How to gain weight?

I’m 15 weeks and my ob says I’m not gaining weight as I should. Any one have good high protein recipes?

These are really good.

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I didnt gain a pound until 20 weeks

3rd pregnancy. I didn’t gain weight will any of them until 20 weeks.

I didnt gain anything with my boys…but holay am i ever gaining with my girl lol

I was opposite. Gained mynweight in 1st weeks and havent gained since and at 35wks.

I didn’t gain until 20 weeks and only because I started drinking 2 high in fat Ensures a day (I actually lost a lot the first 4+ months)

There are fairlife ones as well they come in a bunch of flavors

With my first I weighed 85 lbs when I got pregnant and until about 5 months in, I gained maybe 5 lbs. My dr wasnt concerned at all. Everybody’s different I guess :woman_shrugging:t2: