How should l handle this situation with my parents?

Needing help from other moms on moving across country cheap, extra cheap! BACKSTORY. I am from different south. Moved up to the Midwest 11 years ago. My husband’s family isn’t really involved, but my parents, who live 1,000 miles away, are involved more. The video chats our child, call, visit 2xs a year. They are older, and my mother has health problems. They have a house sitting unused that is paid we could move into. My husband’s job has a location near my parents. We have been waiting on a transfer for three years with his company bc we have insurance through him and amazing benefits. He got an open position offer. I am forever grateful I still have parents, but does it make sense I feel like I don’t? My parents and I have always had a rocky relationship. Growing up, I felt like my mom, and I never bonded like a mother and daughter should (if that makes sense). I have my own family, a beautiful life, and we keep to ourselves. We bought a house last year, and life is really going amazing. But the past few months, my dad has been going way too far with unnecessary BS! It hasn’t been causing myself and my fiancé any problems, it’s just causing me to have such bad anxiety, and I’m not acting like my bubbly self. My mother has been gone away for the past month. She called me yesterday, but I had things to do and forgot to call back. My dad texted me and made a comment about it last night. Today I was going to call once I got done cleaning the house. Well, a simple little text again sent from my dad turned into a HUGE fight. A fight so big that my own dad called me the CUNexTuesday name (not the first time), but this time, I just lost it. Am I in the wrong for blocking him from contacting me for now? He wouldn’t even stop texting me, saying nasty things. I’m his only daughter, with his grandkids who adore him! My mother said absolutely nothing to stick up for me? Maybe I’m more venting or just so beyond frustrated/heartbroken. My emotions are everywhere, and I can’t stop wondering, what in the world have I done so wrong?! Am I wrong for feeling this way?