How to deal with mother-in-laws?

what do I do about my mother in law? she was an addict and ruined her own kids lives and I hate that she’s my baby’s grandmother. she’s just such a toxic human being to where she’ll call us just to start drama and won’t check up on her grandchild that she “loves so much” and brags on facebook about. it’s just so dumb because when do you ever check up on his well being??? I just wish she was a healthy person because i’ve tried to like her so much over the years yet she ruins it by starting drama. I really don’t want her to mess up my sons life like she’s messed up her own. what should i do? :tired_face:


Toxic people gotta go, I don’t care if you are family or not. Life is to short to deal with all that.


I just cut one of those people out of my life. Do whats best for your child, and toxic people are not whats best.

Cut all ties. Do what’s best for your child and don’t worry what anyone thinks about it. People like that won’t ever change. Trust me I know the situation all too well.

You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. as much as you would love for your child to have her as a grandmother in his life, she needs to straighten up or I wouldn’t let my child around her

I just cut my own mother out of my life so she can’t mess up my kids. It’s hard to do but if she doesn’t go to rehab then she’ll never see her grandkids or me again. Your kids are the most important thing and you need to worry about their well being first and foremost. Good luck momma!!!

Lmao my mom is the same way haven’t seen my youngest since he was 3. Made no efforts. Cut the ties.

I’m going through the same thing with my daughters grandmother I finally told her to just leave us alone she is toxic and I won’t deal with it.

Exact same situation. I cut ties as soon as I could and have not looked back. My kids had an amazing grandmom (when my mom was alive) and now they have none but they have me and their father and that’s all that matters :heart:

Detach with love. and move on with your life

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Im in a similar situation just distance yourself and let her figure her life out its our job to protect our kids from toxic adults and situations

She’s an addict, your words, she has no ability to think beyond herself and her next fix until she chooses to get clean. Keep your kid away from her until she is sober for at least a few months.

Block her. Obviously she’s not gonna put in any effort to reach through your block. Block her on your phone and social media.

Toxic person like this,causing drama no don’t have anything to do with her til She gets sober!!!

I feel this to my soul!!.my mom is actually the most toxic person I know.Keep your children AWAY from all things and people toxic!
Blood is not a good enough reason to allow her to be around you or your child

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Kick the whack job out of your life, I had a Waco mother in law until I put her in her place and told her to fuckoff out of our lives, best thing I’ve ever did and she will never know my kids :ok_hand:t2:

My real mother is not a part of our daughter’s life because of her toxicity. Point blank.

I could have written this minus the addict part

Wow. I got no words to describe u women. How can u be so heartless? And u call urselves “MOMs”. Your moms a human being with faults just like u. If u try to work @ yr relation with yr parent u will definitely have one with ur daughter 2. Stop being a humiliation for yr parents. From what ive read here, u women should all start praying cos the bible says honor yr parents so u can have a long fruitful lid. Please tell me to which churches do u belong to… If any! If u cant give gud advise plse stay quiet…

Relationships are built not found. Woman, thats your husband mama, if it wasnt for her u be without that decent man and kids u have. Stop being cruel and think ur better? Ur not. Whether she used drugs or still are is not ur concern if u can only point fingers it seems to me u r the abuser.Try to help and be thankful for what u have and stop critisizing her. What u do to her your daughter will do to u one day, be aware. Thats called Karma.

100%_ block her. And stop including her. That toxic and frankly dangerous of a person can’t, not shouldn’t- cant, be around your babies.

Nothing in your post indicates that she is CURRENTLY toxic, or an addict, or a threat to your son’s happiness and well-being…
Calling to check in is NOT a requirement for anyone to love your child

Al Anon!! Go to some meetings! They are for the family members of addicts and they are incredible for learning how to deal and heal with toxic family members!