How to cope with baby fever?

Hi mamas. I have been looking into coping methods for baby fever/unable to have kids and I came across reborn dolls. Im wondering if any of you have one and if it helped you at all.


I don’t know but I think a sweet pet would help

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Maybe you can check into some hospitals they people to hold drug addicted babies. Maybe there is a hospital in your area


See if the local hospitals need volunteers to cuddles drug addicted babies


My fiancé bought me a Yorkie last Mother’s Day. It really helped me.


I have one, I love him to pieces.


Maybe therapy to learn health coping techniques


Try contacting your local hospitals to see if they have a program to hold/snuggle drug addicted babies that are in the NICU. My son was in there and there were so many babies who were born addicted and mother didn’t come to see them. It was heartbreaking.


I would love one of those dolls myself.

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Look into adoption so you can have you a real baby😊


I don’t think that’s healthy. If you’re a fit mom and unfortunately can’t conceive, I think it’s better to adopt or foster, good luck to you!


Have you considered doing newborn/infant childcare…or a nanny job…it wouldnt be yours but the ability to be around and provide for a baby for the bigger part of your day might help…or adoption of fostering…those are a process but if its something you really want then its worth it…just as if you went thru 9 months of pregnancy (kinda)…but i dont think its really mentally healthy to get a fake doll and assume and treat it like a real baby…also i seen someone comment about volunteering at the NICU at your hospital…they usually have volunteering to help tend to babies…rocking them feeding them and things like that…


I don’t know what your situation is as to why you can’t have kids, but I was told the same thing and I have three! Never lose hope!


Try programs in hospitals. Foster care. Adoption. Nannying or babysitting. If you truly want a reborn get one. But think of fostering first. :heart:

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Could a family member carry a baby for you? I had very bad baby fever for 10 years before i had my daughter i would cry all the time because i was told. I would never have kids. And every time i got my period it qould get so bad. But by some miracle i did have my daughter. Nothing helped with my baby fever though. I just tried to breath and took it one day at a time. But im starting to get baby fever again. And theres nothing i can do about it. Im a single mom with no husband no boyfriend no baby dad. My daughters dad has no contact. there are times there are no adoption fees or very minimal.

I would think it would create more baby fever. IDK though. Seems like you’d get all the good and none of the bad. no sleepless nights, no having to feed it, no having to change poopy diapers. You’d have all the cuddles and all the cuteness.


Give up don’t think about it and then it will happen I tried for 10 years now I have 3 beautiful babies