How to combat sleep deprivation?

Okay mommas I need some help. I have a 5 year old boy and we have another boy on the way due October. How do you guys relax? I’m so sleep deprived it’s not funny. My kid can stay up all day and almost night. But I can’t sleep at all. I’m at my wits ends for it.


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you can regulate your oldest by doing the same thing every night at the same time… example 7:30 is bath time, 8:00 is story time while in bed and then it is light off… The first 3 days will be your hardest and then his body will routine and things will be easier. Once it is established… he will also settle down. win / win.


Decrease screen time (if not already).
Decrease processed foods and increase whole foods, veggies, and fruits. (If not already)
Increase hydration, water.
Increase activity level, so more outdoor time! If not already. Just being outside more really helps.

Magnesium and vitamin D are huge components for sleep. I use a magnesium and vitamin d lotion/cream from

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Full days in kindergarten will set him straight

A 5 year old should be sleeping through the night. Make sure they’re being active throughout the day and then a nice bedtime routine. Consistency is key. You’re the boss :heart:


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It’s important to decrease stimulation for your son when it gets close to bedtime… say around 8:30. Have that be the time when he’s already had his bath and he’s settling down. Get him away from the TV and video games. Have this be toy pick up time, then story time. Also, it doesn’t hurt to give a 1mg dose of Melatonin to help him relax. My daughter has done that for her boys because they are really busy. They would never sleep for school otherwise. Their doctor said it was ok. And it doesn’t make them groggy or anything. They just sleep through the night.


Melatonin maybe get sleep study test .been there done that .and when she finally fell asleep was the time had to get her up I had to go backwards to get where at today also did night time bath soap.she was also diagnosed with adhd myend.

If I got any sleep I was lucky to get an hr.i was also dealing with a baby my girls are 15 myths apt.ages now are 10 and 11 my 11 yr old was my problem sleeper.

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Make him lie down for naps whether he sleeps or not!! Try melatonin chewable b4 bedtime.