How to dry up milk supply?

She could use the extra nutrients contained in your breast milk if she is a preemie. It could help her thrive. I didn’t like it the first week either but since my baby was is the nicu after surgery at day 5 I tried to keep pumping as long as I could stand it. Honestly it was so much easier after the second week. Maybe you could just try it for another week before you give up.


I froze cabbage leaves , expressed little bits in the shower for relief. Wore tight crop tops and bras


Cabbage leaves and strong coffee worked for me .

I just went cold turkey, dried up within a week and then they went back to normal. It was sore but worth it, just keep those breast pads stocked as the first couple of days I was leaking but my little one was preferring bottle so it was easier in regards to weaning off.

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Pump until you feel empty, place cabbage leaves over beasts, and have someone wrap you with ace wrap as tight as you can stand. The next day you should be dried up

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When I decided to stop due to mastitis the doctor told me the best thing to do was hot compresses, pump when I absolutely felt like I had to, to relieve pressure and pain but that’s it. Pump as least often as possible and your body will stop producing it. They didnt give me any medicine to make me stop.


Wear a good supporting bra even in bed and try not to touch them or get shower on them (odd i know ) it encourages the flow


Cabo cream and Benadryl and sudaphed and peppermint tea!

The only thing I can say from personal experience is… just leave them alone, some days you’re gonna feel like you absolutely must pump to relieve some pressure but your body will think you are still using that much milk and will keep producing that supply, not pumping is super uncomfortable but after a few days your body clicks on that you don’t need it all now and will stop producing on its own. Obviously everybody has their ideal… most of the time they don’t work out, I planned breast fed from birth until she went into cows milk but less than 2 months in, I wasn’t eating or drinking properly so my supply wasn’t as good as it should be, so she was feeding anywhere between every 30 mins and 2 hours, the nights were crippling me so we went onto formula… I was advised against it but it’s your baby at the end of it, people have opinions til the cows come home but if it’s not working for you and baby then Change it up and stop listening to negativity… too many people are quick to tell you you’re making a bad choice but they don’t know your life or your baby. Just keep feeding your baby, regardless of formula or breast, the baby is getting fed and formula is there for a reason. You’ve gave your baby the best start by giving her the colostrum so don’t feel bad and don’t let people make you :kissing_heart:


Cabbage leaves keep them in the fridge and an ibuprofen for the pain.
Sick of seeing people guilt tripping mums into breast feeding. Her baby her choice
Hope ur wee one is well xx

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Line your bra with fresh cabbage leaves. Change them several times a day. Keep the cabbage in the fridge to help keep cool and fresh. It dtill takes a few days, but it really helps speed the process along.


Your breast milk has the best antibodies for your baby. If it’s too painful to keep up with pumping, or you simply can’t by choice… do not pump. Every time the baby cries, you will lactate and leak… be prepared for this in public settings, as it will leak through your bra & shirt. There is pads that you can put in your bra to absorb without embarrassment. You can relieve the pressure from milk production in a warm shower. You can google info how to hand express milk, and it’s much easier in the warmth of the water and drainage of your milk. Your body will adjust, knowing it’s not for the baby and in time, maybe a month? I’m not sure how long, but you will stop producing milk. Also, if you’re healed and want your husband romantically, (ensuring a condom for protection if needed) it helps to start your regular cycle. Your baby, your choice when to stop. Personally as a Mom who pumped on purpose for comfort… 6 months was the cut off for me. She is a teenager now and has situational asthma (sports) other than that, no allergies and a pretty good response in bouncing back from illness. Best of luck and congratulations :heart:


When I decided it was time for me to stop I let them dry up naturally, I did pump when I became overly engorged and used frozen cabbage to ease any pain or discomfort and eventually they dried up on their own.


Think of your preemie. She needs your milk stick with it till she graduates from Nicu. Your might find out you feel empowered and can help her. Don’t judge a breastfeeding relationship from 6 days of pumping. It’s a beautiful time between you and your baby sending prayers to you


I had to just let it stop naturally, was painful at times but after a few days it
Died down and the milk started to stop

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Ice packs, tight sports bras, and Sudafed i believe!! I was lucky enough that i never got milk but i knew i wasn’t from the get go, so those are the tips my doctor gave me :heart:

Epsom salts even just bathing in them. Well done for giving your little one the best start with expressing for those few days (everything helps), be proud and I hope everything will be ok x

Pumping and breastfeeding feel completely different try breastfeeding first and see if you like it. It has so many benefits and will save hundreds a month


When my kiddo was born, I couldn’t feed him. We had to use milk from the hospital from other mother’s. Afterwards, we went home. Nothing came out of me. We ended up using formula until my son about a week later choked, turned blue, and was rushed to the hospital. After that, I couldn’t stop producing milk. I woke up and it never stopped for two weeks. We ended up freezing a lot of it but after two weeks, I was dead again. Nothing I could do no matter how hard I tried, nothing came out. Anyways, my sister who is older than me wanted to stop breastfeeding and what she did is but cabbage leaves into her shirts, bras, or what ever she wore. Not just cabbage leaves, frozen cabbage leaves. It helps slow it down and when you are done and your boobs start to harden, they help with the pain.

Cabbage raw cabbage right on ur boobs works every time lol but fr it works

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So you can actually get a medication prescribed to you at the doctor to do this for you. Ask your doctor

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I never had it explained to me that breast feeding made your uterus contract and how painful it was. I couldn’t do it and with my second I straight up was like “hard no, give her a bottle” I have natural triple Ds and couldn’t produce if I wanted to…. The bed was wet every morning though, so make sure you wear pads until you dry up. If it’s a huge issue you can get medication to stop it. I’m not going to read the many many comments so
If this has been said I apologize for repeating

You can go to your GP and they’ll prescribe a tablet that will help dry up your supply. Good luck on your journey, bf isn’t for everyone x

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I bound my chest with ace bandages and a sports bra. It’s what my doctor recommended. Tight enough I could still breathe but it kept everything nice and snug.

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Lettuce will do the trick no doubt about it. Dries it up quick. Just keep it in your bra and apply new pieces few times daily. Has to be lettuce though.

ask your doctor and do what they say. my mother had 5 kids and didn’t breast feed any of us. it was a thing at the time. think they wrapped her tight for a week or so and she stopped producing. not sure, but your doctor will tell you and go from there.

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Cabbage :leafy_green: in the fridge and pads keep changing as the cabbage when warm stinks but it works

When my son was 14months I decided no more boobies for him lol.
I went to the docter’s and they gave me tablet that dries up the milk.

Cabbage leaves. They dried me up really quick.

I wish someone had encouraged me before I gave up breastfeeding my son :grinning:


When I stopped breast feeding it dried up on its own. There is also a shot your dr can give you

I didn’t breast feed and I just let them dry up on their own.

Place clean cabbage leaves in bra. It will dry in a couple of days

Cabbage leaves. Even though mine was 20yrs ago, in the dead heat of summer I still remember the smell of steamed cabbage and it still makes me heave to this day lol

I decided it wasn’t for me after a couple of nights, and I didn’t do anything. It just went away on its own, but it did take about a week or so

You can get tablets from your doctor x or just let it dry up on its own x

Take the nipple pads and soak them and then freeze them. Once frozen stick then in your bra,it will help with engorgement and help dry your supplies. Mine was gone within a week.

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I’d pump anyway and just donate, but I dont plan to pump or breastfeed, I’m just gonna do formula, so I get it :sweat_smile:

I had a couple of cigarettes dried mine right up. Didn’t even get any breast pains.

Just stop. I used heat packs and within 4 days it stopped !

Cabbage leaves worked best for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Drink Aloe Vera Juice. It dries it up.

My midwife told me to wear a tight bra.

The first two weeks of pumping and breastfeeding are so tough. If you’d like to carry on but are finding it hard reach out to La Leche or ABM and they can give you lots of support. When baby can feed from breast it will also help I don’t know how far off that is for you baby but maybe worth trying that and seeing if that’s better for you as I hate pumping but love feeding so that maybe better.
Definitely talk to a professional to get the advice you need because if you use half the advice on here from women it will hurt and it shouldn’t hurt. But I can see lots of bad advice on here.

Ignore all the rude comments telling you to keep doing it. Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. Fed is best. :purple_heart:


Ace bandage and frozen peas

There are pills for that.

I wore a tight sports bra and stuffed socks in it to prevent engorging w milk. It worked.
On another note, it’s good to wait until your child’s colostrum (yellow breast milk) is finished to give your child a good start in life/health. It’s usually a little over a week.

Wrap a towel from your upper back to the front almost like a bra tie it tight its gonna be uncomfortable but it will work a couple days your gonna dry up

Your dr can give you tablets to dry up ur milk ducts.

She’s a preemie, only 6 days old, and you want to stop giving her your breastmilk? Is this for real, or click bait?

Stop pumping, cabbage leaves in your bra.

Slowly, gradually. As your child needs less, your production will slow down. When you’re completely done a few days of sage tea did the trick for me…

What a nasty woman that Ameenah Muhammad is, shaming people for not doing what SHE thinks is best, and then blocking everyone who calls out her rudeness & ignorance… must be a very sad life she leads.

Ice packs in a sports bra worked for me but cold cabbage in your bra works also.

The very best food for a new baby is Mommas milk. It’s not about you, it’s about your little angel.

stop pumping. stop breast feeding.

Pressure like a sheet tied tightly.

Apples dry up cows.
Maybe eating apples or drinking apple juice would be your answer.

Big mistake!
Pumping is not the dams…:heart:

Check with you doctor

there is shot for that, ask your doc

No way possible. Stop posting lies.

Sorry but for a preemie id power through. Its only 6 days. U barely started lactating thats why its not working.

Cabbage really works dries it right up

Just pump when you absolutely need to, once you decrease the times you pump your body will adjust very quickly and it stops producing. However, me getting back on birth control is what made my supply tank

It’s not for you, it’s for the baby

Your Dr can give you something

I went to the dr and they prescribed meds to dry up my milk. It was one pill. I Can’t remember the name. My milk was gone with in days.


I had 400ml let downs and way to much milk what helped me mastitis free was day 1 give 4 feeds of boob day 2 give 3 and so on :slightly_smiling_face:

I wrapped mine with super tight ace bandages, and bought a sports bra that was one size too small for me and wore it over the bandages. Painful but it worked.

Just wear a good supporting bra and some leakage pads. Don’t stimulate the nipples in any way. If you need to relieve some pressure I always say in the warm bathtub and let myself leak what I needed to for comfort. There are a few home remedies that people suggest but for me, my daughter was exclusively formula fed from birth and it still took me until 4 months postpartum to dry up.

Wrap your chest in a tight ace bandage (all day and night). Also sounds weird but put cabbage leafs on your chest

Sudafed. Just had my son 3 months ago only took Sudafed, follow directions on the box. Was gone in a week

Cabbage and a semi tight bra. Also beware that snuggling up to your baby when he or she is crying will keep ya leaking…A pillow in between helped. I know who wants to give up baby snuggles right?! Just for a few days at least when crying!

Cold cabbage leaves worked wonders for me!

Please keep feeding her. It’s the best for her health.


I have a premie and yes it was difficult at first it took him 4 months to figure it out I have been pumping every 3 hours around the clock since birth. In the last month he just figured out how to nurse and has relieved some of the pumping but I produce so much I still have to pump after a feeding…for the sake of the baby especially being premie keep her on breast milk for a while yet she needs that liquid gold (my son was 6 weeks early and we spent 25 days in the children’s hospital)


I wouldn’t stop breastfeeding just yet. Your milk helps your baby not to get sick. Try to breast feed a Little longer. And then stop. My plan is to breast feed my baby till about 6 months to a year at least my first only got my milk for a month


Depending on the gestation of your preemie, pumping may save her life and be the difference between life and death. NEC is a real concern and breast milk prevents it.


Do what is best for you. Do not let others pressure you in to making decisions you don’t want. They do not live your life and are not you. Talk to your doctor and they can help you get your milk production to stop.


I wrapped with ace bandages ste one year and a month til my daughter turned three… warn bThs helped pain.

My premie couldn’t handle breast milk, it was to thin so he would reflux and his oxygen stats would drop into danger zone. Please check with their nicu dr first. I know it’s hard momma but breast milk is super important for premiers. Maybe you could discuss your concerns with their doctor. But if it’s to much then it’s your body and fed is best. You got this momma.


I had a preemie and the nicu wouldn’t give her formula. I know pumping is awful but stick with it for as long as you can.


I wore sports bras and the only time i took them off was to shower, then it right back on.

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Cabbage leaves dry up your milk naturally…most women use this method or u could get the pills to dry up your milk

Cold cabbage leaves and a sports bra.

Just remember FED IS BEST. As long as your baby is getting fed that’s all that matters. Don’t let breastfeeding moms make you feel like crap or like you’re less of a woman for not breastfeeding.


Btw mad respect for your decision. Breast maybe best but sometimes it just isn’t for everyone.


Cold cabbage in a tight bra! As frequently as possible. I was doing it 4-5 times a day and it was gone in 3 days.


Cabbage benadryl and tightly bound

If she’s in the NICU please keep pumping. Liquid Gold will help her get stronger and healthier. My son was born full term but spent 9 days in the NICU. I had plans to breast feed. It didn’t work out but I’m glad I pumped while he was there.


I did pumping and formula with my first. My doctor reassured me my milk supply would be fine taking BC, she should have told me there is a percentage of women who dry up after. It broke my heart, pumping is so hard. Birth control could do the trick or Benadryl is known to less or stop milk supply. Many women say cabbage leaves.
I want to add that breastfeeding is very hard in the beginning, but it’s ends up so much easier than pumping. My 2nd is breastfed. I almost stop in first month, but I had very support ppl around me helping this time around. WIC has great lactation consultants. I’m wondering if you don’t have enough support? Do what you need to feed your baby. Also try reaching out to lactation consultant to make sure this what you really want. Your baby is a premature and that must be putting a lot of stress on you, I’m sorry. I think your problem might be what mine was, not having the right support for breastfeeding. It took many women to help me with latching and positioning. I’m not trying to pressure you, just sharing my experience.


Once u stop it will eventually “run dry” will be engorged though and it hurts but goes away after couple weeks. It’s like that after u have baby and don’t breast feed at all.

Sudafed! And space out the pumping

I would just keep pumping until she’s out of the NICU. That shit is GOLD it would help her so much more than formula. But fed is best do whatever you think is best.

If you stop nursing, you’ll stop producing. But a preemie really needs what only you can give her. It sounds like this is your first baby. Breastfeeding rarely lasts more than a year. This is not forever. Please keep trying. You might want to find a local La Leche League group in your area.


Mine just dried up when I stopped feeding

cabbage leaves and sudefed works for some but for many they need to let the body do t in its own time. It will be uncomfortable for a bit and warm showers to let down help with the pain but also encourages the body to produce. Just remember your body is doing what it thinks it needs to because you just had a baby so be gentle with yourself. Please research formulas (best ones are made in Europe but easy to get online). zmost US brands are full of crap. Soy oil, lots of corn syrup. Tomatoes are studied 4000% more than breastmilk so they really dont come close even tho they try to tell us they do. Congrats on your baby. Since our body produces milk to our babies exat needs for that day, via the babies saliva signaling our system to create antibodies, fat etc there really will not ever be a close match to breastmilk made by formula companies. With formula if you buy the dry, please use clean water, not tap or spring water. RO or distilled only for preemies.


Cabbage leaves raw in ur bra!

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