How to get pregnant?

I know it’s been asked before but honestly I don’t feel like doing that much scrolling :sweat_smile:. My husband and I have decided to try for our second baby. I know taking prenatal vitamins are supposed to help get your body ready. My question is. Which ones are the best to take? Are they all pretty much the same or is there a certain ingredient I should look for? Thank you!!!


Folic acid is the most important!!!

Seven seas trying for a baby

Ritual vitamins have a no nausea capsule

They’re all the same basically

Gummies are awesome if prenatals make you sick.
The ingrediants in every prenatal is the dha and folic acid.
To also add to this drink orange juice and eat lots of oranges for the folic acid, and eat a healthy diet of healthy breads and cracker full of dha. Folate(folic acid) and dha is also the key ingredients in your babies formula. These help your babies spinal and brain development.

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You can get prescription from your doctor. Vitafol was the prescription I had didn’t make me sick at all and was so much cheaper. for my first born I took rainbow lite and Nordic naturals fish oil. Both were super easy on stomach and reputable

My husband also took Men’s One a Day while we were trying to conceive. Not sure it did anything but it couldn’t hurt!

I like range Smarty Pants brand . Ingredients compared to the Materna brand are much much more and less filler , also cokes with omegas

I could only stomach the gummy prenatals but be careful because they dont have iron. I had to take a seperate iron pill

I have a Ritual subscription. Amazing prenatals

Don’t matter all basically same get the ones from your OBGYN THE prescribed ones