How to get pregnant?

I’ve been trying for about three months to get pregnant with my second, and there doesn’t seem to be any luck. Any tips on how to help conceive?


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Relax, go with the flow. Don’t put so much pressure on the conceiving part of it. Just enjoy yourself!! Everything happens when it’s suppose to! God already has a plan, Pray.
Good Luck!!


Relax your ambition toward getting pregnant, don’t stress. It will happen when you don’t expect it. God sends us our precious Angels when we leave expect it. :heart: Good luck.


Took me a year to conceive my daughter. I will happen don’t obsess about.

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We changed our minds kind of and stopped Trying or thinking about it … Didn’t take long after that … but do try the bottom up thing too .my cousin had to do that . He hung her by her feet …


Three months isn’t all that long. Relax and just enjoy each other.

My Father always said… Hat and Boots must be worn to conceive… :joy:

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Take a nice tropical vacay during ovulation time…just have some nice juicy hot sex only when you feel like it…no stress …no performances… JUST DO IT !! :grin:

I’ve been tracking my periods and ovulation for almost 2 years, yesterday we got the confirmation that I’m pregnant. It was difficult and I’ve always had irregular periods, I got off my birth control and had to figure out a way to get regular I started taking a few different vitamin supplements and just kept trying. I’m blessed to have finally conceived, I just pray now I carry full term. This will be our first baby. I pray you are able to conceive but I will say just relax and don’t stress about it enjoy sex and don’t make it a chore. I had my ups and downs through these last two years and once I start to finally relax and not really stress over it, a miracle happened. God bless and I’m sending VERY sticky baby dust your way. :sparkles::sparkles:


well my mom always said that as soon as you sell your crib and old baby clothes at a garage sale, you get pregnant!

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Keep having alot of sex, and quit trying to have a baby. It will come easier naturally


Try robitussin. It thins the mucus and allow the sperm to be able to reach the eggs better.

Three months is not enough to be concerned. Birth control pills, breast feeding, various medications, can affect fertility. See your ObGyn after another few months.

Three months is not that long. The average is seven months.

I read taken prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive helps.

Stress, diet, environment.

Quit trying! Forget about it, and before you know it you’ll have a baby bump!!


It took me 8 years for my first and 4 years for my second. Just forget about it and it will happen in its own good time.

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Look up gracefully natural on facebook it’s local to where I live but I’ve seen a lot of women that use their products and have had luck

Stop trying, I swear it seems like it happens when you don’t try.

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Count days… days 12-15 are most likely to ovulate… day 1 is the day u start ur period… make sure to have sex all 4 days and ur sure to conceive. Also try taking either follic acid or prenatals to make sure ur body has enough vitamins for egg to attach to ur uterus. My ob back in 2014 gave me this information because my cousin was trying to conceive and it worked the very 1st time for her and also about 3 of my friends. Praying for ur blessing to come to u soon


I just stopped tracking everything and testing and if it happened it did. Took me 3 months after I stopped trying. 10 months altogether after stopping birth control. But I did also lose about 35 pounds so that may have helped my chances.


Your discharge will become tacky ,sticky while you are ovulating. Days 8-15 are prime days of ovulation check yourself and put your fingers together if they have a thin strand that connects then you are ovulating and go for it

My Mom had a trick for everyone and it worked. Put a diaper under your pillow. Not kidding…

Track ovulation daily, took me a year that way

I did acupuncture and took Ubiquinol for a few weeks. Not sure if that’s what did it but we had been trying for awhile before that.

When he finishes put your legs up in the air an act like your riding a bike ,work for my wife ,lol thought she was being silly ,lol

Try not to that always got me. Haha. I have 2 kids.

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Don’t try and just have fun with your spouse/s.o. The less pressure, the easier it’ll happen.

there is hope, I waited 10 years for my 1st born and I ended up with 4.

Buy an ovulation predictor, it will help alot.

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get an ovulation predictor could be off on your times

Did not have that problem! 4 kids in 5n years. Just came naturally.

When you quit trying it will happen.

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Use ovulation tests and track your period. Remember, high levels of stress will also affect your body while trying to get pregnant.

How about not trying just accept life the way it is and and you will get pregnant

My third and fourth took me about 6 months. X

Stop trying. After 6 months I figured ok wasn’t meant to be. I was pregnant the following month.

Important: how are you trying to get pregnant?

Look up cervical mucus changes re ovulation.

Trying too hard sometimes hinders the process.

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You’re trying to hard. Relax, take a nice hot bath, have a couple of drinks, take it from there

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Stop checking it may happen sooner than you think! Best of luck to you!

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Well as a mommy of 12 here’s my advice quit trying enjoy life . Trust it’ll happen once you quit trying. Enjoy spending time with ur hubby .

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Stop trying and it will happen :sunflower:go on get away enjoy have fun and relax

Go keto. It has helped many women conceive

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Really? You need step by step directions?

Stop thinking about it . Worrying won’t help.


Quit “trying” relax, enjoy… it will happen. Good luck

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Just relax and let it happen on its own timing .

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Stop trying. :raised_hand:
Watched water don’t boil

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Try not to get pregnant. Just make love on the table the stairs anywhere. Oops hope we didn’t get pregnant. Your stressing to much. Enjoy it. The right baby just isn’t ready yet.

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I used a basil thermometer… Take your temp each morning before getting out of bed… Your temp will be different when you are ovulating… just read directions and it has a chart

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Put you’re legs up when ur done for a little while. Google it😊

Relax about the time you don’t think you are you will be it takes time

Give it a full yr if nothing. Then stress

Make sure hubby doesn’t wear tighty-whitey’s. It could make a difference.

Make love every other nite and make sure he wears boxer shorts. Scotum must be cool…mj


took 3 years after my second.

Just have sex for the sake of it…stop trying x

Stop trying. It’ll happen for you.

I have 4 kids… been trying for another one since my youngest was a year old he turns 10 y.o. next weekend I did get pregnant in 2019 but had a miscarriage :woman_shrugging:

Let me get in there and you’ll be on your way

Just relax and stop trying, works everytime

Stop trying lol you’re probably stressing yourself to much. Just have fun together and relax.

Just let it happen, stop tracking when your period comes and goes.

You do it the same way you did he first time!

As a last resort try washing your underwear together!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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3 months is nothing.

Stand on head after having sex.

Eat well no booze exercise.most important relax

It took my husband and 3 years to get pregnant. We were so stressed out after I had my miscarriage. We waited for me to heal for a year. We wanted to get pregnant so badly. We stressed out so much because it just wasn’t happening. We decided that we would take a break and regroup. Relax. 3 weeks later, I found out We were 4 weeks pregnant with our daughter. For our son, we used this app to track my periods, ovulation, and fertility. We got pregnant with our son within 6 months. Take care of yourself. Take a breather. Best wishes to you.

I had a 14 year old and a 12 year old and wanted another baby but nothing happened then a nurse told me to put a pillow under your bottom after sex and keep your bottom raised for about 30 minutes …after trying for 10 years it worked…and I’ve only got one ovary

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Prayer. God opens and shuts the womb. And time. I conceived once, age 39. I just takes the right time with the right person.

Tell everyone you hate kids and hope you never have one. You’ll be pregnant by Friday :joy:

Stop trying, every time ppl try as they stop trying they get pregnant

You need to be calm before and after trying to get pregnant

My friend tried for two years. Started taking aspirin, boom in happened.

Stop trying. Just stop thinking about it. Take a vaca.

Stop trying and just enjoy the sex.

3 to 4 sex partners a night. Within a week you will be pregnant.

Pray, and enjoy the time you have now. Only god knows when it’s time

yeah give up the booty

Soak in a warm bath b4 hand.

Relax, when it’s time it will happen.

After 3 years of trying and failed fertility treatment we bought a van and couldn’t afford a baby (bingo Pregnant before the 1st payment cleared). We didn’t prevent and 4 years later we got a 2nd miracle baby as the doctors told us we’d never convince naturally

Relax - these things take time

You ant paying the stork nuff money

Relax and let it happen.

Have you considered having sex?

Keep a chwck on cervical fluids. Fertile fluids are considered to be like egg white. Then have sex accordingly.

Stop trying and it will happen.

Stop trying. Just have sex because you want to not need to

Practice, practice, practice@

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Why don’t you ask your dr.

Wish i had an answer

Stop thinking about it

Fuck more swallow less

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God time when God says yes no body can say know

Stand on your head after sex.:rofl: