How to get a wedding ring off a swollen finger?

Currently pregnant and my wedding ring is stuck, my hand swelled over night any tricks for getting the ring off without ruining it?


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Butter worked for me


I had to use water and dish soap!

Soak hand in cold water, and use dish soap.


Soap. Lots of it. Jeweler

Wrap thread around your finger above the ring to tighten the skin. The ring will slip right over.


Vaseline ?

Hold your hand in the air. Pump it. Put dish soap on your finger / around the ring and pull. Don’t put hand back down till it comes off.

… sounds weird. Lube? Or soap.
Or hold your hand under water until it gets pruney.

Cold water
Then dish soap

When my husband takes his other rings off for work. He puts his arms up over head .

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Dish soap twist back and fourth moving up over knuckle

Cooking oil or butter.

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Cold water soak for 10-15 minutes and use vaseline to slip it off. Gl

Do it first thing in the morning and use lube. If that doesn’t work soak hand in cold water and try

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Butter. Mine was stuck for months and butter finally worked.

Soak your hand I epson salt for swelling

Dish soap and cold water and keep turning and tugging. Also, you could wrap thread around your finger above the ring and it will slip right over it. Good luck!

Raise your hand above your heart and hold on to an ice pack or something cold to help reduce swelling as much as you can stand. Then oil or lube.


String and dish soap
… lol hospital did that

Sticking your hands in cool wAter will help them drink my take a while that why rings fall off when swimming

Baby oil, coconut cooking oil, as a matter fact any kind of cooking oil. Pam cooking oil spray.

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Put your finger in ice for a while— if you can do it above your head- even better.

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I second the dish soap and cold water!

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Any kind of tanning oil

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Go to a jewelers they will get it off especially if you have a warranty somewhere

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When my friend got her ring stuck, she went to the doctor. They can use a string. It was easier for her to have someone do it, like that they can both their hands.

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Ice bag over your hand. Your finger will shrink. Should help.

Try windex our friends are jewelers and swear by it

I’ve gotten my rings off with really cold water and dish soap


soak finger in ice water, then use baby oil. should slide off.

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The string trick works great

I ran my hand under cold

Cold water, ice, anything to shrink the finger, then soap or oil of any kind to wiggle it off.

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My jeweler had to cut mine off.

Take it off before bedtime to avoid it all together

Had to go to the fire dept and get mine cut off a few weeks ago!

Use cooking spray or w d 40.

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Wrap a string around it. Let me see if i can find the video

I just ripped mine off honestly. It was horribly painful either way and I needed to get it off, my finger was bright red and purple and beyond itchy so I kinda ripped it off out of desperation lol

Cold water then use dish soap on your finger, if those don’t work get a string and wrap it around your finger in front of the ring and keep wrapping it so you can slip the ring over it. DONT TIE IT AROUND YOUR FINGER, just wrap the string around and push the ring off then remove the string.

I tried to get my wedding ring off after we separated but I had gained a lot of weight and the stone stood up away from the band so trying dental floss didn’t work because it kept getting caught on the stone. Finally had to have it cut off but I won’t be putting it back on so that’s ok with me. Good luck!

I had to soak hand in cold water and use soap. Took awhile to get it off

String trick by far the best way

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Local ER should have a ring cutter

Soap your hand really worked

I used butter and dish soap

To be honest I’ve always used water no matter how swollen my finger is it always came out try water and soap simple but it might work for you too

Use dishwasher soap in cold water. Mine was really bad. Had to get it off or they were cutting it off

I’ve read of a trick using thread to compress your finger enough to remove the ring. I think the technique is outlined in one of the answers to your post. Also you can use WD-40 or a lot of dishsoap.


Soak your hand in ice water and while still wet, add some oil to the ring knuckle. Then twist and pull. Good luck

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Thread waxed floss wrapped around above ring as close ( if you can have someone push ring back) the waxed floss will make finger smaller and helps make it slippery to slide ring over it

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Soap and hot water or baby oil

I worked for a doctor and saw him use the string method. It works.


Spray windex on your finger. The jewellery store did it to me and it worked

Stick your hand in really cold ( or ice ) water for 10-15 mins. Itll take the swelling down enough to take it off

cold water and liquid soap

There’s lots of you tube videos

Get your hand cold then wrap string tightly around the finger to make it smaller. Quickly slide the ring off and unwrap.

Literally feel this today lol I am 40 weeks pregnant and I woke up with a massive swollen hand. Haven’t tried to take it off yet because I’m dreading the pain but I would say baby oil.

There’s a video on YouTube showing how to use a string to get it off

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Let your Habs soak in ice water for a bit, then use soap or oil to work it off


Soak hand in ice water and use dish soap to get off. I’d don’t work get string and wrap around finger below ring and slide off. If u hang your hand down it swells more so try to keep it up

Pour liquid soap on ring finger ,twist and pull gently. If really swollen may need to have it cut off.

Any kind of oil, but make sure the drain plug is in, just in case you lose it down the drain!

Hold ice until your fingers lose the swelling

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Get it super cold. Use butter if need be lol.

Wrap fishing line around finger, you can watch a video on YouTube, it will show you how , very simple


If its a plain band get it cut off. Any decent jeweler will fix it

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Ice hand and leave it alone for a little while then try again! I got my ring off my finger by the string method. I wrapped string on my finger and slid it off. It hurt but it worked. I just had my baby 3 weeks ago. I finally was able to put my wedding ring on again and my finger got so swollen I had to have it cut off :see_no_evil: once my finger goes down ( they said it was so bad it would take about a month for my finger to get to it’s right size) I can get it fixed/resized! So if you have to get it cut off the jeweler should be able to cut it off where the ring can be fixed!!!

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Eat watermelon it helps reduce swelling then pick the least swollen time and use vaseline and dental floss.

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So I’ve seen floss be used. I always just lather up with soap/lotion/oil and it always helps it slide off. I go straight into panic mode when I feel stuck so I’ve never thought of ice or cold water but I’m sure that will do the trick as well!

Put a string through and roll it off ur finger pull the sting end closet to ur knuckle to remove. U may also have to spin the ring as u pull the string fyi

Real soapy or oily will help slide it offload your whole finger up

Crazy, but it works! Windex or any glass cleaner! Just squirt it on the finger a few times and It should start coming off! Keep wiggling till it’s off!

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All in all
Best to lose a ring than a finger
Hope you got it off

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Ice water - soak it for a few minutes then put some lotion on your hand before you slide it off. Also- from this point forward, take your rings off at night.

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Wrap your finger with string all the way past the thickest section of your finger is and then see if you can slide it off.


My recommendation likely takes longer than the other ideas, which are good ideas as well. Lay on your left side with your legs propped up, this will help reduce swelling in your hands and legs. Hold onto an ice pack of some sort in that left hand. If none of the ideas on here work, you can usually go to the fire department and they can use a ring cutter to remove it. Saves a bill from the ER, it sucks if you have to do that, but it’s better than having the swelling get worse. Best wishes mama to be, went through the same thing, the pains we go through to have our beautiful babes in our life.

Butter or soap or lotion

Keep wrapping a piece of thread around your finger to compress it and slide right under your ring. Had to do this when my husband went to the hospital and had an iv. His finger swelled so bad he couldn’t get it off. There’s a YouTube video on how to do it. Ironically I had seen the video just days before he was hospitalized.


Definitely ice your hand and get the swelling down. I used dish soap to remove mine, maybe lotion would work, too?

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Soak in ice water…swelling will do down. Windex it and it should come off


Put in by an ac vent or stick hand in ice and it will shrink and slide off

Ice it - and put some soap on your finger and it should come off.


Get your hands cold. I’ve cold I would run my hands under cold water to bring the swelling down or I would put them in the freezer

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Put a string in front of the ring, wrap your finger, then slide the ring. Keep doing sections if necessary or just all at once.


Try Vaseline on to make it come off and ice for the swelling.

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Try teaiil soapy hands b sure don’t do in dining r cover drain good

There’s a lot on YouTube just search for it there’s many many different ways to do it

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When I worked in a jewelry store we used to spray Windex on people’s fingers when they got a ring stuck hahah. It worked!


There are a lot of ways that work. I’ve used soap, butter, lotion, petroleum jelly aka Vaseline, all worked but when it was REALLY bad, I used one of those and wrapped a string around the ring (if you are able to get the thread through) and pulled it off that way.
I’ve also licked my finger and it’s come off so there’s many ways lol. I’ve also heard of putting your hands in ice and it coming off but being sick with my first mom brain took over and i never thought of it.

I’ve dropped many many things down the drain. If you are doing this over a sink make sure you have it covered!!!

Put hand in soapy ice water


Make your hands cold! My hands swell when they get warm and I run into the same issue

Cold water. Elevate. Move around.
Then, use cooking oil or butter or a slimy type soap.

Google how to get a ring off using dental floss.

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Soap works best for me. Washing my hands in warm water and Dawn dish soap works great and my favorite works every time