How to deal with stress?

Need some positive thoughts . I recently just got a job working overnights. My fiance is currently bouncing through jobs. So he watches the baby while I work then when I come home I just want to sleep and he doesn’t want me too…im just so stressed and I feel like I’m constantly doing something wrong whether it be working , sleeping or whatever


Tell him unless he can get a stable job and work something out with the baby if it is all left on you. You are working and you are making sure y’all are taken care of. Tell him its not only hard on him it is on you too. Just let him know y’all just need to work together and figure out a routine once you can get a sleeping schedule down.

How old is baby? Does baby sleep through the night? There’s not much watching to be done at night time so it’s not like he’s trying to entertain the baby all day. You deserve sleep when you get home!

Sounds like a toxic relationship I just got out of. I worked my ass off while he stayed home and when I got home it was a whole fight bc I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I got rid of that boy. Not saying that you should do what I did. Just throwing my experience out there.

Oh it’s the other way around with me and my hubby… basically you have to keep your night schedule you will drive yourself nuts trying to be up. He needs to accept that. I’ve had to. I’m just appreciative

Uh yeah you’re gonna sleep when you get home, fiancé can entertain himself until you get enough rest. Self care is important.

Talk to him about a routine

Uh… How does he expect you to rest? He think you just plug in to recharge? How selfish to not allow you some sort of rest

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Maybe get a sitter and have a movie night. It will make you both feel better.

I would tell him to kick rocks…your working not partying…if he cant handle you sleeping because you had to work he is worthless …lose him immediately!

You must sleep mama. Tell him straight to stop being stupid. You can’t run off of nothing. You must recharge. When I do overnights I usually get home around 730am. So by 8am I’m in bed and I usually sleep until about 1230-1pm. But then I have to have a cat nap around 8pm because it’s up at 11pm again. Dont let him wear you down. Self care is highly needed for all, and especially those who work over night. It’s so hard. I’m on days now and randomly do a night shift and my whole body is off for a few days. You do what you need to.

It’s an adjustment for everyone I’m sure. Maybe try to find a day job?? He also needs a job.

He should be helping u and he should be understanding if not tell him bye.

I have been working nights with 3 kids and pregnant and it is rough as shit! I put in my 2 weeks actually because I can’t do it. I’m lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep a day and this job is not worth my health for my sake and my kids. My fiance helps out as much as he can but he works during the day so that leaves me to do everything for kids. I have been losing my mind like legit mental case😭
You need sleep and that’s that. Tell him to shove it or you guys will be homeless if you don’t work. And you definitely can’t work with no sleep!