How often do your 6-months-old eat?

Hi. Newish to the group. I had my son at the end of September last year. He is 6 months old. I’m just curious to anyone who has a baby around his age. What is your feeding schedule normal look like and how much is being fed? My son is on the low side of the scale and he eats a pretty good amount. So I was curious as to how much other 6 month old boys weigh and the eating on a normal day. Btw his doctor is not worried about him because he is consistently gaining and my husband says if his doctor isn’t worried about it and he is still growing then don’t stress it. But I can’t help to worry. Because my husband and I are both bigger and makes me feel with him being small that maybe I should be doing something different. Thanks


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Ours ate when hungry all5 by oaths 6to80z every 2yo3hrs

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Apple juice in between.


If the doctor isn’t worried , you shouldn’t be either. As long as he is gaining, then you have nothing to worry about.

My daughter is 6 months and still exclusively breast fed and I only just tried her on some purées yesterday.
I think at this age, it’s just trying and having some fun.
Formula or breast is pretty much still enough :blue_heart:

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My 6 month old had 2 solids a day, and 6 bottles of 120-180ml as well.

What ever you do . Introduce veggies first. All of them. Before fruit once they get the fruit they veggies will be harder.


I just let her eat when she was hungry. I graze a lot and followed BLW so whenever I had a snack I offered it also to her. We’d have lunch dinner and breakfast every day similar times but our snacks were whenever we were peckish x

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Our daughter has always been small for her age. She eats like a horse & always has-she’s just petite. As long as your son is consistently growing try not to worry. But I totally get the Mom worry. :relaxed:

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Seeing how they aren’t technically supposed to have food until 6 months. Not very much is needed. My doctor recommended only trying 1 new thing at a time. Incase of allergies also.

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There’s no set schedule at that age. Just always have easy prepared food. Fruits veggies etc as long as they have hit their milestones. Your size as an adult doesn’t dictate theirs as a baby sweeties. They have some growing to do

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Every baby is different.

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Ours nursed or had formula every 3 hours plus we has started on foods so we were trying those for fun after the Dr okayed it.

Following my daughter is 6 months

I was told no food at 6 months… only breast milk… on demand

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I didn’t have a schedule. They show signs when they are hungry. Every week introduce a new baby food so you know if they have any allergies and fatten then up with baby food and formula before bed so they sleep longer.

My 6 month old is a chunk lol he eats 3 meals a day, mostly table foods. And a bottle after each. Which he’ll drink anywhere from 2-4 oz. Then a 8 oz bottle before bed

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They said up to 6 small portions thru out the day baby food u til they are full and stop but he can just be on the skinner side due to genes in which case don’t worry as long as u know he eats and has energy

My daughter ate 5 bottles a day that were 6-8oz and we also offered 3 meals a day. By 9 months she was doing 5 bottle feedings, 3 meals and sometimes a snack or 2 a day.

My son is on the chunky end lol he’s almost 6 months now. He was 20.13 lbs at 4 months old and I don’t over feed him, also his dr isn’t worried because he said it’ll fall off as he learns to crawl. But he eats every 4 hrs. a 6 oz bottle, but 3x a day I feed him baby food before his bottle…the fruits and vegetables about 1/3 of the 2 jars.

It all depends on the baby they will stop eating if they are full mine pushes the bottle away with his hands and his my second son and 5 child… just wait until he gets older maybe he will hit a growth sprit

My daughter is just petite all around, she is 7.5 months. Her Dad is 6’1" and I’m 5’10.5" and she is so tiny. She eats about 27-30oz/day(breastmilk) and 1 jar of baby food. Half at lunch, half at dinner.


Always give bottle/breast first at that age due to that needing to be their main source of nutrition untile 1. My daughter still had her 6oz bottles every 3 hours like clock work after her morning bottle I would give her veggies untile she started acting like she was full. Then after her next bottle I’d give her a snack cheese puffs or aomthing that was soft and east to eat. Then after her lunch bottle I’d give her more veggies then after the next bottle give her another snack then after her night time bottle I’d give her the rest of the veggies mixed with some rice cereal! She was always in the 50th percentile for weight and still is but she is long so she looks skinny!

My 7 month old eats 3 “meals” a day and bottles in between.
So he nurses, then breast milk mixed with baby oatmeal in the morning, bottle before nap, after nap lunch, usually apples or bananas or whatever we have blended up. Then bottle then dinner time some kind of veggie blended up then nurses to go to sleep :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have you thought about introducing Baby LED weaning? Great way to introduce foods and get weight on babies!! It truly is a great tool.

My son drank 4 oz of formula every 4 hrs. At 6 months we introduced cereal and baby food.
Breakfast: cereal with 1 jar fruit
Lunch: 1\2 jar fruit
1/2 veggie
Dinner: 1/2 fruit
1/2 veggie
4 oz formula bottles every 4 hrs as well

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Ever baby and family is different this is out 3rd baby, she’s now almost 10 months and when we started at 6 and a half months we started with all 3 meals. She just played with the food for a long time or spit it out. She’s just now getting to where she’ll actually eat.

I have daughters but my eldest from like 2mo-10mo only ate 4oz each feeding and only ate like 4-5 bottles come 6mo. She was growing fine and gained weight and everything. I agree with hubby, if Dr isn’t worried and he is gaining weight he’s doing fine.

Oh and by that age she was already eating what I was eating but smaller pieces (she was given the ok to get solids at 4mo). By 10mo she ditched formula cause she was getting all her nutrients by eating 3 meals a day with snack in between. She rejected it and no matter what, no one could get her to drink it anymore.

My Dr had me start solids at 3-4 months 2x a day. 3x a day at 6 months. I put 1 spoonful of rice cereal in their breakfast &night bottle. 2 if they hit a growth spurt. By 8 months we introduced sippy cups and buy age 1 my Dr said to be off bottles.
Breakfast was within 30mins of waking up. Lunch was between 1130-1230. Dinner was about 630. Bottles in between, plus a nap. My oldest had a different schedule bc I worked weird hours. The above has worked for the younger 2.
Neither of mine are “overweight”. Never had ER visits or even been on antibiotics.
All in all, your husband is correct. Just bc you may be bigger, doesn’t mean baby will be. I’m a thicker 6-8, my son can hoola hoop thru a cheerio. Lol If you are really worried, have your own hormones, vitamin levels, thyroid checked. It could be medical. :hugs::hugs:

My son has been eating 6 oz every 2 to 3 hours since he was about 4 mo old. He’s 7 months now and weighs 20 lbs. He probably weighed around 18 at 6mo but he’s a pretty big guy.

I dont really have a feed schedule with him. He’s almost 7 months (on the 18th) and he eats 4-6 ounces like every 2 or 3 hours id say. Whenever he gets fussy and nothing else consoles him i give him his bottle. He eats baby food sometimes 1 or 2 times a day sometimes not at all. I dont force it on him. He’s also on the smaller side but dr isn’t worried. He was weighed last thur and weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces

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My kids were always on low end of scale but healthy so we didn’t worry. As they got older they evened out on track. Due to health and medication im on the bigger side of weight but all 3 of my kids are extremely thin but still healthy they would eat all day if I let them and still be so tiny. I will never understand it with as much as my kids eat. When mine were 6 months old their pediatrician okayed them being put on cows milk, they also ate baby food but didn’t like the baby cereal.

Look at the baby’s hands… they will tell you if they are hungry. A baby will not instinctively overeat, if they do they’ll get sick. If they’re not getting sick, safe to assume they’re not overeating. Growth spurts can cause appetite loss/gain. There’s apps to keep track of baby things if you want to find trends for yourself.

All 4 of my babies were different, 2 breastfedand 2 formula fed. They ate every 2-4 hours and the amount varied. All mine were also eating baby cereal and veggies at that time(just a little bit). Every baby is different. As long as the doctor isn’t concerned then he’s great. Sounds like you’re doing a great job. Mom worry will always happen, I still worry and my kids are 24,22,19 and 6.

If your pediatrician isn’t worried then keep doing what you’re doing. All my kids have been lower in weight but high in height. My youngest wasn’t even on the growth charts for the first month of life bc he was so small. He looks small compared to other kids his age but he consistently grows and gains so I’m not concerned :slight_smile:

My daughters 6 months and pretty average size, she has 5 6/7oz bottles a day and she has 3 “meals” a day. Porridge every morning which I feed her then a couple of fingers of fruit. Lunch and tea are always finger food that she eats with us, but doesn’t eat as much as just play with it alot of the time, I think it’s good to get them used to different food and mealtimes even if they’re not necessarily eating.

At that age my son was eating maybe 4-5 6 oz bottles a day. And eating barley cereal twice a day. Usually mixed in some baby food too.

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If your baby gets hungry, it’s time to eat. I didn’t have my babies on schedules. They took formula for six months and cows milk after. My son ate cereal from four months, rice cereal mainly. My daughter too. They started on puréed table food around 6-8 months. They were always a healthy weight.

The baby rice cereal or oatmeal you add formula or breast milk the more milk makes it runny less milk makes it thick try it and see if your baby is satisfied. And he will be

My lil girl will b 6 months on the 22nd. She eats baby cereal with fruit mixed in wit lil formula in it for breakfast and b4 bed. The veg baby food at lunch and maybe early evening. And has her bottles of formula as well. Shes prob 20 pounds. She loves to eat lol