How to better manage everything

I have a 13 month old expecting my second in August. I'm desperately afraid I'm going to just unrival when the second one comes. My support system is little to non. I've had maybe 4 days 3 hours tops without my first. I can't even go to doctors appt without taking my first because I literally have no one. My husband works all the time and maybe is home for an hr before we all go to bed. He helps when he can but it's just not enough. I need all the tips I can get on how to better manage my household or how to be able to handle multiple things. I have adhd (not on meds) so just doing the dishes is a tasks have to organize them before I can even touch them and that normally just sends me in a spiral. So naturally I'm just worried when the second one comes I'm going to be touched out overwhelmed over stimulation stress and of course tired. Any advice

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Get your 13 month old on a routine right now if you already haven’t, it’ll help bigtime. Sleep whenever you get the chance with your babies, household chores can wait. My 3 daughter’s are 21 months apart and it’s not as hard as I thought it’d be lol thank goodness. Good luck mama.


Hire someone to come help out a few times a week. It kept me sane when mine were little


I know how u feel wh the alone part it’s hard but you will make it

Routine. Start small . Write down step by step. Make everything routine. Eventually it will become habit.


Join a local Mom group if you can. Make some friends for support. Neighbors?

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When you set a routine, you may be better off by just dictating the order of things getting done. Rather than what gets done AND when. I have ADHD too and I know when I make too specific of a routine, if anything goes awry (like naptime being at 1:30 instead of 1:00), it kills my motivation and my mood for the rest of the day.

Also, outsource as much as you can. If dishes are hard, use paper plates and plastic utensils. If mountains of laundry reduce you to tears, use a wash and fold service. Meal prep one day a week if planning dinner every single day is too much. See if you can hire a mother’s helper for a few hours 2 days a week to give you time to catch up on work or rest, or see if there are any local daycare where you can utilize drop in care. You can’t pour from an empty cup and you deserve as much support as you need to feel like a good mama to your kids.


If you’re in Florida, hmu. I have my two and my nephew I care for. I’d be willing to help out either staying at your home with little or sitting in the parking lot of dr with your little. Whatever you’re comfy with


Biggest thing ive learned with having two kids close together is to learn to take a step back and breathe. The stress gets super real but you have to take a step back close your eyes and breathe then you can handle it alot better. Sometimes takes multiple times a day but you have to do it. Also tell your husband you need to find time for yourself. Even if it’s an hour a week you need some you time.

Dont do the dishes. Run the dishwasher twice. Put all the dirty dishes in and run it twice. No one says you cant. Routines are life savers. Maybe sut down with your husband and havw a conversation about how you feel. Maybe he can try to get a day off, or come home earlier.

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Best thing that helped having two close together is baby gates!!! I have a few for doors and one big that up in the living room. It will help when your trying to get things done in room room you don’t want them in messing. I would get it as soon as you can if you don’t have one and but the 13 month old in while you clean so he in a routine and not screaming when the baby comes home to be in it.

Mine are 14.5 months diff and they are now nearly 5 and 3.5 and honestly it’s easier until they start arguing, they keep each other entertained for hours on end xx

I went threw this… I now have 4 that live with me full time and 2bonus babies. You will be okay. I have Adhd and I’m not on meds either. I didn’t know how I was gonna manage with each one. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do it. I have. It’s hard but God gives me the ability to do it. On the days I feel like I just can’t take or do anymore I stop and pray. You got this :heart:


Cut corners when & where you can. Buy paper plates. Plastic silverware. Rinse glasses & reuse. Don’t get a new glass each time. Reuse bath towels before washing them. Your ass is clean after you shower so towel just needs to hang & dry. Same with your night gown. Wear it a few times before washing. Every little bit helps. Set aside a day to meal prep a few things. It will be a pain at first but in the long run it helps. I mean if your already baking chicken for tonight throw some in a pot to boil. Shred it up put in freezer bags then one less step you have to do when making chicken & rice. Or chick & dumplings. Or chick taco. Whatever. Clean living rm & let daughter play in her rm. Make sure she can’t get out & take a little rest in her rm.

Slow down!!! Deep breaths!!! I have 5 and am the same way stressed everytime we added one but I learned to expect the unexpected and be ok with the controlled ciaos set up gates for the toddler so there is a safe fun place for the toddler to be well u deal with house stuff and baby…its ok to just stop what ur doing to pay attention to the kids…sometimes getting everyone up changed and feed is enough!!! No magic house fairy is gonna come and do stuff for u it will be there when u get to it promise lol my best advice get the bigger one to help even if the bigger one is only one getting a diaper or putting the toy back or pulling cloths out the dryer wiping stuff fun stuff for kids let them littles have short attentions spans too so just keep reminding urself to go back to what u were doing once the little is occupied…ur not perfect none of us are prioritize everyday what’s most important and start there!!! You are on the most important list first Kids husband pets house…I say u first cause without u who knows…so take care of u first if ur not good how can u be good to do all the other stuff


Sign up for If you follow her missions and habits you don’t have to think about what needs doing, it just happens magically. It was life changing for me.


With cleaning choose one room a day and just tell yourself you only have to get that one room done. Do dishes right before bed and throw a load of laundry in so you don’t wake up overwhelmed by them. Keep a calendar on the wall for appointments, etc. keep a list of items you need from the store in the notes section in your phone. Go on a babysitter page near you on Facebook and find someone who can occasionally come sit while you have a dr appt or need to get out for an hour. You can start by having them babysit for an hour or two while you’re home cleaning so you can get to know them. Hope this helps!

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I hate to sound cliché but you got this and this time you’ve learned tricks from the first baby

I totally feel this !! You are not alone in feeling this way !! I have 4 kids 9 8 5 and 4 months and by the end of the day I am touched out and exhausted ! Having a schedule is so important… bed times at a certain time so you know you can have sometime alone … most of the time it works out but others it’s mentally emotionally and physically a challenge for sure … you are an awesome momma for even thinking about it ! Staying on top of yourself and taking care of you is so important as well … if there are dishes and toys and mess it’s okay sometimes you have your hands full and have to remember you are doing your best with what you have !! You got this momma be proud of yourself :heart:

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It sounds like your husband works long hours and can’t help but maybe if you explain to him that you can’t keep up an immaculate house, tons of laundry, cooking, cleaning, appointments shopping, etc for awhile. Maybe he will turn a blind eye to less fancy meals and a little dust. Prioritize!!! If you can’t afford help, reach out to your church. Many people are eager to volunteer. Just having someone sitting in your house while you get your work done can be a relief. Take a friend with you to the doctors.
When I was young I joined Junior Mothers. All our kids were preschool. Mainly we did things for the kids but we also helped each other out whenever necessary. That was in the 60s.
I really feel for you. I was blessed to have my parents 8 miles away, a loving church family and many nearby friends. I worked full time as an RN. My husband was good at babysitting but nothing else inside the house - still a blessing at the time. My sister’s kids were 13 months apart but they didn’t have anyone to help because they were far from home. She survived but it wasn’t easy. I will pray for you :pray::pray: :pray:

Therapy and find a proffessiinal organizer.

Routine saved me, and planning. Meal planning so you shop once a week (grocery delivery if you can afford it), put every appointment on a calendar and check that daily, do a five minute tidy up before bed or before transitioning to a new activity. Set up systems and routines and use them… That said, kids are chaos so you can only control so much. Prioritize (the essential things - food, safety, sleep) when you have to. Outsource what you can, if you can afford it, and simplify what you can. Kids can live in T-shirts and pyjamas, have snacks for dinner , keep a few toys out at a time and rotate. And, go to the library weekly for books, toys, music, movies, story times, and to meet other mums. Getting out helps, it’s free usually, and the kids love the experience and the novelty.

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I have 6 bios, and 2 bonus. Routines really help. I make sure to do the dishes once, maybe twice a day, after breakfast, and after dinner. Lunch is usually something they don’t necessarily need a plate for, or we use paper plates. I know your first baby is still little, but maybe put him/her in his/her room with a baby gate and some toys so that you’re able to get things done. I also have no one to watch my kiddos, but I usually just take my 2 that are not in school with me wherever I go, because dad works night shift and sleeps during the day. I kinda just do it because it has to be done. I get super stressed and touched out, but I try to make a little time for me after they’ve went to bed at the end of the day, and it seems to help. We also meal plan most of the time, so we’re not struggling last minute to decide what’s for dinner.

You got this mama. :heart:


You do know your husband can take a couple hours or even a whole day off for your appointments right?
Not to mention he should be helping whenever he’s home


Clean 20 min a day… every day. Little bits at a time. When your husband comes home… take that hour before bed at least 1-2 days a week for yourself. You’ll be ok… good luck mama

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My first two were 15 months apart - I got no help from husband at all - ever . I just had to focus every day and some how got thru those years with 3 more kids - lost my first daughter last July - that was a thousand times worse - keep your faith and you can do anything :pray:

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As a mom of soon to be 8 (single mom), the best thing to do is start a routine. New baby will need to be fed every couple hours, you will be exhausted, and your toddler will still need you too so you need to figure out a routine around both. Wake up, feed baby, breakfast for you and toddler, diaper changes/potty training, naps, lunch routines, dinner, bath routine, bedtime… Once you get a routine set for the 2 just stick to it and as new baby gets older and there are less bedtime feedings and things get simpler (like when baby is on regular food) things will fall into place so much easier and be a more smooth transition.

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Why are you not on meds for adhd. Do interview for a sitter for a few hours a week. Need adult time. Join a church group or something.

You need to see your Doctor and find a reliable place to take your Babies when you need to go out and occasionally go out for yourself.

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Minimize, EVERYTHING. Only 1 of each dish per person… WAY less stuff = less to tidy. Hand washing 1 or 2 dishes means you do not need to organize or fill up sink. Box and save if you feel you need to… but try it for minimum 1 month.

Good luck and you might just surprise yourself

Will the world end if the dishes wait another day? If the toys are not picked up will the house explode? Of course not. So do what you can. There are things you must do: feed the kids, grocery shop. Prioritize the things you have to do, and the rest when you can, do.

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If you need medical care for your stress and adhd get it. Take care of yourself, do what you can and let the rest go.


I had children a few years apart and no support system and I have A.D.D… Looking back on it the frustration and anxiety from not being on medication caused a lot of stress in the house. Children feel our stress. When I got on medication later in life I was so much more calm and focused and I was able to calmy get things done. So if you are not going to breastfeed I would get on the medication.

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Once you have had bubs
Talk to your gp about adhd meds(might not be wise to start on them at this stage of your pregnancy)
It also sounds like you have ocd tendencies
Combined with pregnancy hormones
I’m not surprised you feel over whelmed and can’t cope

You have taken the hardest step just by reaching out to us
I would suggest looking for a mom’s and bubs group in your area
They will become part of your support network
And I’m sure can help with getting other support networks
Even just having a get together once a week coffee catch up(depending on what covit restrictions are in your area)
Can be great for both you and your kids to connect with
The kids get to hang out with other kids and you get to have some adult conversations with other mom’s or dads
A park or playground for example
I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be ok
As I’m not walking in your shoes
But I will say your not alone hunni


Check out ADHD whisperer page on fb…plenty adults there that might be able to understand better and offer advice

You have OCD you have to do things a certain way it the dophameens in the brain that got a pill for it. Again I’m telling everyone start out on low dose and work way up if you have trouble taking these kind of pills Do ask doc about taking anything when your pregnant you may have to wait til you have the baby. Use birth control when this is over your not the type for a lot of kids

Do go on iPad and find babysitters in your area get one one day a week so you can get to doctor appt and have a cheap lunch out

Therapy, medication and birth control.

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Precooked meals and freeze them

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I might have adhd and ocd all together. I do my dishes before I cook dinner. So I have room to make dinner. While dinner is cooking I washed dishes to reduce it and use paper plate on every meals. I have daily chart to do Monday- clean the whole kitchen and dining room. Tuesday clean bathrooms. Wednesday clean the living room. Thursday clean bedrooms. Friday sweep and mop and wipes all the furniture and doorknobs thru out the house. I picked Saturday and Wednesday to do laundry. Every night before I go bed I clean up the kids toys from living room and straight up the living room quick. Saturday and Sunday I spend lazy weekend and have instapot or crockpot meals weekend. During the week , I just do easy casserole or meals. By 8pm kids are in bed and I finish up by 9-930. I hop in the shower to ease my stress and have my moments to breathe and relax. I go bed at 10pm watch one or 2 show.


Look into fb groups there are alot of other women that’s going the same thing, you can find women that lives in the same town and meet

Seek medical help and stop having kids


You will be all of those things. But you will figure it out and find your groove. Keep a schedule and a routine the best you can. Thay helps alot. Hire a helper if you need. But I have 2 sets of twins and 2 teenagers and I’m alone ALOT at first it was terrifying but we figured it out. You’ll get it momma.


Get a new husband who will help raise his own kids. One who will clean up after himself, cook for his family and clean because he is a grown man and he made those kids with you. Also a man who will willing give his wife a break because you deserve it and you’re a team!!!


My schedule:
Get up 5 am, breastfeed & change baby & put back to bed
5:15 take out dry laundry, hang up what you don’t want to wrinkle, put laundry washed overnight into dryer, load washer w new load.
5:30 or 5:45 Shower & dress* except for last top layer & wear housecoat.
6 am get older one up, help them pick out clothes & have them do whatever they can to dress themselves.
While older one fusses w clothes get baby dressed.
6:15 finish getting older one dressed
6:30 fix breakfast for older one, pack daycare bag,* grab lunch for work*
6:45 or 7 let older one feed self breakfast in high chair (nuked frozen waffle or pancake, maybe butter but no syrup, small or cut up fruit, sippy cup of milk, or bowl of dry cereal to eat with hands or if child can use a spoon cold cereal in milk; or bowl of oatmeal with butter, syrup, applesauce, fruit or preserves and a huge bib or towel to cover child except for head & hands. Old people catalogs or sites have clips on chains you can use with bath towels or cut a hole in an old towel & put it over the child’s head like a poncho. Wear baby, put in playpen set in a bouncy seat put on floor. Second baby feeding if needed.
7:30 Last minute clean off faces and hands & check clothes are on, put them in a playpen, exchange housecoat for work tops*, & load car*, then buckle kids in car seats & off to day care.

If you are a SAHM you can skip these.

At home schedule time for 1. TV, 2. crawling & moving around, 3. cleaning something & get older one to help (wash & dust furniture legs, bottom of sink, toilet, push a swiffer on hard floors, pick up toys, put stuff in trash can, put toys in a bin, when older can help w clean laundry: fold washcloths, match socks, sort everyone’s underwear into piles). If you can breast or bottle feed on a schedule, great, if not, feed when you need to. 4. Head to library for story times (one or more times a week) or other kids’ programs to connect with other kids & parents. Exchange info w other parents/grandparents.

Lunch for older one in high chair. Finger foods so can feed self; practice with utensils, especially spoon. Or pack kids in a car & meet people for a relatively quick lunch out at a kid friendly place with high chairs & booster seats.

Clean up & nap time for everyone.

After nap leave the house for up to an hour. Go for a walk, hike, draw hopscotch with chalk on a sidewalk and find a pebble to throw, toss a ball, or hit a playground in all but the coldest weather. Go to a nature center, recreation center indoor or outdoor baby pool (have swim diapers), watch a few minutes of kids or adults playing a sport. Schedule a tour of the police or fire station, hit stores if your kids enjoy it & aren’t too much trouble. Or do a kids’ exercise video or put on different kinds of music & dance however you want.

Schedule snack time.

If baby needs an afternoon nap, now’s the time.
Have time for a quiet craft coloring, or playing with toys to calm down before dinner.

Your man comes home. Have him help you prepare, serve & feed kids dinner. Eat & he loads dishwasher or hand washes dishes. Older child can put unbreakables on table (silverware, napkins, plastic plates & cups). Dishes in sink afterwards unless using plastic/paper.

Good jobs for dad: Kids have bath, brush any teeth, get kids in nightwear. Story & lullaby time, bed.

Switch laundry again, you & hubs fold & sort while watching TV. Sort by rooms & put away during commercials.

Unload & reload dishwasher & run it if full. Prepare bottles for next day if using formula.

While hubs is home after kids are asleep you or he can run to stores, go through mail or emails, call friends, clean something or have sexy time if you have any energy. Then relax & bed.

Maybe you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t even manage yourself


Meal prep all at once. Here’s what I did on weekends when the kids were little and hubs could watch them. Cook in bulk & make various dishes, freeze in meal-sized portions. You can blenderize whatever basics you’re using & freeze in ice cube trays for baby food. (Meat is tough to get smooth, fruits and cooked vegetables are easy).

I get hamburger, make burgers, meatballs (for spaghetti, stroganoff, Swedish meatballs, to use in soups, casseroles or in sauce as appetizers), shepherds pie, lasagna, taco meat, cooked crumbles in soup.

Chicken (raw parts, whole chicken or already cooked rotisserie) becomes slices for dinner & sandwiches, chunks for chicken salad &/or pot pie, shreds for BBQ or chicken a la king. Boil skin, bones w chicken bouillon cubes for hours while you’re doing other stuff, then strain out chicken, freeze bone broth, pick any meat left on carcass for soup. Freeze meal-sized portions.

Ham: slices for sandwiches and dinners, cut up pieces for chef salads, casseroles (ham, chopped onions, sour cream, Parmesan cheese, cooked noodles. Mix together, put in casserole dish & bake until heated through), in omelets or scrambled eggs for breakfasts with salsa, spinach, in quiche, cut up small & added to corn muffins.

Buy prepared foods to give yourself a break if it’s in the budget, like 90-second rice & grain packs, frozen dinners, pre-cut vegetables. I like to have a supply of chopped onions and chopped celery, cooked or raw, to toss in everything.

Don’t forget snacks. Put them in little plastic tubs so you can grab and go with them or just hand them to littles when they’re old enough to eat them. Cheerios or other cereal, dried fruit, grapes, cut up strawberries, blueberries, goldfish crackers, oyster crackers, animal crackers, mini Graham crackers, nuts if slightly older, granola bars—cut in pieces if needed) and schedule snack times mid- morning and mid-afternoon. Juice or chocolate milk in sippy cups.


That :man: is the issue, both for not helping and adding kids to this.

Yes go to church/religious institutions & make friends who can help you out. They may have child care during services & you can attend or sleep in your car or a spare church room. But you have to be available if kids have a meltdown in the nursery/class. Make friends with the other parents of babies/toddlers/children.

Also they could have Mom’s Day Out programs, moms groups, lists of people willing to babysit, and possibly old people who would love to help you if you bring children into their lives. Post your info on a church bulletin board looking for babysitters, mom friends, or foster grandparents.

Schedule visits with seniors at centers; you may have to wait until kids are old enough to wear masks. Adopt some as foster grandparents.

Meet your neighbors at organized events or just knock on doors & take them cookies or little packets of almonds if they’re diabetic or dieting (no peanuts in case if allergies). Get their info & see who might make good friends, babysitters, or someone with whom you can share recipes or food.

If it’s in the budget, get a cleaning person/service to help out so you’re not constantly overwhelmed.

Once you have people to watch the kids, schedule date nights with hubs at least once a month, but preferably once a week. It doesn’t have to be Saturday night dinner & movie. Go out to breakfast, brunch or lunch, hit a performance on a weeknight, have a picnic, take a nap while someone takes the kids out, share an interest—climbing walls, bowling, trampoline parks, swimming, learning Spanish, any kind of dance, visit a winery/brewery/distillery/cidery or historic site for an afternoon. Visit a nearby Old Town, take a factory tour, check out an art gallery, do a Board and Brush, Sip and Paint, Ceramic spot activity. Attend a lecture. Sit in the back of a movie theater and make out.

And schedule time for you. Coffee shop alone or with a friend, mani and/or pedi, massage, walk in the park/gardens/woods, yoga or other fun classes, meditation time, pleasure reading, extra naps, exchange foot and/or back rubs with hubs. Something else that feels nice is just pat each other all over head to toe. 5 minutes & you feel relaxed & heavenly. Breathe deeply & focus on your breath for 10 minutes at a time. Run around the block however many times it takes to de-stress.


Okay so one thing I heard about needing to prewash the dishes if you are using a dishwasher. Run it twice. Put those nasty dishes in as they are. Then run it once. Then put more detergent in and run it again. Heck ,run it 3 times if you have to. It won’t hurt them. Good luck

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You should get a calander write
what you need to do each week then plan each day with what your going to get done that day it really helps i have adhd and other mental health but that really helps me good routine and structure and I find when kids are in bed I will get the house tidy do washing ect and in the morning just wipe kitchen sides and hoover that way i can do it around my children easily then I have more time in the day to spend with them instead of cleaning obvs throughout the day I will wash my dishes ect as I can’t stand leaving dirty dishes I love a clean home i do also have ocd so hate mess but as long as house is clean I’m not bothered about toy mess also plan my meals so that helps me knowing what’s what but yeh for me routine and planning ahead really helps me you will be fine with your kids but also your husband could help abit so maybe one day a week you can hsve a few hours to your self else you may as well be single if he dosent help with anything they are also his children so could help with some stuff even if it’s putting them to bed reading then books bath time in evening it’s a 2 way thing he’s ment to help he’s their dad otherwise your better of being in your own if he won’t help with anything and if your adhd is getting in the way of your normal day to day life then u need to go see someone about it im not on medication for my adhd but I have seeked support for it but I didn’t like how the medication made me feel so that was my choice to not be medicated for it but for some it really helps them it didn’t for me i had bad side effects but it’s worth you trying first to see if it helps you then you may find your able to manage things better

God wouldn’t have blessed you with a second child if you couldn’t handle it.

That being said, I Know how you feel completely. I have ADHD, depression, anxiety, and I get panic attacks. It was hard for me when I had my first daughter, I was 21 and I left her father when she was 3 months old. It was hard for me cause I also worked, luckily my family watched my daughter or I paid a babysitter. But, now I’m a stay at home mom with my third child only 3 months old and my older two daughters both go to school. I’m only on antidepressants meds and Prenatal vitamins to make good milk for baby boy. I don’t seem to get anything done and I’m always exhausted. I hate not having the energy to do simple chores like the dishes, and I’m like you, I have to organize them before even starting them, and that just tires me out more… Im also not feeling good at the moment either.

Just hang in there, message me if you want too, my second daughter is exactly 2 years younger than my older daughter, my son is 4 years younger than my second daughter.

3 months, 5 yrs, and 7 Yrs are my kids ages…

Just relax momma I’m sure your doing great I just had my 4th 3 months ago and I’m a single mom with no breaks you can do it I deal with anxiety and depression no meds be kind to yourself and do what you can everyday don’t let anyone make you feel less it does take time to adjust after a new little one

People on here acting like they’re perfect. She didn’t ask to me judged. She asked for help. I would get very part time care. If he’s working that much and not around you need an outlet and he can pay for that. Or once a week someone helps clean up and helps with kid bc you’ll need it for a little after the second. You don’t have to be super woman and you don’t have to do it by yourself. That’s how people snap.


Don’t have anymore kids :woman_shrugging:

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Asking for help is a great first step. I must assume your not involved in a church. There are many many resources available to most people if they will just look for them.

Ensure your taking vitamins and exercising as your doctor allows so you have strength to meet the demands of raising a family.

A lot of churches provide moms day out. Look into your local churches and see if they offer something like that?

disregard the laughing emojis…some people have nothing better to do and that’s a shame

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Life sends many challenges for us to test our strenght . You need to be organised an do the main things first beds washing up , your child an then put the washing on IF YOU HAVE ROUTINE IT WILL WORK … Good luck with the new baby . Then have a big break … Your husband is doing the best he can … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

3 under 3 here and no husband or supports :raising_hand_woman: #routineroutineroutineroutine

It’s 6am and here I am prepping lunches for daycare, kids get a shower or a bath at least every second day :sweat_smile: I’ll be honest we do stay home for a week at a time because it’s just not easy taking them out to do anything yet :woozy_face:

And even though it’s just me, I’m my babies whole world, all 3 of them look at me like nothing else matters and that itself is worth it, Wether your doing a good job at parenting or not :woman_shrugging::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Make a list the night before of everything you need to do and do ONE job at a time (kids aside) i have adhd and i am also unmedicated. (Marijuana aside lol) I have FOUR girl ages 7-11 its not always easy. I useto live in a travel trailer, i now live in an apt lets just say and apt is WAY easier than a trailer. But honestly when i did live in an apt before cleaning was so hard. With only one. I completely understand all of this post. It so hard with adhd to stay focused esp w kids needing your attention. Just get a routine (music really helps) so far today ive put away dishes started to clean the left overs that went untouched in the fridge and soon ill be gathering clothes to clean at my moms. Folding i should probably do asa they come out but im sure itll be a huge pile in my room for a week. Honestly feel free to message me and i can help you cause i struggle also but i have improved alot.

Parenthood will train your adhd :wink::grin: trust me I’ve got it and while I can’t say my organization is top-notch I can say it gets better especially when you absolutely need to do things for your sweet Los.
Thats too bad your support system isn’t too strong, these are very important with new Los.
Maybe you can find a support group online in your area, or a church where you can make new friends?
Can your husband use some vacation days to spend atleast 3 or 4 days at home while you adjust to the new child atmosphere?
Stay hydrated. Breath, take one moment at a time. You got this

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Hi there i also have adhd and 3 littles ! Heres some thing si do to help my life !! My husband will organize the dirty dishes and put away the clean dishes at bedtime so in the am i canw ash them. Every day i make a list in my head of whats the most important and i do 2 of those thibgs. Today it was to make my littles their 100 day of school shirt. And thats it !

I am normally a clean freak but my kids have taught me one thing time is everything mess can be clean up later I tried to clean at least an hour a day I have postural tachycardia syndrome so when I get going my heart rate goes crazy And I have to listen to my body When it says enough is enough it means enough if not I can been sick for a few days

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I Also have untreated adhd. Had three under four. They’re grown now thankfully. Make a detailed to do list for the week. Dishes every evening, one room a day, write down EVERYTHING you need to do in that room. For example, living room: pick up toys, dust, sweep, mop. Next day bathroom: clean sink, tub, toilet, sweep and mop. You get the idea. Helped me tremendously. For one, you can check them off and see that you’ve accomplished something even if the little one messes it back up.

My 2 youngest are 13 months apart, they’re 1 and 2, and I have an elementary school student. My husband works constantly, and my kids are with me 9 times out of ten. It’s stressful but it’s totally doable.
Just keep a schedule, organize, either pack the night before or the morning of.
You got this mama!

This sounds alot like myself. I am also due in August, but with my 5th. I felt EXACTLY the same. Scared. Worried. Like I wouldn’t be able to do it because I literally have no help. None at all. I don’t have family or a friend to help me with babysitting, not for any reason. I completely relate and understand

But just try to take things as they come. It’s alot easier that way and it tends to work out mostly on its own