How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I’ve a three week old baby girl and at night me and my fiancee have a hard time getting her to sleep. Last night was the worst since my fiancee and his father almost got into a fight right in front of me outside in the yard, baby was inside with Grandma at the time.

Is there anything that would help us out? We’ve tried the night time baby lotion to help her sleep but she only sleeps for maybe an hour or two before waking up.

Also when we feed her she likes to constantly fall asleep as well. Is there anything we can do to keep her awake when it’s time for her to eat?


Shes 3 weeks has no idea when shes is “supposed” to sleep yet you have to sleep around her schedule


3 weeks old ur on her schedule it’s completely normal not much can be done right now


Let her age. That’s all you can do. Forreal. Shes 3 weeks old. She doesnt have a sleep schedule. And they will wake up for feedings and diaper changing OFTEN. You’ll get sleep later. Welcome to parenthood.


Umm she’s 3 weeks old, they have night and day mixed up and will for months, the newborn is the easiest stage so enjoy it while you can


Wow she is only three weeks old.It takes awhile for babies to have a schedule and once she adjusts things will be easier.If they are fighting over the baby maybe its time for you and fiance to get your own place if your living with his parents.


Um that’s normal welcome to motherhood


Good luck mine is 8 months and still doesn’t sleep

Geesh…she’s only 3 weeks old!!! Her little body needs to feed quite often still. You need to wait until at least 6 weeks old before even trying methods to get her to sleep longer periods at night. Get a grip!

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She’s 3 weeks. Theres no way to really sleep train until closer to 6 months and even then it can be rough. Get over it and sleep around her schedule.


Babies that new don’t really have a schedule yet…hopefully eventually she will but don’t stress too much right now. Swaddling always worked for my kids! Or if your finances allow it, invest in a dock-a-tot. My daughter slept hours in that thing at night when she was a newborn, it’s like magic

I also have a 3 week old baby girl and the last feeding of the day, right before bedtime usually around 9pm is our hardest for sure. Last night she fought sleep from 9-11 pm. I was exhausted. What I find helps is putting her in her swing after feeding, changing and burping. Also swaddling, she only gets swaddled at night so it tells her its bedtime. Each night is different though, some nights are easy


Swaddling saved us with our second! He loved it!

Wow… ladies, she’s a new mom, quit being so rude. Three weeks old, she has to eat every 2-4 hours. She’s not going to sleep for long periods at night, and that’s good and normal. Another month or two and it will get better. Remember though, right now… sleep when she sleeps. Seriously. It’s hard to do sometimes but you need it. Don’t waste money on dock a tots and fancy swaddle wraps and blankets, it only makes it difficult to break them from it. One day at a time, just keep a routine as much as you can.


Sing. Rock her to sleep as you sing.

White noise up loud works amazing

Get her undressed and kinda cool when your feeding her. Should help her stay awake.


That’s what babies do.

Thats what babies do… I’m more concerned with the fact that you dont know this stuff. Even as a ftm you vould still ask others, a doctor, or he’ll even google things.


She’s 3 weeks old? She can’t be on a schedule yet!!!
She needs to eat every two to 3 hrs!
Nap when she naps … day or night!


My son has always been a great sleeper. However mommy’s Bliss makes night time gripe water for 2 weeks and up. That being said don’t rely in things like that. Babies that young don’t have a normal schedule and won’t for quite a bit. The baby senses when you are relaxed and will thrive in that atmosphere. Good luck honey. Also try swaddling her.

At 3wks its really hard to get a routine going. Just breath, after you know babies taken care of take a moment for you outside. Or let her grandma have her and take a nap. When I breastfed my 2nd sge was a sleeping eater at first- and was HARD. I would be wide awake! but her sleepiness made me sleepy and I was feeding every 20 mins for almost 2wks! I stripped her down to her diaper made her a little cold to stimulate her up lol her ped kept giving idea after idea.
You’ll figure out how to manage what wrks for you right now and you have to just go with it best you can try not to expect it to be a certain way bc youll be letdown

Try having “calm time” for an hour or so before bedtime. Turn off all lights, lay down, read a book and relax… it’ll take a little bit but she will eventually get used to the routine. She’s still very young so she is adjusting to the world.

This is normal for her age. It will take some time before a better sleep schedule on her end starts to happen. If you can try splitting the night into shifts so both of you get at least a few hours sleep. My hubby did this for ours and it really helped us hold it together in those first months. If you are breastfeeding see if she can have pumped milk for your partners shift at night.

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Calm down babies can react to every one being amped up and stay consistent with lovey snuggles.She’s too little and too new to the world to just snap to bedtime schedules-this is the easy part btw wait until baby is teething or a toddler. Babies eat poop and sleep. That’s all she’s supposed to be doing

It is normal for a 3 week old baby to not sleep through the night!!


A 3 week old is going to sleep and wake in unpredictable patterns. shes so new and needing to eat every couple hours! My daughter is 5 months and still wakes 3-4x a night.

Implement a bedtime routine that will signal its time to sleep… white noise… swaddle and patience. If she’s waking up it’s because she needs something, probably food :blush:

You’ll get a more consistent schedule soon, but once you do get ready for the 4 month sleep regression! Back to waking every 1-2 hours :sweat_smile:

At that she isn’t going to sleep for very long but she will sleep often, if you get 3 or 4 hours at night then you’re lucky but if there’s allot of stress in the home then you won’t even get that. Sleep when you can but there really isn’t much you can do about when she sleeps. If she’s hungry let her eat and if she’s tired let her sleep it will get better but don’t stress over it now.

Honey, she’s going to wake up every few hours for at least a few months. Hey stomach is so small, that she can’t eat much, and then gets Hungary again. Sorry, but babies that Yong aren’t supposed to sleep through the night.


Your baby needs to nurse or have a bottle every 2-3hrs

You can not force a newborn on a feeding schedule, you follow their lead.


Make a bedtime routine and keep it the same every night so she adjusts. If you can’t keep her awake to eat make sure she’s not swaddled and keep her legs out or unzipped her sleeper whatever she is wearing keep her clothes open so she’s a little cool and it keeps her awake to eat. Also if that doesn’t work put your hand on her face so that your thumb is on her ear and rub her ear with your thumb just rough enough so that she can’t fall asleep and she’ll keep eating. If she is bottle fed and she quits sucking spin the bottle in her mouth or kind of pull on it and she should start sucking again it may take a while but whatever gets that food into her belly. When she is dressed and ready to be laid down to sleep swaddle her!!! Honestly can’t stress this enough because so many parents don’t know that babies can’t control their movements so sometimes there arms move or their legs move or jerk once they fall asleep and that wakes them up instantly and honestly some babies just won’t sleep so you gotta let them cry for a bit! It is 100% ok to let her cry a bit so she can learn to self soothe and hopefully fall back asleep you don’t need to jump and grab her once she starts crying! I turn a fan on for my little ones it’s almost like white noise and helps them sleep! Hopefully this helps and things get easier good luck! Oh and always make sure she has a dry diaper on too!


My two year old still wakes at least 1 time a night

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That’s normal for a 3 week old. Sleep when she sleeps and if she is waking it could be due to needing more milk. If she starts to fall asleep while feeding, unwrap her a little. Warm babies sleep and often won’t feed. Full tums babies sleep. Your doing fine though, her pattern will change and it will get easier :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think that’s pretty normal for a 3 week old…

That’s a pretty normal thing for a baby her age. She’s still technically classified as a newborn. She’s still adjusting to life outside of the womb. You adjust to her schedule not the other way around.

At 3 weeks they need to eat every couple of hours. Welcome to motherhood.

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Your answer is in your question. 3 weeks old. My 9 week old has slept through twice since being born. The first 5 weeks waking up twice a night atleast for feeds. Now he wakes up around 3am (Exactly why I’m awake now :woman_facepalming:). Babies are stressful :joy: Just support each other and try to take naps during the day etc. If you think you’re struggling, try 2 under 2 with one who doesnt nap :woman_facepalming: :joy: You just gotta push through, it will all sort itself out in time.

I found when trying to keep my son awake during feeds best option for me was to tickle his feet every time he dozed off!

Since birth he’s always slept all night, only wakes up once or twice but sleeps instantly during feed.

Maybe try putting her in your bed with you and hols her close some babies like to feel their mummies & daddies helps relax them…

A feeding schedule can help. Offer her a morning, afternoon, evening at nighttime bottle at a set time. That can help encourage a schedule. Of course, let her have the bottle whenever she wants. But also offer at these set times, and her other feeding times might start to fade away as she starts getting used to this schedule. There’s really not much else you can do. She’s very young. This was normal. In a few months, she will be sleeping better. Whatever you do, make sure you are not too stressed out. You will pass that stress over to her, and that can affect her mentally and emotionally. Your fiance and his father need to get their act together. They should know better than to argue around a newborn and a stressed out young mother.

Give the bottoms of her feet a little finger-flick when she starts to doze.