How to get my toddler to help with baby?

I have a 3 week old and a 3 year old daughter. I am looking for ideas on how to get my oldest more involved with the little one or even just occupied. I feel bad for giving most of my time to our newborn and not enough time with her. It was my first day being home alone with both of them and I don’t want to just stick her in front of the TV.


Have her help you with baby. It it may make her feel a little more needed.

Go for walks…have her pick out the outfits for baby. Have her get the diaper and wipes when u need them. If u bottle feed, sit with her and put baby on her lap with a pillow, and let her feed baby. Have her sing songs to baby, ask her to teach baby ABC song. Have her have tummy time with baby face to face. She can tell a story to baby (make it up).

What I would do was go to dollar store & get lil crafts & so when I was feeding the baby I would have my other kids sit by me they would do the crafts. They loved it & it was cheap

Have her help you pick the babies clothes for the day and help get the stuff to change the baby.

Get her a dolly and bottle and blanket. Let her mimic you.


Let her sit with you and baby and let her help getting baby a diner ect

Let your 3 year old hand you the wipes and diapers. If you are bottle feeding let her help hold the baby’s bottle.If she is jealous of the baby get her a new born looking baby doll and z bottle and things for her new baby and say things like sweating let’s change our babies diapers or my baby is Hungary is yours? Well then let’s feed them. Just be sure to include her.

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Reading books together, dancing, singing, or chore chart or countdown calendar/paper chain for any holiday or special event

Let her help. It will help her not be jealous or resent new baby.make her feel important like its her baby too

I got our daughter a babydoll with clothes, diapers and bottles so she could take care of her baby when I was taking care of baby brother… good luck, its tiring I know! :100::gift_heart:

My kids all went through this. I let them get diaper and wipes and give them to me before I chabge the baby. I let them pick out the outfits. I let them give the bottle or sippy cup. Of they say no I just go with it. I always offer it so they feel included. Or when baby is down for a nap and I’m doing a little picking up my kids usually ask to help because its time with me.