How to get baby to like car rides?

Hello I have an 1 month old that don’t like car rides. He will cry all the way. Plz help


What kind of carseat do you have?

My son was the same because he wanted the be held the whole time, so we attached a toy to his car seat and put a mesh window guard on the window so he could look outside and now he is fine
Also try to loosen the straps a bit for baby, I know you want baby safe but it could be too tight

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Turn the radio up. My baby loves listening to music and falls asleep everytime.


Some babies just don’t like carseats for whatever reason. My nephew was inconsolable, we tried everything.

You could try giving your babe toys, or buy a soother (a white noise toy) .

If nothing works, you might just have to learn to deal with it. My nephew grew out of it at like 3 months old when he finally got used to the car seat.

My daughter doesn’t like long car rides either. I bought a kindle to play movies in the back seat

Music use your big headphones on the sides of the seat!!

Go to Car Seats for The Littles
You could have them buckled in wrong or the seat installed wrong, making them uncomfortable.
They could just not like being restrained, which is something they’ll just have to adjust to.
If you decide to use toys, make sure you use soft toys, and nothing that attaches to the seat.

Get a convertible carseat

Mine did the same the few times she went on car rides. It stopped around 1ish I’d say. It sucks but I tried everything and anything to calm her down and it never worked so it got to the point I just knew she was going to scream the whole way. Thankfully with the way things were for us back then she was only in the car a handful of times because it would have been worse if life was like it is today​:worried::tired_face:

Like said above,some babies unfortunately do no like car rides or car seats and not much will help until they overcome the feeling. I tried everything with my daughter because she was perfectly fine in her car seat until in a moving vehicle,cart,any movement period. She would scream bloody murder to the point of her face beat red and hard to breath like she should of been because of feeling movement while in her car seat. Once unstrapped and cradled in my arms she instantly stopped crying,the red face went away and was breathing good. Unfortunately she was like this for her first 7-8 months and nothing I tried was able to distract her from the movement while in a car seat. One day her dad and l took her grocery shopping and she never cried once. Hopefully you can find something to soothe your child’s “fear” and definitely doesn’t last as long as it did with my daughter.

Until my little one was over a year maybe longer she hated the car. I know driving while they are screaming is so unnerving and makes you feel a lot of anxiety as angst. I just had to learn it was normal and they are safe. Once you’re able to give them a snack it helps. I used to give her things I knew wouldn’t be a choking hazard once she was old enough for solids.