How to fix a relationship?

hi, so i just wanted some advice on what to do or if you guys have experience this

my son is 9 months old and since having him, mine and my boyfriend’s relationship has been like not good at all. we have good moments but he’s either mad at me for no reason or over something little and complains about everything i do. we also haven’t been getting “intimate” unless he asks for it which bothers him cuz he wants me to ask for it or initiate it too but i have had zero sex drive since being pregnant. i just don’t know what to do about our relationship anymore because we are always fighting. we love each other a lot but it just has been so hard. any advice?


My relationship has gotten like this many of times (we have 2 kids so it has happened twice lol). After communication and coming to an understanding of what we expect from each other and our own specific needs, things have changed. Do something new together and spice things up. One of my setbacks was being so vanilla :woman_shrugging: Good luck and well wishes

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