How should I handle a tricky custody situation?

I’ve been to court multiple times and situations like this have come up in those cases and each judge has told me that neither parent can control what happens at the other parents house or during the other parents time.
However, with him have legal custody, he unfortunately can retaliate and take your time away because it sounds like you don’t have anything in writing as to when your time actually is. (Correct me if I’m wrong) I would beat him to the courthouse and file for modification to get you more time in writing that he has to stick to no matter what you do


Of I’m understanding correctly he gave you extra time that isn’t in the court documents. If that’s right then he can refuse to give you extra time in the future. If it’s in your document that she chooses where to live during the summer then he should continue to follow that even if he doesn’t like what you do. But he can influence her to choose not to go with you. Technically you can do anything on your time as long as it’s safe unless there’s a specific court order saying you can’t allow her to be around so &, so or whatever. Find out the laws in your state. Some have she’s which a child can choose. Others don’t. If she’s of that age go to court & file to change custody. Request that she talk to the judge.

Just let her go , good grief .


Go to court and get it if you don’t you will regret it and keep saying l should of went he maybe upset at first but in the end he will thank you

If your daughter wants to go, and the wedding is not out of state, she probably will have fun.

You should have gotten a visitation schedule worked out and ordered during the custody hearing. It sounds like you all have been able to work together in raising your daughter. He needs to remember that just because he isn’t that friendly with his family, it’s his daughters family also, she has the right to be included in those family events on both sides of her family.

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He’s asking you first, so he is considering your feelings. It’s a family wedding, so I don’t understand the big deal. She’s spending the whole summer with you, so what’s a day with her father going to cost you. Let her go and enjoy herself.

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Uh, what’s the reason he doesn’t go around his family? YOU should respect the fact that he doesn’t have a relationship with them for a reason and not interfere with that by allowing his family to take his daughter without his consent. Trust that he knows what he’s doing. sounds like you all had a good relationship until you overstepped. If it’s not your actual parenting time right now, yes he can come and get her… Can you blame him?


He can take the time but you can also take him back to court since he has entrusted you with her so much the judge will be more out to go with the current arrangements or even grant you primary guardianship

These parents that have sole custody and do wot they like is wrong so controlling

Splitting parental time can be difficult. My questions to you are: Is the current arrangement of week-on, week-off recorded with the family court? If not, I only feel it respectful to have discussed this with the legal guardian prior; Was this family event during your week or his? If yours, I don’t feel it urgent to have received permission prior; yet, taking this stand wouldn’t benefit your daughter.

More than anything, it’s super important to maintain productive communication with her father so that she (especially at her age) senses a united front between both of you. Otherwise, she will (and trust me I know this from experience) play both of you via manipulation.

Having a split home makes for confusion with children; however, the way I handled it was letting my babies know that what happens at their father’s is over there, and what happens over here, is here.

Good luck!