How often shouild a 3-week- old eat?

My son is 3 weeks old today and he eats 4 ounces formula and sleeps 2-4 hours in between feedings… a lot of the times he still isn’t full after the 4 oz formula so I breastfeed him for maybe like 30 minutes after that. And sometimes it works but sometimes he still wants more ! So am I supposed to just make more formula or is that already too much food???


That’s NORMAL for a 3week old. Also make sure you are burping every half an ounce to an ounce. He may have trapped gas


I would nurse him first. If it’s a option.


I don’t believe there’s a magic number of ounces a baby should consume. I always fed until that were content, whatever that took.


Talk to your doctor my 3 month old is eating 8 oz foods with added rice it’s doctor recommended so he’s been on baby rice cereal since he was a month old because at a month old he was eating just six ounces in wanting more every 45 minutes so I talked to them and she told me to Change his formula to enfamil AR and add a little bit of rice in there now he’s moved up to about 8 oz wait about a couple hours to eat with the added rice


How much does he weigh…my twins were eating 2oz every 3 hours at 3weeks …but my youngest came out eating 45ml every 4hours

Up the amount by an ounce at a time.


Breastfeed first, fill up with formula after


Talk to your ped. Babies tummies arent that big.

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Breastfeed also around 4 month it could be a growth spurt, try a warm bath at night , a little massage and feed the baby be knock out

Around 3 weeks, babies hit a growth spurt, so they eat more. And it happens like every month or two after that as well.

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I put cereal in my sons bottles when he was a month old. Couldnt keep him full. He was 9 pounds 3 oz at birth


Just feed your child. He won’t eat if he’s not hungry. Some babies require more calories just like adults do, it depends on growth spurts, metabolism & genetics.


Add a little bit of oats… My daughter was eating oats at a week old…on too if breastfeeding and bottles… She has a high metabolism


Breastmilk is better for them. Breastfeed first. I supplemented also and it was fine. If you can store some milk in the freezer that would be good also. Yes it is normal at 3 weeks my first (18 months now) was a cluster feeder. My little (3 months) eats a hardy meal and goes long stretches. Honestly noone knows your baby better than you do. I listened to the doctors the first time around and woke my baby up from sleep ever 2-3 hours at night ect… now my 18 month is finally starting to sleep long stretches at night but her sleep schedule was so screwed up. Now with my little I didnt wake him up at night at all and he sleeps for about 5-6 hours at night. My philosophy was
My baby is not going to sit there and starve himself. I was right and he ended up being my chunkier butt kid lol. Anywho breastfeed as much as you can and formula when your not there. Or if you have a pump which you should be able to get free through insurance. Try and store milk. At the end of the day, you know your baby best do what feels natural Momma you are doing great! I know the docs have there opinions but a lot of them dont have children. Perfect parents do exist. They just dont have kids yet… do what works for your family.

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My son ate 4 oz. On the first day if birth. He was 9 lbs 3 oz @ birth. I had to add rice to his formula. He’s now 19 & healthy as can be!!

Let’s all just suggest cereal in a bottle because you know that solves everything :woman_facepalming: you FEED your baby on DEMAND!!! If 3oz isnt doing it, you UP the ounce and make sure it isnt gas and burp every half an ounce to an ounce.
Cereal doesn’t even have any nutritional value to it and it’s just empty calories :woman_facepalming:


I just feed mine when she seems hungry. Some days she’ll drink less than others. Other days more. They’ll eat a lot more right before and right after a growth spurt also.

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If baby is hungry… FEED HIM!

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That’s a lot of food. I only BF my son so when he acted hungry all the time I was freaking out i wasn’t making enough, went to the doctor and not only was I making pleanty for him I was making too much. He wanted to nurse all the time because he was getting an upset stomach from eating to much and getting gas pains, but eating brought him comfort so he wanted to nurse more and more. Ugly cycle.

You could try feeding sooner in between feedings also.

Most babies will stop eating when they are no longer hungry. Don’t worry :blush: if he wants to keep eating then feed him, I say!


You can’t overfeed a 3 week old. My son drank 8 oz bottles

Breastfeed first then give the bottle, will help fill them up and help your supply

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That’s a lot of food for a 3 week old, their stomachs are sooo small. Try using a pacifier to calm him if he still acts hungry before feeding him more. I would do breast milk first though. Some babies just like the comfort sucking gives them. I have 4 and none of them ate over 4 ounces before a month. Even my 1st and she was my tubby tubs. It’s better to eat more small meals a day then few large meals.
And using cereal is just a parents lazy way of getting out of feeding their baby every 2-3 hours. It has no health affects or nutritions at all! And should only be used if baby can’t hold down any formula due to acid refluxs!


Try 60z. at a time. Just go up an a time.

they need to eat when hungry…its like automatic when needed unless you change it!

He is probably cluster feeding so if you do breastfed him just do it on demand. He’ll stop once he’s had enough. When I gave my son his first bottle (around that same age) it was 4 oz and when he was done with it, he still wanted more. So I just put him on my boob and let him eat til he was done

Sounds like he’s cluster feeding… they do that… just keep breastfeeding until he gets full your boobs will adjust to him

First off, don’t give a baby cereal in their bottle. It’s empty calories. Secondly, babies generally clench their fists when they are hungry and loosen their grip when they are full. If he’s fist isn’t clenched and his hand is relaxed, he’s full.

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If your baby is hungry, feed em… If he isn’t throwing up with it, he isn’t eating even tho he is full… If he is throwing up that would be why he continues to be hungry & you should talk with his Dr.