a baby. Tried for 6 months for our second… Only happened once we gave up and i stopped thinking about itm

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My sister used an app called ovia fertility it tracks your period and ovulation plus it has tons of useful articles.

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Let him be ontop of you and when the sperm is inside you let your feet up against the wall or so but don’t stand up for atleast 5min.

Try the period calendar app

Make sure your hormones are balanced! As women, we use so many products daily that are full of toxic ingredients like sulfates and Parabens and other junk that can really mess up our reproductive system and hormones.

My husband and I tried for months for our daughter, and it wasn’t until I switched out most of our household products and started taking a progesterone treatment that I finally got pregnant.

Replacing toxic products will also benefit you during your pregnancy and be safer for your little one once they arrive. It’s a long term health benefit. Replace things as you run out of what you currently have, like shampoo, face wash, laundry soap, dish detergent, household cleaners, toothpaste…

Target has a “clean” section online that is mostly safe. A keyword to look for is “organic” but stay away from “natural” cause there are still toxic ingredients that are naturally made. Companies will greenwash labels to sound clean, but still are full of nasty ingredients.

I tried everything to get pregnant, and this right here was really the only thing that helped, short term and long term. I gave this advice to a few of my friends who also struggled, and 2 of the 3 are now expecting as well. :two_hearts:

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Change the nautical direction of your bed completely different, feed your man some sperm inhancing vegetables, (spinach, Brussels) find out when you are ovulating and just do it :joy::joy: when we were trying for our second we found out that actually fussing and trying to get pregnant makes it seem harder. Don’t try too hard and it’ll happen. Maybe find a fertility statue?! Good luck

Stop trying. It happened the minute we stopped obsessing.

LH strips from Amazon helped us get pregnant the first month we tried!

We actively tried for 9 months with all the usual tips and tricks with no luck. We “gave up” for a couple of months and out of the blue I was pregnant. I think the stress of “trying” really lowers the chances of getting pregnant :rofl:

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Baby shoes over the bed

Ovia fertility app helped track my period and give me an idea of when I’d ovulate. But honestly, once we stopped trying it happened

Literally I never tried. We got pregnant the very first time at a wedding, second time we went out with friends while my mom watched the first. 3rd… another date night out baby :metal: moral of my story…let loose, don’t try, have fun… SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS :smirk:

Track your ovulation if ur not already

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Just relax and let it go! If you keep thinking about it it isn’t going to happen!!!

Relax and don’t force it!

We propped my hips up with a couple pillows after we had sex and sat like that for 15 minutes before we moved. We eneded up getting pregnant with our first bundle❤


Don’t make it a chore. All my friends were having babies and I was so upset I’d been with my partner five years and nothing had happened, it seemed as soon as I stopped thinking and obsessing I fell pregnant with our little girl, she’s now three :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Start a good prenatal, I also added Maca supplements, you can find them in the vitamin section of your grocery store, and track you cycles! But most of all relax :blush:

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10 days after your period ends start having sex for at least 5 days in a row. While having sex close your eyes and think about your baby…will it be a boy or girl? What features will s/he have? His nose or your eyes? Etc. After he’s done lay on your belly for 20 minutes prior to getting up.
This was friend’s (who had 5 kids) advise and how I was able to get pregnant after trying for 3 years. I gave this advise to my neighbor who had been trying and 3 mos later was pregnant. Best of luck to you, everything has its timing be patient and have fun :slight_smile:

Track ovulation. They have calenders and tests. Missionary position and do not get up for 20 minutes.

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Track your cycle, the ovia app is great. You need to find out the # of days between periods, go from the day you start. Take that #, divide by 2. That day in the middle is when you ovulate. So if I had my first day of my lmp April 4, and it came May 2 this month, my cycle is 28 days, so I should be ovulating around may16. This is what a fertility Dr told me to try when we were trying for #3. Also, make lots of deposits the days leading up to ovulation. However, if you’ve been trying that long you might want to see a specialist. Good luck!

My doctor recommended taking prenatals daily

Don’t go to the bathroom after sex! I’m telling you, each time I got pregnant (all 5 times) and my last pregnancy was an 11 year age difference I can pinpoint the night I just feel asleep after having sex and didn’t rush right to the bathroom.

Also to mention, I want trying it just so happened those were the times I got pregnant with my lovies.

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When you’re done getting it on, Elevate the lower half of your body legs up hips up, do it for at least 10 minutes… It works… I have 5 of them :grin:

Some of this advice is insane and will mess you up. Please use caution.


Honestly the thing that helped us after 3 years (both times) was not trying and going with the flow. If you put too much pressure on it doesn’t help - and testing every month and getting negatives really knocks your spirits. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2::blush: xx


Evening primrose oil is what I swear by. It balances your hormones and makes your cervical mucus optimal for the swimmers.

Took us a year my doctor said stop thinking about it dont stress have fun and a few weeks later we were pregnant i tried everything in the book honestly just RRLAX it will happen

What pills and lubricant ? I didn’t get pregnant for 2 years , good luck !

Use ovulation calendar. Have sex on your most fertile days. But a pillow under your butt, and your feet up on the wall right after sex. Worked for me.

Dont try. I didn’t try for either of my babies. But make sure yall are both healthy and dont get upset if that test says negative. Have fun with it.

Honestly for me it was always not trying and alcohol did the trick every time. Don’t ask me how but all mine were conceived while I was tipsy


Quit trying to get pregnant and just have sex regularly. That’s usually when you get pregnant

Stop “trying” and relax. The pressure of “trying” can be causing stress which won’t allow it to happen.

Ask your Dr.for some clomid​:blush::blush: Best of luck to you!

Just try not to think about it. Have fun, be silly, enjoy your partner. Then the magic will happen.

Just relax darling. It will happen.’

Stop stressing over it! The minutes we stopped “trying” and just decided to let nature take its course, we wound up pregnant.

Make sure to be relaxed and have an actual orgasm. Alcohol or pot will help you relax the best!

I laid on my back and put my legs up and conceived

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Track you’re cycle with an app, and dont “try”. I know its hard. But it took my hunsband and i 4 months of “trying” and endless negative test before i stoped. The next month i was pregnant

I tried for years and years and was on fertility treatments and nothing worked for me the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I gave up on that and just stopped trying. Few years later bam I got pregnant.

Try having sex the day after your period when you still have a little spotting left. Sounds gross but that’s the best time to begin!

Try the ovia fertility tracker, it’s a miracle worker I swear

Relax and it will happen, in the mean time have fun lol

You could try and have some sort of huge financial crisis. That usually seems to work :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t have any real advice, but sending baby dust your way.


Question out of curiosity. What do you ladies consider “not trying”?

I dont know how many of yall have struggled with conceiving but “dont try” is the most frustrating thing ever. That’s not how babies are made when you’re struggling with infertility or getting pregnant. Me and my fiance are at 2 years 1 month of trying to get pregnant and “stop trying” is easily the most hated thing among all the women in my trying to conceive groups.


If you’ve been trying for a year with no luck, it’s time to see the doctor.

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Talk to your doctor about metformin, if you have been trying for a year it may be pocos

Track your cycle and have lots of sex on your fertile days. Have fun! Be relaxed. The sex is the best part of trying!!

Give up and have fun. We tried for a while then i was like thats it im done… then boom… prego!


We were trying over a year, as in I was tracking when I was ovulating, I was taking my temperature, I knew when I thought the best time was to “try” or have sex etc. What I don’t think I realized was how much I was stressing and making it more of a chore etc. so I deleted the apps, stopped taking temperatures and trusted my body. After your period, you will start to ovulate within a few days, so I just had fun. We planned date nights, relaxed and just went with it. And it worked. I know how upsetting it can be waiting and hearing the “stop trying” quote. I’m not saying it will work for everyone as their are many reasons why you maybe having difficulty. I wish everyone all the love and luck at finally carrying your healthy babies :heart::heart:

We were trying over a year, as in I was tracking when I was ovulating, I was taking my temperature, I knew when I thought the best time was to “try” or have sex etc. What I don’t think I realized was how much I was stressing and making it more of a chore etc. so I deleted the apps, stopped taking temperatures and trusted my body. After your period, you will start to ovulate within a few days, so I just had fun. We planned date nights, relaxed and just went with it. And it worked. I know how upsetting it can be waiting and hearing the “stop trying” quote. I’m not saying it will work for everyone as their are many reasons why you maybe having difficulty. I wish everyone all the love and luck at finally carrying your healthy babies :heart::heart:

Have fun with it, we couldn’t get pregnant until we decided to stop “trying” (trying to track ovulation and all that). My doctor recommended sex every day or every other day so you don’t miss the ovulation window. Take prenatals now to help make your body healthier for it. Took us 16 months to get pregnant with our first, good luck. :heart:

Stand on your head or Hang off the bed afterwards with your feet in the air…sounds silly but it’s a thing , swear

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Don’t think about it, and get drunk one night. Worked for me, twice :wink: After trying for a year and a half!

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stop stressing about it just have fun in bed and don’t think about it,be a bit careless when doing it.

I tried and tired for over 14 1/2 years We just stop trying Said if it happens it happens and I’m now going on 32 years on and just had my first one😃 Stop trying and just let it happen

You should try ovulation tests… if they’re done properly it will tell you the best time to get pregnant. Also stay in bed after sex don’t get up right away to clean yourself (I know kinda gross).

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Please get married first.


Track your period and ovulation with ovia fertility. I got pregnant within 2 months of tracking, it was really accurate.
Don’t change your diet unless you don’t eat well, fluctuations like that cause your hormones to variate.


Before I was pregnant with my second I had heard an old tale that says to have your significant other hold your feet up afterwards so as a joke my boyfriend pumped my legs up and down afterwards just to be funny and well we ended up finding out we were pregnant a couple weeks later. No joke apparently that’s how someone else I know got pregnant too so it’s worth a shot.


Throw your legs up on the wall while staying laying down on the bed after y’all get done. Worked for my first one


I put us both on vitamins after a year of trying and a few miscarriages. I ordered a stronger dose of folic acid and took b12 and b6 along with my prenatal. He took a multi vitamin and also the folic acid. Within a month I was pregnant.

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Sometimes you try to hard…usually when you stop stressing and just stop “trying” is when it will happen…


I tried elevating my feet up after he cums inside. Not going to the bathroom right after.

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Track when ovulating and just have fun dont stress x

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Stop trying!! Happens every time


I always got pregnant the last day of my period or right after I ovulate early maybe start from then on

Haha. Doggy style. Worked both times for us and we weren’t even trying. :joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Feet up in the air after u have sex on the day ur ovulating

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He needs to be wearing boxers and don’t drink mountain dew.Do it with you on top.

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Get married first and PRAY.


If you drink or smoked STOP! Get a period app for your phone to track ovulation and when you have sex. I liked the my days app it helped me get pregnant with my first. You need to do it like rabbits a few times a day especially during ovulation. Plus a few days before and after!

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First get married, THEN HAVE KIDS,

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Stop trying and just enjoy the sex. My ex husband and I tried for 4yrs and when we gave up on trying I was pregnant within a few months. I tracked my period and ovulation, raised my hips up after did all kinds of things that people said to try nothing worked