How to deal with trichotillomania?

How to deal with trichotillomania without therapy? Has anyone been diagnosed and overcome this without therapy? What worked for you and how long was your process?

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Think about what your triggers are. Think about whether you actually spend time properly relaxing and make time for that too. Whether you need to get professional help is up to you but don’t suffer in silence. You may need help with the cause rather than the symptom. CBT can really help with feeling overwhelmed with things which is a commonly trigger.

You have to deal with what is causing the stress/anxiety response of pulling. If not, the chances of restarting will be higher.

I wouldn’t advise no therapy. It may take a bit to find a therapist you like, but that disorder can leas to serious side effects.
Even a monthly visit can help. Getting to the root of it to make a game plan isn’t always best done alone.
There’s medical webites and YT video’s therapists have done, you can always start researching but again. I advise some type of mental health visits. :black_heart:

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