How soon is too soon to say I love you?

I met this guy on facebook two months ago…we have hung out several times and I think I love him…i know its sooooo soon though…should I tell him? Is it too soon? I think he feels the same way but idk…is this something I should keep to myself?


I firmly believe when you know you know. My husband told me after a week, I felt the same way. 23+ years later still going strong


Listen if you can’t have a real conversation or say your feelings then they aren’t the person for you. It’s not to soon if this is your true feelings. Take a moment and write down why you love him is it lust or love. If you are going say it make sure you mean it. Fingers crossed for you!!


My boyfriend dropped me off at work one day, we were together, just under two months! I went to close the door and out of no where, I said “I love you… oops, I didn’t mean to say that!” :joy: then I told him that never happened and we weren’t going to talk about it! Like a week later, he told me he loved me! Almost 9 years later, and we are still going strong!

Why does it need to be said

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Don’t EVER tell a man that you love him first especially after two months. I wldnt say it until he propose.


This is beautiful. If you feel it then def say it. I think people that fall in love quickly just have really big beautiful hearts. We need more love in this world. Tell him :heart:


My husband told me he loves me 3 weeks after we started going out… took me many months, I didnt want to make another mistake after a rough 30 yr previous marriage. Married 15 yrs- together 17. Very happy!


When you know you know. Never hold your feelings back. If you feel it go ahead and sat it. My now husband said it after a couple days of hanging out. I waited a while but definitely felt the same. Now we have been married 6 years together almost 9.


Grow up! 2 months…:thinking: love yourself first, which you obviously don’t or you wouldn’t be moving so fast. There’s alot you don’t know about him still…WAIT!!!


I told mine after 2 months and he said “I think I do too :joy::rofl::rofl:” but it’s been 6 years now and we are engaged with a 2 year old son. So he must of thought right :joy:


I would ignore anyone laughing or telling you it isn’t love. I knew right away that I loved my boyfriend one of the first few times we saw eachother. Granted, I had known him for about 8/9 years prior and it wasn’t the first time we had had a fling going, but I felt it in my gut immediately and was shocked and elated when he said it first, at the same time I was feeling it. Sometimes when you know, you know. If you feel it, say it. He doesn’t have to be feeling it back and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong and things won’t progress if he isn’t yet. Somebody who really cares for or is interested in you isn’t going to run.

My husband and I exchanged “I love yous” after 3 weeks :sweat_smile:

I told my partner I loved him after two months, and told him I was afraid to say it first. Found out he said it a couple times already before then and I hadn’t heard him lol. He thought I just wasn’t ready to say it back yet

Coming from a person that met a guy on MySpace and was married within a few months to him I say follow your heart. If it is meant to be it will be. My husband and I have been married for 16 years as well.

When you know you know. My most recent ex and I said it fairly quickly within a month or two and it’s the strongest my feelings for another guy have ever been (besides the son we share)

Going on 17 years. He told me within the first week. Well kinda tricked me into saying it but yeah.

I would get to know family friends. Love bombing comes to mind. Is he friends with ex’s. Not saying it’s not real but if it’s live then give it time to really blossom.

Life is too short. If he’s the right person it won’t be an issue.

My husband and I met and were engaged within a month and have been together 33 years and married 32 years. When you know you know


I told my husband I love you after about a month and a half. When you know, you know. Life is too short not to say how you feel. I’ve been with my husband almost 18 years now.

When you know you know, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Unless you’re in your early 20’s or younger, in that case it will pass :rofl::rofl::rofl:

There is no set time. If you feel it, say it. Just be prepared for no reply.

I told my husband after a month if that. When you know you know! We’ve been together now for over 17 years, married 9 in March.

Love was almost immediate with my husband and I. We were married within 7 months and are going on 3 years HAPPILY married :heart: when you know, you know! Trust your gut…

I’m.going on 3 years with my fiance and he told me within 5 days of us being together

God I hope there are no children in this situation :woman_facepalming:t2: