How soon can you tell if your child is left handed?

I’m curious. How soon could you tell if your child was left or right handed or ambidextrous? My son is two and he appears to be left handed, possibly ambidextrous like me.


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We figured my son was left handed by a year and half . He did everything with his left hand . When he started baseball at 4 we figured out he’s ambidextrous. He favors his left but better with his right. He still uses both.

My 4yo does most things with his right hand, including draw and write. My 6mo reaches with his left hand even if it’d be more convenient to do so with his right but play with toys using both hands. His dad and maternal grandmother are lefties so I’m excited to see if he remains left dominant.

My eldest I knew while still pregnant. The kicks always lined up with where his left hand and foot were.


His 4yrs old draws with left hand and does everything else with both hands I guess his ambi like his dad

I knew my oldest was a lefty around 18mths or so. My middle showed signs of being right handed around the same age and my youngest used both hands up until close to 3

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I knew around 4 my daughter was a lefty from the way she would feed herself , how she would reach for things , etc. I will say she recently turned 7 tho and she goes between both hands. I still feel like left is dominant but if people who don’t know she’s a lefty hand her stuff on he right , she will use it for a bit

My oldest used his left hand til he started school, now he’s most definitely right handed! I think they show a definite preference when they’re in school settings!

My son is left handed and I noticed very early on when he grabbed things it was always with his left he ate with his left hand it was very clear he used to write with both hands but left has become more dominant he’s 10 now

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We knew at about 2 for sure. We had a hunch based on how he would reach and grab for things and how he’d favor his left hand.

We thought my son was left handed until he started drawing! He would always use left to throw and do things before he’d use his right

I have twin boys. One is left handed like his dad with the other right handed like me. It’s a matter of preference. When he colors and eats pay attention to the hand he uses more often. Example, their dad eats and writes left handed, but plays sports right handed. The twin that is left handed does most things lift handed.

My 5 year old was back and forth with his hands but now he does some with his left but writes with his right. Our 3 year old is the same. I’m left handed and my husband is right handed.

My son did everything left handed until preschool at 4, then he started writing right handed. He’s still mostly ambitious at 7, but still right handed when he writes. The pediatrician told us that it can change or be uncertain until around age 5.

My daughter is right handed. Has always naturally grabbed & held things in her right hand.

My daughter was right handed. Her occupational therapist decided she needed to use her left instead. Now she uses both but mainly left

Just offer him a crayon,pencil felt tip and he reaches for will tell you. I can write with both hand too so play the straight line game get him to try and make a straight line with each hand the one the line are less swigging is the stronger hand so it wobe his writing hand xx

My daughter is going to be there three next month and she been left handed dominate since she was one

Give him a couple of crayons and a paper and see what he does

My 23yr old daughter and my 7 yr old son are both left handed. I always noticed they favored their left hand, playing with toys, eating, stuff like that, from the get go.

Hand him something and watch which hand he favors.
Either he’s right handed
Or ambidextrous

My 4 year old daughter started showing signs of being left handed at 2 years old.

My daughter has explored with both, but over time she’s started to favor her right more. :woman_shrugging:

We guessed a few months in, then followed it up a year in, and now that she’s 3.5, she’s definitely left handed.

I could tell my children and grandson were by 1 1/2 to 2

My daughter I knew from the day she could hold things she’s a lefty x

Some kids are back and forth until 4-5. I’m pretty sure my son (3yo) is a lefty, as he does everything with his left and if you put something in his right hand, he switches lol.

Mine is 3.5 and still switches.

My daughter has always used her left more. Since PT seems to switch back and forth.

My son is 7 and I still can’t tell lol he uses both

All 3 of my girls were/ still are ambidextrous since they first started trying to write, around 2 or so? They’d be trying to write/draw something, get mad at how it looks, and just switch hands

i’d say by 2. pay attention to how they grab/pick up things.

I knew by that age she both of mine. One done everything right handed. The other ate, colored, ect right handed,but hit golf balls left handed, batted both… in right handed and his dad is left…

Around 1 1/2, 2 years old.

Pretty early on, most babies will swap back and forth but around a year or so they seem to settle with a dominate side.

My 4 year old is leftie, he writes with his left and kicks with his left foot.

I noticed early on and watched which hand used alot I got one left handed daughter dads left handed and 2 right handed daughters I’m right handed.

My youngest two are both left handed. One of them was clearly left handed very early on. The other didn’t become completely left hand dominant till he was 5.