How often does your husband go out and leave you with the kids?

I know every couple is different im just curious… How often does your husband go out with friends for drinks while you are home with kids?


We like to balance it out. If he’s wanting to go out then the next day or the next weekend he will give me a chance to either go out or have some alone time at home!

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He goes away a few times a year for hunting trips or fishing trips, and I have a girl’s night/work people night maybe twice a month. It works out well for us. :blush:

My first every weekend he was off my second occasionally

Never. We either do couples night out or nothing really. We are best friends and do everything together. The only time he goes out at night without me is to go play league hockey, and even then we sometimes go and watch him play

Only thing my husband does is go over to our camp 8 mins away and spends night there. Usually doing work. That’s it

Maybe once every few weeks. If he does he doesn’t stay longer than a few hours

Rarely , usually it’s just after work and us home by 8 or 9 . Like 2 times a year maybe

Never. He’s a homebody though. There is no where he likes to be more than the house lol.

I on the other hand go out a few times a week. Dinner with friends, a drink after work etc. It works out well because I’m super social and he likes to be home. So we never need a babysitter

Just to go to work or the store real quick

He has a handful of times through our 8-year relationships like literally maybe six times he never really goes out and does anything he’s a homebody like me rather just play video games with me at home and drink and if we want to hang out with friends and socialize we usually invite friends over to come over and play Xbox with us we are both very antisocial lol :rofl:

Never! If we go out we go out together…

Never. But he isn’t very social. I am. I love my friend time and need more of it. He likes sports. I don’t.

We go out with each other for the most part there’s very few times that we go out separately. I go out with my friends once a month on Thursday nights. He rarely ever goes out with the guys. After work on Fridays he occasionally will stop in the bar with his co workers to have a drink or two. We have been married for 35+ years and we have 3 amazing children who are all grown and 1 incredible grandson. :heart::heart::heart:

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Mine does once every week or two. But he always asks if I mind first, makes sure nothing needs done before he leaves, and it would definitely be reciprocated if I actually wanted to go out- but I’m a homebody and would rather chill at home and have my friends come over to hang out :blush:


Never… his friends come here to hang out and I get along with their wives/girlfriends so it’s always fun.

Rarely. Maybe once every few months. He’s a homebody though. I go out way more without the kids than he does.

We don’t go out unless it’s together sometimes I’ll go out with my friends to a bar to drink but when I say friends it’s his sister and my sister other than that we usually do stuff together.

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My husband has left me alone with our kids twice. Our oldest is almost 10. Once for his best friends wedding (he was the best man) and our youngest of the 4 was sick so I told him to go without me and the second time was for his high school reunion and again one of the kids was sick so I told him to go have fun and I’d stay at home.

1x in since our daughter was born. She’s 7

My husband never goes out, he’s just not social. I go out (dinner with friends and things) a lot more than him, he knows I’m way more social and never minds. I always check with his schedule and plan it

Whenever he makes plans lol… dont really keep count to be honest if it suits go for it if we have something on then its a sorry next time lol

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Never, we’re both out in our driveway every weekend at least

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Never, but to be fair we don’t drink really

Never he doesnt have friends

Why do none of your husbands go out with friends lol every comment but mine is like never or once i a billion years haha! … do t they have work colleagues/ events /, friends / parties… literally my husband could go out 10 time a year and i could do the same its really just when we make plans lol but i find it different that everyone else is like no nope nope :sweat_smile: lol x

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Literally never, I think the last time was like 2 yrs ago


Maybe once or twice a year

Mine doesn’t really do that anymore. He only leaves me at home with our kids when he goes to work.

My husband has bowled most of his life. (way before he meet me) Before kids I would go with him. After kids it depends. One year it was 4 nights a week, one year one night a week. Last few years 2 nights a week. (But this is only in winter months) Sometimes he’ll say guys want to go do this or that, and if he knows I’m working he’ll look for a sitter. But if I say I’m going out with the girls (which is rare, and usually happens when the kids are at school) he just says have fun. Also a lot of his friends wifes don’t/didn’t like me because I “let him” bowl when he wanted…two way street, I “let him” bowl and he “lets me” go out when I want :roll_eyes::rofl:

At least once a week i dont care tho

To whoever is asking this…do not read these comments and kill your husband because he should be allowed to have a night out with friends and you should too. They all say never and once a year but once a week is ok. whatever works for you two but it is healthy and normal to have time out to yourself.

My SO has never gone out drinking without me, in good weather he will go out on the motorcycle for a few hours on the weekend sometimes more and I’m totally fine with that. Sometimes I’ll go out with girlfriends for dinner or whatever and he’s fine with that. We have 3 very young kids together so solo time is rare. It’s important you BOTH get a break from parenting, I personally would not be happy about the drinking part (expensive, negative environment, possible DUI) but every relationship is different. The real question here is what are YOU ok with and have you guys talked about expectations together??

Maybe once a year. Lol. He’s a homebody and likes being home with everyone.

Twice in the past 12 years. Both times were when a group of co-workers were going bowling. I didn’t mind a bit.

Maybe once a year when his cousin comes into town or I tell him to go with his cousin when he cousin gets to come in more!

He never does and never has.

Never. 6 years tg and never.

Once with his brother and cousins. They went to Hooters. All the other wives got mad. I laughed, seems my hubby was the only one who said they went to Hooters. The rest of them tried to lie

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Never. My husband used to but he quit being a drinker of slave juice and now is a family man.

If he goes out once a month then you go out once a month. Match what he is doing.

Once a year maybe and it’s with my dad or brother camping.

Never…but I’m his best friend so :woman_shrugging:. If he had a guy Friend I wouldn’t be upset if he went out once a month.

Almost never. He’s a homebody. But I take the kids and leave him to his hobbies pretty regularly. He also regularly solo parents while I pursue my hobbies. It’s important to have a balance of responsibility. Parents are still people. But there also needs to be balance between independent hobbies, couple time, and family activities. If his outings are more frequent than time spent with you or as a family that may be a problem.

My ex husband used to every week that’s why he’s an EX now.

like once or twice a month. he has friends as i do too.

I never left my kids . I’d rather be home with them. I always let her go out while I stayed home with them

Never lol. Go and get drinks?. Never, go and hang with friends at their house or in our house in the basement maybe twice a month if their schedules match up Lol.