How to build credit?

Tips on building credit? I have not the greatest credit but I want to start building so in the future I can buy a house and what not, does anyone have tips or pointers for building my credit score? Any and all advice is appreciated!


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What worked for me was I opened a chime account the prepaid card. After having it an using it for a bit I was offered a credit builder card through them I used it for all my purchases my score went from the 500’s to a 730

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This group has been a huge help for me!

pull your credit report, pay off all the delinquent accounts, get a secured credit card


I got a small line of credit with capital one and started off with bad credit. I am now in the 700’s!! I use 30% or less and only use it for gas. Last year around July I also leased my wedding ring through progressive leasing from Kay and that is what got me started and deciding to get a credit card. Since last month my credit has gone up 32 points!

Apply for credit cards like Capital one, Discover, apply for loans and pay them monthly this will boost your credit in 6 to 7 months plus you don’t have to pay no one to get your credit up other than yourself

I got a store credit card with a low limit bc thats really the only thing I could get approved for. Use it to buy random things like the kids school supplies and then pay it off (since we had budgeted the money anyway to get them). People do that with gas and groceries on regular credit cards. After a while of good payment history your limit goes up. Also idk if I have a wierd car loan but I know my credit goes up every time I make on time car payments. Those have been the biggest helps for me.

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I never had credit before and never paid bills on time. I didn’t even own a credit card. Then one day about 3 years ago I decided I wanted to focus on building my credit. Today I have excellent credit and all I did was pay all of my bills on time. I got a credit card and then another credit card. I make purchases every month on both cards and pay the bill on time. In 3 years I’ve never missed any CC payments or phone/internet/gym etc bills. Also if you up the limit on your credit cards, it also helps build. Good luck! It’s almost addicting once you start. Just make sure to start paying all of your bills on time.

Go talk to a mortgage lender. The way you clean up your credit for a mortgage loan is different than how you’d raise it in general.


Get a credit card. Enough that you can afford, dont get an outrageousone that your monthly income cant support. Max it out, pay it off. It’s really helped me. I moved out of a city and into a town and with in 3 years bought my house. A property that I would have never been able to afford if it were in a city.

No no no don’t apply to a bunch of stuff. Try getting one credit card for bad credit (or even one you have to do a deposit on) don’t go over half of your limit and pay it on time. If you pay rent you can claim that on credit reports


Get a credit card and put purchases on it. Make sure you pay it off on time each month. Sometimes credit scores are low because of a lack of evidence.

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You can contact a reputable loan officer that has been in business a long time. They will run your credit with a credit score increase suggestion built in. It will tell you exactly what to do (pay off something, open something, pay down something, etc). The loan officer can also step you through other things you will need so you can work on all of them at the same time. A good loan officer that has built their book of business via referrals will stick with you. Stay in contact quarterly until you’re ready.

I used SELF. You get a small loan for what you can afford. Mine is 25 a month on a small 500$ loan. My credit was in the 400s when I started and now it’s in the 600s. And that in just a little over a year.

We did capital one and it helped ALOT, but make sure to pay off what you spend because they will break you in interest charges. From what I hear interest is going up on everything, again that’s what I hear. Also any payments that you have for anything whether loans, utilities, etc. Always pay them on time. Don’t apply for a bunch of different cards though because each time they run your credit it adds a mark on it. I use credit karma to keep track of my credit score and they give you tips as well to help build your credit. You can see if there is anything going against your credit.

Get a secures credit card

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Go and bank with a credit union in your town, talk to them about home buying. You don’t need 10 credit cards to have good credit. Just one that you faithfully pay. We use our single credit card as revolving credit…buy groceries with credit card, turn around and pay it off, pay bills with it, turn around and yep, pay it off. Thru credit union you could do a small line of credit, literally leave it in your account and pay it every month on time and on month 5 or so pay the whole thing back.


Pay off credit cards and put a limit on how much you charge to them

Before I bought my house, I had to rebuild my credit and went to a company to help. They suggested for me to get a secured Discovery card. What that is, you send them 200.00 and use it and make the payments on it. Don’t use more than 50 or 60 a month and always pay it off each month. I did this for six months and it brought my credit up, a lot. I did other things also plus paid a company to repair my credit. First step is a card. Also download credit Karma, it helps show your credit score and it shows when new debts are added.


Get a credit card with a small limit, charge $25 on it and pay it off online when you get home. Do not get a loan or anything that is going to keep running a credit check on you. Each time they run a credit check it drops your score. Ask your landlord to report your on time rent payments to credit bureau, many will do this. I do. Pay your bills on time. Sign up to credit Karma and monitor your credit, if there are bad remarks contact those companies and see what you can do to have those remarks removed or dispute them if you think they are wrong. Always keep track of your accounts to be sure they are correct.

There are a lot of credit groups on FB that have free info about improving credit. I’m not sure if we can tag or drop links on this page but there is good Info available

I got a credit card and put Netflix and Hulu on it and paid it off every month


Before you do anything any of these people are saying talk to a loan officer and they will pull your credit and tell you what/not to do. Not saying they are wrong but every individual person is different.
In our state we had 15 says once the loan officer ran out credit to check out other loan officers and see which one we wanted to go with. Highly recommend doing that too because we saved 7k by doing so!
You don’t have to get a credit card either. You can go get something you need from a furniture store or anything. But before applying for anything make sure you talk to the loan officer.
There are also MANY more factors to buying a house than credit and the loan officer will give you all the info you need.

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If you have any debt now, work on paying that off.

Get a credit card. Use it only for small purchases and be sure to pay it off every month.

Discipline. It’s just that easy.


When my kids graduated I got them a store credit card, and taught them to go to customer service and pay it. They loved having their own card, and kearned you still have to pay it

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Try using self look it up on line

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Go to This.

There is an app called Self. You put up your OWN money and it shows up as you paying a loan back on your credit. Check it out!!


Prepaid credit card. It helps my score like 100 a year. It went by fast

I couldn’t help you with this my credit score is crap because I’ve never had credit but I can’t get credit score cause I can’t get credit :joy:

Get a secure credit card(you pay your limit in advance)
Use credit card to pay bills instead of your debit card.
Instantly pay your cards balance

Now the more open accounts you have, and remain vigilant on paying on time the faster your score does raise.

Once credit is good enough another higher limit card is wise. You use this the same as your secure card. Never use your debit or bank account to pay bills. Use your credit, then pay your credit off with debit immediately.

If you have a car loan, these work great for building credit also. Assuming it is an actual loan and not just a buy here pay here scheme.

Keep your credit paid way down(under 20%) for a year or so and your credit will sky rocket. Keep it up forever for great credit

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Start by going to and get one report from each of the 3 bureaus. It’s free to do once/year. Then you can see what is showing/reporting to everyone.
If you have collections, reach out to the companies and see if they’d settle for a lower amount, and ONLY pay if they agree to remove those from your credit once payment is made. Then focus on debt, whatever the smallest one is, pay as much as you’re able, and pay minimum on everything else. Then once that debt is paid, move to the next smallest, pay whatever you were paying on the last debt, put towards this one and pay as much as you’re able, paying minimum on everything else. Keep any credit cards you have open, even after they’re paid off, because closing it will eliminate/lower your revolving credit and in turn lower your credit score.

Chime credit builder works great!

Do not go open any small loans or credit cards to build your credit. It all damages your credit in a way. Please speak to a credit specialist and get answers from them. I’m currently working with one myself and they are actually fixing my credit and telling me what to do to boost my credit.
Do research on specialists because now and days credit is everything and can be ruined quickly.

Get a credit karma app. You can see your credit scores anytime you need to and they also give you pointers how to raise your credit score! Also getting rid of any past due amounts on your credit score will help too! Start will small ones of course. Good luck!!!

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Go to This.

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Get a small loan and pay it off early. My score is around 800 from paying off stuff early. I paid a vehicle off a year early. Don’t keep credit cards with balances, I pay off everything when the bill comes.

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Get a free Koho card and use the $7 a month credit rebuild, it’s been working amazing on my credit and I’ve made $90 by using the premium membership ($9 a month).

I got a car loan and a personal loan from easy financial. Within a year I went from 520 up to 612. Credit cards are scams and a endless loop lol

Best bet is going to the bank and ask them they would know best on helping with this topic

I started with a 200$ prepaid credit card from First Progress almost 2 years ago I now have a 19k credit line and a score of 747. It’s important to use less than 30% of your credit limit

Try self. It’s a secured cd. You pay each month and eventually can get a credit card from them. But after you pay it for the number of months you choose you get your money back.

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M0re Info.


Pay your bills on time, keep credit utilization (credit cards) down to 30% or less. Keep atleast one credit card functional for a long period of time or a loan.

Secured credit card works great. You put down a deposit

Self. It raised my score like 100 points in a year.

Get chime credit builder. It works kinda like a prepaid debit card and you can only spend the money you put into it. My score jumped 100 points in 4 months and they report to all 3 credit bureaus.