How often should you see a OBGYN?

Weird question, but how often should you go to the OBGYN? And do you need a referral or can you just call and make an appointment somewhere? I haven’t been to see an OB in 6 1/2 years when my youngest was born. Also what should I get for a normal check up? I’m 30, and have been with the same partner for 13 years. My parents weren’t very consistent with doctors and honestly I dont understand how it works. Other than my kids I only go to urgent care or the ER if I’m extremely sick or hurt.


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I go every year. 6 and ahalf years is way too long to not go.

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Yearly! They have state requirements for check ups to follow.

Yearly. You should always get a pap yearly

You should go atleast once a year for a check up and a routine Pap smear.

I would do a pap. If it’s normal you can go every few years. (They changed the yearly requirement).

Every three years for a pap is what I’ve been told by my doctors.

You should get a regular checkup once a year with your gynecologist.

It should be 1x yearly for a check up, so they can look for things like precancerous cells or other things that you might not get symptoms for right away

Usually every 2 years unless you have had abnormal pap smears, then it’s once a year (I have to go every year).

You should go for annual checkups, but once every 2 years is fine if you’ve never had an abnormal pap. Every 2 years is the minimum. Your primary care provider can do a pap, or you can get a referral to a gyn.

Every 3 years until 40 unless your high risk.

At least yearly! You need to be having your paps. It’s insanely important


You should see an OBGYN at least once a year to a pap smear and breast exam and they can answer any questions you may have. If you have insurance call around and see who is accepting patients and your insurance. If you liked your doctor who delivered your child I’d start there. If you don’t have insurance I’d see if there are any free or reduced price clinics in your town.

You should get an annual visit every 1-3 years depending on your family history. You should also get an annual physical from a general practitioner.

Yearly. However, I’m over 35 with no irregular pap so I think I only need one every 3 years.

Once per year for a regular checkup for sure.

My family has a history of cervical cancer and even with that my dr said every 2-3 yrs is fine. Unless I’m having symptoms obviously

I didn’t go for years then had an abnormal pap that turned into signs of precancerous growths and a portion of my cervix being removed. I am finally down to yearly check ups after going multiple times per year.

Depends on your insurance if you need a referral or not, and you should have yearly Pap smears.  if you’ve not been in that long of a timeframe they will do a Pap smear during your office visit. We see this a lot and that’s okay but go ahead and schedule that appointment for yourself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yearly for check up and your Dr will set up your schedule for your Pap. You should also do an annual physical as well. My parents were the same so I completely understand

Yearly and if HMO you will need referral from PCP if PPO just make appt!!

Every year Pap test. A GP can do it. Doesn’t have to be an OBGYN. Those are harder to get into for sure

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Depends on what type is your insurance. Mine will only cover every other year.

You find one & make an appt. Usually yearly. I go every other yr. Drives my Dr nuts but I’ve had no yeast infections ever, no std issues, nothing weird so, every other yr has worked for me.

You should have an annual visit. You don’t need a referral typically. Just locate one and call.

Yearly. You find an OB you want, call and say "I’m a new pts wondering if (whatever dr you choose) is accepting new patients , and if you can make an appointment to be seen.

Yearly, more if something concerns you or us abnormal.

I go in once a year and get full blood panel, pap, mammogram (cause I’m old) and if all is well , which it has been. Then I got back the next year. Easy peasy everything done in one fell swoop and then I don’t have to worry about it again.

Every year. They need to do an annual check-up. They do a pap smear, breast check, and usually a blood panle of there are concerns.

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6 years is too long … I go every 2 years … you need to get a Pap test

Generally it is every year if you are on any type of birth control. My OB said it is every 3 years for a Pap which changed from when I was younger- but every 1 year if you had previous abnormal pap results. Generally you should stay on top of your OB health just because you never know when your tests may come up abnormal (whether or not you and your partner are faithful/healthy/committed, etc). There are so many reasons to be checked regularly for things that plague us women in general. If it wasn’t for a really amazing ER doctor I would have never known I had Cervical Cancer- and it literally saved my life (after years of not being seen regularly)- so I highly recommend REGULAR screenings to everyone. Not to mention Ovarian and Breast cancer which tends to run in families but you just never know. Always better safe than sorry.


It all depends on your medical history. It used to be once a year for a Pap smear but now it’s like every 3 years. As far as a referral, that depends on your health insurance coverage. Also when you get your check-up, you should let them also test you for STDs. Even though you’ve been the same partner for 13 years, there’s nothing wrong with covering all bases. You should also see a primary care doctor at least once a year. You could have health issues that you don’t know about.

Every year, some doctors say 2years for a pap girl

Every year. Check up.

Regular checks “under the hood” very important.
At your age, yearly.
Baseline Mammogram too.

You should have a Pap smear yearly. Bloodwork yearly.

Call your insurance company and see if they require you to have a referral to an OB/GYN. If they do, you’ll need to select a PCP (primary care provider which will usually be a family practice dr or an internal medicine dr) and make an appt with them to get the referral to an OB/GYN. You should have a yearly visit with a PCP. If you don’t have insurance, then look for an income based clinic to make it easier to pay out of pocket.

1x a year is typical

You should get a check up yearly please get yourself into the doctor

You don’t necessarily need to see an OBGYN but what you do need to do is schedule an annual physical with pap included.


You find whoever takes your insurance, find an obgyn doctor, see if they’re taking new patients. If not, you will have to find a doctor who is taking new patients. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll pay a portion upfront, obviously. But anyway, once you find who’s taking new patients, schedule a well woman check up. Voice your concerns or whatever at said checkup. The end. Once a year.

Pap tests /mammograms are every 3 to 5 years here depending on age. Obviously can be arranged at any time if you experience problems or find lumps.
Drs visits are whenever…just call and make an appointment.
Personally havent seen my Dr in years but go when invited for pap /mammogram.
If you feel healthy then visits to the Dr are a waste but pap /mammogram should be done regularly no matter how long you’ve been with your partner

No one refers to a normal gynecologist (gyn) yes they are technically a specialist but if it’s your annual visit you should not have to pay for anything, except potentially a co-pay depending on your insurance. You need to go to get a Pap smear done most insurances do this once every 3 years now unless they see or feel something different.

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You should have a yearly check up with your family doctor, unless you have a condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Then they usually want to see you every 3-6 months. The doctor will then refer you to your OB/GYN for a PAP smear and, if indicated, a mammogram,at your yearly appointment.

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Most insurance companies require a referral to any and all specialist

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At my 6 week check up after my son was born, I had a Pap smear and I asked my Dr. Why if I just had one last year? She said we should be getting them annually to check for cervical cancer among other things. Better safe than sorry :pray:t3:

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Google would’ve answered this quite easily.

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Get an appointment as soon as you can it takes months and then they may cancel you. Not enough practitioners

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Find a family dr. They’re always good to have before you need one! My family Dr does my yearly Pap smears

I go anytime I have a new partner birth control or issues and Pap smears so maybe 2-3 Times a year

You should see the GYN and have a pap and mammogram every year. Early detection is the key. Don’t wait until there is a issue. Referrals are dependent on your insurance and provider office. Some require referrals and some don’t. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Check your insurance if you need a referral, some don’t require them. Ideally, you’d want to see them yearly for a vaginal exam & Pap smear, plus a breast exam. If you’re in local groups, ask around for recommendations of who people like. But know what YOU prefer… male/female, multiple doctor practice or single, etc.

I just googled an OB closest to my house and made an appt. I believe it’s every year you go. I typically just wait for them to call me🙈

Once a year to get checked up on.

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Find one and set up an appointment and go yearly

I was told I didn’t need to come but every 5yrs since my tests have all been normal for over 10yrs and cancer doesn’t run in my family. I’m 36. I go for a pap and breast check.

You should see them at least once a year and a check up every 6-12 months

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Yearly for checkup
You don’t need a referral

Once a year, and just call!

You don’t need a referral. Go annually for a physical- they can do all your annual labs there too.

I just go to my family Dr and get a pap smear every 3 years which is standard here in Ontario

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If you had a 6 week postpartum check after your child was born then you should’ve gotten a pap test and if your results were normal then it’s every 3-5 years for a pap test. If your health is good and you have no health issues then most people get wellness checks once a year.

You need a primary care doctor you can go to for yearly checkups ie blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. You should be using them for sick visits as well, unless it’s a true emergency or so sick on a weekend/after office hours that you can’t wait til they’re open. Your OBGYN should be a yearly exam.

Yearly for OBGYN, even if you don’t see any other docs… cervical cancer is very dangerous and often asymptomatic. It’s what they do the yearly check for.

You should have a female pelvic exam at least once a year. Either through your pcp or obgyn

Annual so make an appointment asap. Your insurance company can email you a list of providers that you can go to. Get a pap and ask to be checked for stds.

Once a year if all is good. 6 months if you have a questionable reading

So at my last appointment last year I was told that I need to see her every year to do my well woman visit but I don’t have to get a pap every year because mine have come back normal so I am now at the stage where I get one every 3 years but I go every year for my well woman.
Contact your insurance and find out who your plan covers that way you won’t be hit with any extra cost if you just randomly pick one. You don’t need a referral once you find out who’s in your network just call him and tell him you need to establish as a new patient and they will get you in.

Get a family doctor, they will refer you. Unless there is a family history of illness you

Don’t need to go every year.

U normally only see the obgyn when ur pregnant

They changed it to every 3 years for a Pap smear. I would make an appointment soon, I’m overdue myself. I do my Breast exam at my annual physical with my family physician.

I go every year, which is more often than I go to any other Dr! It’s important to take care of your lady bits :wink: yearly exam and I also gets paps every year because of family history!

Pap smear once a year!

At your age, you should have a GYN or at least a primary care that you feel comfortable with. You need to get a Pap every year, and lab work to check your red cell count and to see if you are anemic but also to check your triglycerides and cholesterol but also to get a blood glucose done every couple of years. If you are in good health normally, labs do not have to be done yearly. If you need a GYN, I know there is a lot of controversy and people are always knocking Planned Parenthood and think it is a horrible place but if your family does not have insurance or finances are a problem, you can get reduced rates due to your income at Planned Parenthood. If going there bothers you too much then another idea is your local county’s health department.

supposed to go once a year and call for an appointment if you need one like std testing or infections or pains

You should be getting pap once a year

I go once a year :woman_shrugging:

My dr just told me if I know how to do my breast checks at home and everything else feels alright it’s every 3 yrs


I believe you can see one annually. When you need a pap depends on your age and history. Mine are every other year at my doctor’s request but my chart calls for them every 3 to 5 years.

At least every 2 years: if you are not high risk. More frequently (as decided by your provider) if you are.

Once a year for an annual check up. Every 3 years for a pap.

Depends on your insurance. At the very least call and make an appointment at Planned Parenthood.

Once a year for an annual check up then any time you have problems. (I work in Obgyn)

You should be going yearly

Every 3 to 5 years for pap or once a year if you have history or family history of problems like cancers

I believe Pap smears are every 3 years now. I would for sure go in and just get everything looked over.

Yearly. You should be able to just call and make an appt.

Yearly. Also make sure to do monthly breast exams- get to know what’s your normal tissue feels like in case something changes, you’ll catch it quickly

Have you had a PAP test to check for early sign of cancer?? If not see your family doctor or a nurse practitioner. You are to young. To let your health go

I go at least once a year

Pap smear is every year