How to get pregnant?

Seeking advice:

Ive been trying to conceive for over a year and a half and have had no luck. Ive lost 50lbs my cycles are regular i track my ovulation i just dont know what im doing wrong or what else we could do. Any tips? Greatly appreciated.

Im 25 trying to conceive my 2nd child (daughter is almoat 5) and this would be my fiances 1st and he is almost 30


See a doctor , and ask them. They can refer you to a fertility clinic that can help find answers. :wink:

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Fertility clinic for yourself and have your partners sperm count tested.


Relax and enjoy stop thinking about it


Has your fiance been checked by a Dr?

I would have you and your fiancé checked by a fertility specialist.


Go see a doctor. Even if you use ovulation strips it’s no guarantee you actually ovulate. They can run tests to check your thyroid, hormones and see if your tubes are blocked.


It took me almost 4 years to concieve my son with my husband.

Take prenatal vitamins daily. That’s what helped me get pregnant with my baby I’m carrying now


Talk to your ob about other options usually if it’s been over a year with no luck there could be something wrong with you or your SO. Not saying there is but it’s best to get checked out to mak sure there is nothing wrong.

Tuck a pillow under your butt when the deed is done and relax and let gravity help!


Does he smoke weed as that can reduce sperm massively x

I have noticed when i.e. not trying is when it happens I’m 36 and I’m due in 9 says with my hubby who is 47 so just relax let it happen when it does

Maybe he has a low sperm count!!

Herbalife shakes I tryed for 4 years went on the shakes and was pregnant that month it’s happened to me every time I. Ever taken it I alway start from first day of period. 2 shakes with the extra protein till day 13 have sex every other day from day 10 till day 20 good luck

Also by maca it’s. A vegetable in powder form that sell it in Aldi. Both take it every day aspecaly your partner .

Relax. Stop trying so hard
God will bring your long awaited gift before you know it. It’s all in his hands. Stay strong, relax and appreciate each other while you can cuz after children, your quite time becomes far and in between. Best wishes. My friend had several miscarriages, a still birth and so desperately wanted a child. She was blessed with a son a young girl gave up for adoption. Within 6 months of her son’s arrival in their lives, she got pregnant with a beautiful daughter. Now her family was complete. Total happiness for her. All her dreams came true but…but due to all the stress her and her husband endured, they divorced. Sad but true. Don’t let that happen to you too. I hope my story helps you understand that STRESS alone can prevent you from getting pregnant. Chill Mamacita. A family awaits you.

It sounds weird but some people say going to Disneyland helps

Please let me know how you’re doing. I don’t know you but I promise you, I know what I’m talking about. I’m the mother of the teenage girl. The boy was my first born grandchild. The first boy on my side in 31 years. It was very emotional to say the least.

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The more you think about it the longer it takes! Took me over a year and I’m really young! Was really healthy and as soon as I stopped worrying about it and tracking my ovulation it just happened!

Sounds like he needs to get checked

Definitely relax. Stress is a big factor. My friend tried for 3 years to conceive her rainbow baby, & after finally taking my advice & just relaxing & not stressing about it she got pregnant.

Has he beeen tested? Low sperm count or shooting blanks? Have you tried talking to your doctor about your struggles?

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I tried for over 8 years don’t give up!

Talk to your doctor and request a semen analysis. It’s very possible, since he has no kids yet, that he’s the one shooting blanks or lazy sperm.


Take ur temperature every morning before u get out of bed when ur temperature is the highest ur ovulating I have twins thanks to this

Take prenatal vitamins. Only have sex every 3 or 4 days so his sperm can build up. Lay in bed for 10-15 Mon after intercourse. And keep on keeping track of your ovulation

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Have him get his sperm tested. It’s not always issues with the female. Good luck!

Make sure he has good swimmers :swimming_man::swimming_man::swimming_man: a trip to the doctor may be in order.

Stop trying. Just dont think about it and keep track of cycles remember its an estimate start having sex every other day about a week before ovulation and a week after… Still doing every other day.

I did this for all my kids and got pregnant right away.

He also has to be healthy. No alcohol /energy drinks, drugs etc.

Both of u Drink plenty of water,.

You get you some folic acid from the vitamin aisle by the pharmacy in Walmart / CVS or wherever, start it a week or two before ovulation week so it’s good and in your body for awhile and your body is adjusted, and most importantly relax.

Also, hold out on him until ONLY THE WEEK OF UR OVULATION. that means he can’t go to the bathroom and jerk to porn either.
Lets say u ovulate on a Wednesday. Start sex Monday- before. And have sex every day that week all the way past Wednesday. All the way to Friday.

*But continue the folic acid, never stop taking it. One a day. *
(after ejaculation prop your bottom half higher up for the next 30 min, try not to let any escape or run down ur legs for a while)

After ovulation week don’t stress or even think about if it worked. Keep taking your folic acid and vitamins. Just forget about it and enjoy life. Don’t count the days down til ur period is supposed to arrive, just let it surprise u. Either it will come and you will know to keep trying , or it won’t and u will know to check if u passed ur period date, and take a test.

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Try having sex every other day once you start ovulating for 2 wks straight. I was told everyday isn’t good for conceiving. Also only take showers.

Relax , I know it sounds easier said then done but stress is a big factor sometimes .

Check out Fertility blend, they sell it at GNC.

If your really wanting to get pregnant soon i would consider doing a couple things like u getting checked and him getting checked. With this being his first that throws up red flags. Something could be wrong with his mobility. On the other hand, I knew someone that the husband had a vasectomy (before the wedding) and didn’t tell the women he married. Needless to say they aren’t together anymore.

Try a ketogenic diet it’s super high fertility x

Yep I stopped tracking and boom but I also got the leep procedure and got pregnant right away after