How to gain weight?

I just found out I’m pregnant. I’m 92-96 lbs normally and 5 feet tall. I’m very petite. Every baby I’ve had has never been over 7 lbs they were all healthy but my heaviest was 6lbs 5oz. I want to have a baby that’s normal weight if possible. I eat whatever I want and don’t gain (which some people hate me for) so how many calories should I be consuming and what kinds of foods to hopefully help this child get to the 7lb mark? It would help if you can give portion sizes (big as a cookie, big as a sandwich) if possible as well just a rough idea…


Just because you eat doesn’t mean the child will be ‘a set weight’. It doesn’t eat in your stomach; it just takes all the nutrients it needs. Your question goes alot deeper than just eating; there is genetics from both parents, family heritage and history ECT. 🤦


I used to worry a lot about this but now all I want is a happy healthy baby.

I’m a normal 95 lb 5 foot too and my babies were 4lbs 11oz and 6lbs 14oz. As long as they are healthy they should be fine no matter what they weigh. If you are very tiny the babies tend to be too :grin:.

Sometimes we just carry small. Baby can still be perfectly healthy. My first 2 were 6lbs and in 40wks just now with my 3rd to my new partner and baby is currently over 7lbs when i queried this the mifwife said how we also need to take the dads side into account for these things too. Just be healthy xx

If your baby is healthy don’t worry about weight!
Also you don’t want it too big for your body. It’s dangerous for you.

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5 to 6 pounds is on the small side of normal for babies and guess what if your a small person the babies carrying half your Gene’s they could also just be small.

Maybe if you ask for blue yes you’ll get too, idk🤷🏽‍♀️

It all depends on your size and weight, they will generate a graph specifically to you. I’m on my second and she’s bigger than her sister and big for my graph of how my body is, my daughter was 6lb and she was completely healthy this one is measuring much bigger.

I wouldn’t worry about weight gain. I’ve only gained 12lbs exactly this pregnancy and somehow they are saying this child is gonna be my biggest baby. With his older bro I gained nothing I infact lost 30lbs and he was 5lbs 5oz it’s all about genetics and nutrients. I was always told more fruits and veggies help a child grow more. Maybe that’s why this baby boy has been at 88th percentile the whole pregnancy :pregnant_woman: I’ll find out how much he officially weighs in at only 35 weeks as I always have to have mine early.

What you eat won’t make baby gain more weight. That’s not how it works. Babies come in all shapes and sizes. How much you gain doesn’t reflect on babies weight either.

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I’m a little taller than you 5’2, and I’ve always petite as well and it’s hard for me to gain weight even throughout my pregnancies. Especially right after birth it’s as if I wasn’t pregnant. I’m on my 3rd & 35 weeks which is also my smallest I’ve ever carried. My 1st was 6pounds 17inches and is 5yr old will be 6yr in Oct but he is still small people confuse him for being 4. My 2nd was a little bigger which was 7pounds 18inch she turned 2 in April also still very small people think shes 1 she can still fit into 12month clothing…

My 3 ranged from 6’5, 6,14, 7’14. I’m 112lbs. They were healthy babies, and I was told this were normal weights.

this is not how babies get their size… its not how it works at all


That is your normal size

I gained 60lbs with my son & he was born 6lbs, 10oz. I was very in shape & low body fat before I got pregnant with him.
With this baby, I’ve only gained 10lbs. She was estimated at 5lbs, 7oz at 35 weeks. I’m having her next week. She’s probably will be the same size as her brother.
My point is, it doesn’t matter how much weight you gain! As long as you eat right. Eat whole foods, healthy fats, yes give in to cravings, be healthy.
The size of your baby is healthy! As long as the baby is over 5lbs at full term is healthy.
Since you’re small, its excepted. I’m 5’11 & you wouldn’t want a 60lb weight gain during pregnancy.

Sometimes how much weight really has nothing to do with it. I was your size but slightly taller. 5’3”. I weighed 95-100lbs and always went right back to that size after childbirth…until my 5th. I ate whatever I wanted and gained over 65lbs for my
First and he was 7lbs 14oz. My second I gained 20lbs and he was only 6lbs 12 oz. third I gained 40 lbs and she was 6lbs 8oz. Fourth I gained about 30 and he was 7lbs 11oz and lastly, I gained 45 lbs and he came home from the hospital at only 5lbs 11 oz.

5 - 8 lbs is average for newborns

6.5 is a normal weight especially for someone so petite. I wouldn’t try to change anything, even small women can get gestational diabetes!

I was 145lbs when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t change my diet too much besides added more fruits and veggies and gained about 40lb during my pregancy. My baby came out 6lb 2oz and now at 3 weeks old we are pushing 8lbs. Doctors loved how she was developing the whole pregnancy and they were completely okay with her weight when she was born. Just eat when you’re hungry and don’t over do the fast food! :slight_smile: you don’t want to have a baby bigger than what your body can handle!

Just because you have a bigger baby doesn’t necessarily mean baby will be healthy. I’m way bigger than you and had a 12lb baby it was really hard on my body. Just eat healthy

I’m 110 at 4’11" your babies will be how big your body can handle usually. My first 2 babies were 5lbs and my last was 6lbs. Dont even try to have a larger baby and truthfully I dont think its possible. Doctors monitor their growth and will let you know what to do. Be happy with a healthy baby, that’s all that matters in the end

My average weights 125-140 pounds I have 4 kids. Smallest was 5.2 ounces- largest was 6.12 ounces. I do not believe the size of your baby you have control over lol

Lots and lots of protein and fats for that little your growing.

That is normal birth weight…what do u want a 10lb baby?


Normal is 5-8 pounds at 40 weeks. You’re doing great! Just take some prenatals and eat well so you’ll have energy

what is this??? 6lbs is “normal”.


If they are healthy why are you so concerned with them being over 7 pounds? I don’t understand…

Smaller babies are just your normal. I see nothing wrong with that as long as they’re healthy.

Jist eat untill your full dont try to over eat or force food down you will jist make yourself sick. And i say eat whatever you want it doesnt matter how mich you gain. I was 185 when i got pregnant with my daughter and i gained 75 pounds and had a 4 pound 9 ounce baby. You cant make your baby be big by eating more if he or she was meant to be small then thats how it was meant to be girl dont worry so much as long as your baby is healthy thats all that matters​:two_hearts::two_hearts:

Why stress on that? That’s a perfectly healthy baby weight. My biggest baby was 7lb9oz and I ate the least while pregnant with her due to horrible all the time sickness from nausea. Just be healthy🤷‍♀️

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My son and daughter were were both 7lbs 7oz and 7lbs 8oz and I was small carrying them and I’m 21 weeks pregnant with another daughter and I’m a little bit bigger then I was carrying my other two but I hope she takes after her sister and brother just because they both stayed in new borns clothing a little bit longer lol but seriously as long as she’s healthy that’s all I care about . But some babies are born small and others are big it all depends the one thing that should matter to anyway is that they are healthy.

6 pound babies are perfectly healthy in most cases :woman_shrugging: a lot of it is genetics i wouldnt push for a bigger baby it could result in birthing compications. Im 5’2 and 110 both my babies where in the 6 pound range

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6 lbs is normal and your small so of course your babies would be. There isnt much you could do, I know of people who have gained over 100 pounds during pregnancy and they still only gave birth to just over 6Lb babies because your body only transfers nutrients and the babies body only takes what it needs. Kids who come out like 8-9 lbs are usually from big stock, like they’re parents are tall and theyll be tall too.

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Talk tour doctor about this. They can help you do it so it’s safe for you and safe for baby.

Karen sounds like she worries too much :smirk:

I was always told that you only need an extra 300 calories a day for baby to grow healthy. If being petite is in your genes, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you really want to try to gain, add in a protein shake every day.

It’s just genetics. I am 5’4" and weigh 240 lbs and my son was only 5lb 8oz and perfectly healthy. I was born 7lbs 9oz and his dad was 5lbs 4oz. It’s normal. My son caught up.

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Im 6 foot, 290 lbs and my baby girl is probably only going to be about 5 lbs 5 oz. Your size doesn’t matter. It all depends on the baby

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I wish my babies were that small… I’m 4ft 11in…my daughter was 8lbs 3oz, my son was 7lbs 15.5 oz

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My daughter was 5 13 and doc said that was healthy. If your doc isn’t worried about the weight, I wouldn’t worry about it either

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Google pregnancy diets and that will give you specific calorie counts, meal examples and food exchanges. Your doctor also has information sheets. Your weight gain doesn’t affect the baby, though.

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Just eat and live the best you can . Extra vitamins… and do not smoke . Low birth weight is usually contributed by smoking

Unfortunately I’m not sure your eating habits will greatly affect babies weight. I mean I ate wayyyyy to much and my son was on 7lbs, 18 inches long. So I would just breathe and eat what works for you


Just eat normal you do you I’ve had 4 I’m usually 100 lbs and 5 4 I eat all the time and alot my biggest baby was 7lbs 9oz my smallest I had 7 weeks ago was 5lbs 14oz I only gain at most 25-30 with them I’m a naturally small woman nothing I can do about it I eat as much as my so does he’s a bigger guy we just gain differently

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I’m over weight and have had all my babies be under 7 lbs… one was under 6… some people just have small babies no matter what size you are just like some people have larger babies

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Palm size amounts 6 or more times a day plus grass fed whole milk shakes. You get more nutrients from organic produce and meats.

Btw my daughter was 6.5 oz, and I’m slightly overweight… I gained over 30 pounds when I was pregnant, she was just a small baby, that is a normal healthy weight :slight_smile:

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That is a normal weight

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I think I would be more worried about giving natural birth to a child bigger than what your cervix can handle… 6#5oz May be as big as your body can do… I wouldn’t push it tbh! All mine were over 7#, my 4th and last was 9#5oz, I’m only 5’3, and only gained 17# with him… luckily I did fine but holy moly, I don’t wish that on anyone. Just enjoy your pregnancy and eat what you want!

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Drink nutrition shakes multiple times a day and take really good organic raw prenatal vitamins. Eat before bed.

Hunny I’m 5’1" and I was 110 when I found out I was pregnant I gained 30 lbs during pregnancy and she weighed 6lbs 8oz I was born at 6lbs 10oz… it’s just in the genes

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Trust me you don’t want to gain a lot of extra weight during pregnancy on purpose. Gaining all that extra weight is not going to ensure that you will have a bigger baby. Trust me on this. Once you gain an excessive amount of weight it is so hard to take off. My body always wants to go back up to the pregnancy weight I maxed out at, and I am only 5 foot. I battle my weight now. Just eat healthy, and don’t stress over it. That was a healthy weight for your baby. :heart:

Is there a dairy queen close by…? Problem solved

lOL you can’t “force” a baby to weigh more? And actually 5LBs is a healthy weight to leave the hospital. Be happy your haven baby’s close to 7 lbs.

Some people just have small babies I have 4 girls none of mine over 6lbs
3lb 8oz -33 week
5lb 9oz -39 week
6lb -38 week
4lb 13oz -37 week

Oh give me a break wish I had this problem , can you hear yourself.:rofl::joy:

Try spiting out an 9 pounder then we’ll talk.