How to get away from my relationship without drama

I’ve been on and off with my daughters dad for about 3 years… it hasn’t been a good relationship at all… just feel like I don’t love him anymore and don’t feel happy with him but scared to say anything cause he screams and yells about everything and goes nuts and makes it feel like I can’t get away… any tips? Thank you!


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  1. Pack up. 2. Drive leave 3. File support/visitation papers (he is the dad he needs to help support the child AND deserves to be part of his child’s life. 3. Coparent together 4. Move on with your live…USE BIRTH CONTROL UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED!

If your not happy with him and no longer love him,there is no point on being with him. I was in a relationship with my ex for 13 years and we have a beautiful 10 year old daughter together, I wasn’t happy the last five years of our relationship but stayed because we had a daughter, worse thing you can do . We have now been apart for 17 months and it has been the best decision I made . I am now with a man who truly loves me and respects me and most importantly loves my daughters like they were his. File your paperwork and tell him sorry I am not feeling it anymore, let’s be adults and co parent our daughter like adults and if he refuses then that’s his loss.

Do y’all live together? And there’s always going to be drama when breaking up especially when a child is involved. I would go ahead and file custody papers and when you let him know y’all will be conparwntinf and not in a relationship anymore make sure you record the conversation. RECORD EVERYTHING! Every text every call so when you go to court you have proof of your side of things.

Look up grey rocking.
It’s a technique to be able to communicate with people who rage and gaslight.


Just get out trust me … did the same last week best thing I’ve ever done not looked back once and feel like me again already instead of waking up feeling sick to myb stomach every single day do what’s right for you and your daughter your daughter will pick up on how your feeling and won’t be doing any of you any good … at the end of the day if u don’t love him then he needs to except the fact you both need to be happy and with him your not so if he has any kind of love for you and your little girl he’ll let u go and let u be the best person u can be for your daughter switch it around onto the fact your not feeling brilliant with how your feeling and its effecting you mentally and physically if he gives u any problems just call the police stand your ground will be the best thing uve ever did but your status says been on and off for years make it final otherwise he’s clearly clinging on to hope ull come back every time and that’s clearly got u no where for you to be putting this on hear ur clearly done and feel nothing any more xxx

With people like that the only solution is to just leave. Pack your things and leave. Make sure you have plenty of evidence of how he is, messages, voicemails and record how he gets. . Talking it out with people like that won’t work. They’ll say what you want to hear hence never ending the cycle. You and your child deserve happiness. You won’t find it staying there.

Plan it. Get your documentation in order. Proof. Video, pics, texts. Can you get help from your parents with a place to stay? If not start saving. If you don’t have a job, get one. If you don’t have a car, save a down payment. Then save as much money as you can. Or get a loan. Get a apt. And when you have your keys… you wait till he’s at work and you move. File for custody. Get to know your neighbors… good neighbors to watch out for you can be a awesome thing. And move on with your life. Don’t look back.

No contact. Walk away and don’t look bad. It’s hard I get it but if it’s best for you, do it.


Don’t waste another minute! Rip the bandaid off now and start living for you and your kid(s). Every minute matters.

If your living together, just pack up and get your child and leave, that’s how they do it so can we

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Work out the problems between you two. If ur not happy then get a divorce but make sure the dad stays apart of the child’s life. Coparent. Make sure u guys are civil for the child’s sake. No kid wants to see their parents argue or fight

Slowly pack up what you need!! Just go. If you tell him you are leaving it may get ugly. The police will help you go back & get the rest of your belongs.

For the sake of your child, leave. You are damaging them and yourself.


Walk away!! Now! Fast! Your daughter is learning from you! Don’t let her think this is ok! God bless you

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Contact a local women shelter and they will help you get away and find you a safe place.

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Plan ahead. Get you a rental for now and wait til you sign the contract to get your house key. Don’t got out and finance furniture. Save and buy as you go. At least you will have a place yo stay. If you not have a :red_car:. Save for down payment on a car this way you do not have to ask him for rides from here. Once you get the house, make sure you have the down payment for it. Before signing a contract on any house, go to the city and ask the average electricity bill for that. Make sure everything is electric because that will be two bills. Once you get settle, go to school perhaps online classes and you can get a check probably every 8 weeks to help with bills. Different time for each school. This can be an addition to your job. I hope this helps.

I’m just reading the comments & a lot of ppl are just like pack and leave . It’s a bit harder then that when they share a child together .


Please go to a woman’s crisis center

Tell him he’s not happy and its ok to go find someone else.

Just get out…life goes on

Pack your stuff while he is gone and leave

When the fuck did this page become a ask advice page?

Take care of yourself!

Get out. No contact! Don’t cave. Don’t compromise.

Pack up and leave. It’s not healthy for you or you daughter.

First tip grow up! This is not daytime television. Second tip be honest talk to your husband and stop being so fucking shady and step 3 don’t listen to these fucking jaded women on the internet

What just happened to that poor girl - Gabrielle found dead in Teton National Park? Do not stay with an abusive, controlling person!