How much should I pay a babysitter?

I have a two-month-old, and I’m thinking about going back to work mid-January he will be three months old by then, I have a friend and neighbor who is willing to babysit, but we have no idea what I should pay her to watch him. She lives next door and id be providing everything. Id work at absolute max 40 hrs a week. We live in a small town in Ohio, what should I pay her a week?


Background check first👀

The day care I have charges $25 a day but I live in Kansas to so idk if that helps at all


I paid an in home babysitter $20 a day or more if I had to stay at work longer (babysitter lived up the street and I provided everything) and daycare is $25 a day


Call your local daycare center and see how much they charge, and pay around the same or less since it’s only one child, or look on

I charge 25 a day and parents must supply all food and drinks…diapers, wipes etc.


Find out what your local daycare pays for a 3 month old. Then maybe pay her a little bit less. But not more. Having a neighbor do this is great. But she does need compensation. Having another person other then you in your child’s life is extremely important, I think. Also talk to her about it. I’m assuming it will be under the table which also is nice so just go under and what you can afford.

In NY we pay 15-25 an hour. And for day care center minimum $1000.00 a month.


These questions on this page are getting ridiculous. What happened to the inspirational memes and such?

You could try looking for a retired teacher or nurse. Sometimes they are looking for something to make their days fun. Also, you might try a military family. They might want to use the money to either bring their soldier home or go where they are stationed. Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck.

My manager pays me $40 a day for her 4 month old. Drop off between 5-7am. Pick up 3-4pm.

I paid $30 weekday $50 weekend. 6pm to close whether it was midnight or 4am.

I pay mine 45 a day, to watch a 2 yr old from 10am-3pm. she goes to the sitters house but I provide everything. where I live daycares are between 50-60 a day.

yeah daycares here are normally like $800/month which is 25/day per kid. so thats $3 an hr for each child

In Oklahoma ppl charge 25 a day

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My suggestion to u is to call some daycares also make sure anyone.looking after your child has good references daycares will let u know roughly how much a day would be good luck

Daycares would charge you 130 a week

Used to paying a sitter 10hr seems like average rate home care. Daycares for newborns are 350-400 a week

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$150 per week for unlicensed home care

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Talk with your neighbor and toss out some numbers. Where i am- in home babysitters are charging around 20$ a day for infants. That’s no license or special programs. And you provide the necessities.


How can u leave 3 month old baby with neighbor u checked her out 100 percent


Oh man I’d pay 350 weekly for baby and a 5 year Old plus I’d take on the cost of supplies. That got me a student fresh out of college for a year of who came to the house and did everything from when they got up until I got home. (About 7-3/4)


I charge ten a day but that’s because I’ve been in this type of postion and don’t like ppl giving me what they just worked their hide off to recieve


I would recommend check top 5 care centers by you average that cost. Talk to her about what she would like terms and all then go from there. Make sure you use checks or receipts for payments.

Check local day care prices. Remember she’s providing diapers I think. You don’t have to take her to strangers. The sitter is convenient. She’s probably not licensed so I’m thinking $65-80 per week. Good luck. If things are working out good for you, give her a raise after about a month. Remember she’s caring for your precious child.

20-25$ a day parents provide what you need for the child.

NYC for a 3 month old , I paid $1340 a month and I was responsible to provide everything and that was regardless if my child attended everyday or all day. I would see how much she wants or negotiate with her

Is she not licensed is $3 an hour because I am a provider and I am licensed and I get $85.00 a week

400 to 500 a month for in home daycare if you are providing food and everything.

The at home daycares I’ve seen charge between $100-150/wk M-F 6am-6pm, but it doesn’t sound like she’s an actual daycare (licensed or non- licensed)

Your best bet is to invite her for coffee, and lay it all out. What you expect from her & what she can from you. . Hash it out on paper. That way, it’s in writing, and no gray areas. Ask her what she would like to get.

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20 a day. If you bring all food and stuff

The ones I have seen from our small town are 20 to 25 dollars a day for 1

Im in Ohio, and I pay $25 a day for 5-6 hours…

My neighbour runs a dayhome and charges $35 a day

You should ask her how much she wants


I would definitely start with asking other people in your area what the normal rate is. The reason I say that is because I was paying somebody $20 a day to keep mine. But then I have a cousin in another state who gets $10-$15/hour for babysitting!

Depends on how old she is and her experience with children. A lot goes in to determine a fair price for a babysitter.

I babysit and out of my house and charge 25 a day

Minimum $25 a day for that age


Idk how much in Ohio but here in Orange County CA you’d pay at least $600-$900 a week for a sitter/nanny for those hours. I’m sure it’s a bit less in Ohio but definitely do NOT do less than your states minimum wage.


I’m in wisconsin. My sitter has Levi for 8-9 hours a day and I pay her $30/day. He’s 8 months now but she’s had him since he was about 4 months

Idk the going rate in Ohio but in Philadelphia it’s 10-15$ an hour

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40.00 a day. Thats what I paid at daycare for my 2 month old.

talk sitter to reach agreement

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That’s an impossible question because pay varies depending on where you are. For instance - I pay 15 a day. Some lady before me said she pays 40 a day. Location plays a major part.

I am not sure how much in home daycare is. We pay 190 a week for a daycare and that is on the cheaper side here in Northern Alabama. Most people I know pay 800 to 1500 a month for regular daycare. Again, I know on home care is a whole other ballgame.

I pay $125 a week (Mon-Fri)

A hundred dollar a year aweek

Pay as much as you can …the last person you would want to underpay …is the person that is responsible for watching your kids !


Babysitters in MD for newborns I think are around $300 a week.

$25 a day is average. I’m in Illinois and have friends/family in various states and $25-$30 is about what we all pay.

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Since we are not watching your baby we can not answer that. You need to go to the source and ask her how much she’s going to charge you.

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$10/Hr. That’s what I make as a full time nanny. (I am CPR & First Aid certified) $25 a day is for a daycare that has multiple children. For a person coming to your house and watching your child should be at least the minimum wage in your state per hour.

4 Likes have a payment calculator based on area code, age of child and what level of experience the babysitter has.

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I pay 20 a day for small town in ks just depends on where you live

I babysit and get charged 15$ (here in NYC.) But for 40 hours you could probably pay 10$ an hour if you provide everything

250 a week is what I paid for full-time daycare.

I’d pay what I could… Nobody here knows what you can afford… And honestly if your going to pay 10/15 an hour then depending on what job u get… Ur just working to pay them…


My friend pays me $20 a day i think thats reasonable

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I also live in a small town in Ohio and a babysitter typically runs between 250-300 a week.


I’m in Illinois and we pay 286/week for a newborn, 2 year old and before and afterschool care for our 10 year old…this is WITH assistance from the state… without it we would pay about 700/week


$27 a day in rural WV

We do 20$ a day here as well

My aunty pays $20/day in California

Yeah I would say 20-25 a day. If you’re providing everything

I pay $10 a day for 1- 18 month old.
If I want to being over my older kids its $10 more a day per child

We live in a small town in NW Ohio and my aunt charges 75 a week per kid. She also provides everything except diapers and formula

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We pay $20-$25 a day in Ohio for one child!

OMG NOOOO. Usually $15 an hour!!


I pay £18 an hr for 3 kids

We pay $30 a day but she supplies everything but diapers and wipes.

Between 20-30 if you provide everything. It all depends on if she needs the money

I pay mine 35 a day for 10 hours a day

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$20/ day = 20÷8=$2.50 ph… that’s less than minimum wage in any city/state!


To be honest a 3 m old needs a lot of care and attention these 10-30$ a day to one is really really low ball offers for how much work that is

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At least 30 an hour. My mom runs a daycare at her home and babies that tiny need way more care and attention than a toddler or school aged child.


I’m in Ohio as well!!! Hey neighbor lol anyway where I’m at it’s about $20 a day

I think it’s a little different when its just a friend instead if a liscended day care provider. Does she know infant CPR? Will she be carrying any other type if liability insurance? I wouldnt expect to pay my friend as much as a accredited facility that has safety measures in place.

I always paid 25 dollars a day . Anything more than 8 hrs a day 5 to 10 more .

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Where I live the going rate for one kid is approx $14/hr. I’ve been a nanny for years. I am making $17/hr for two kids.

When I was babysitting I charged $100 a week

I would say since it isn’t a licensed child care provider at least $30 a day. I am a licensed child care provider in California and I charge differently but the going rate here for an infant full time daily is $40-60 a day depending on where you are at. So I would say at least $30 a day if you are working 8hrs /day.

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People saying minimum wage, that’s ridiculous. Licensed childcare providers don’t even ask that much. That’s not how baby sitting works.


150 a week. I live in PA

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Maybe you should ask her what she is expecting.

I babysat for my brother at $20-30 a day for 2 toddlers and a baby and sometimes a bigger kid. Plus I brought my own toddler with me. I was helping them out and I got a little extra cash as well. It’s not that hard :woman_shrugging: plus I was being generous when they needed some generosity

I am a licensed childcare provider and full time infant I charge $160 a week. And I ask that parents provide diapers and wipes. And formula if they do not like the kind I provide. So of course not licensed you would go a little lower but again you have to make it worth it for your provider. Or else she/he will go look for another job.

Still a couple of factors missing for a true estimate. Does she need the money or is it extra that she wouldn’t be expecting? Time of day (because if she sleeps for most of it, that price varies), and how much you will you be able to afford? If you are making minimum wage, and follow some of these other comments, you’ll be paying her more than you bring home. If you are going to make 500/day and only give her 5-10 per day, that’s not right either. I would really evaluate the entire situation and have a price range in mind before speaking with her about it.


Ill be paying $175 for Tuesday through Friday for my infant when they are here. Thats a home daycare that is state liscensed though. In Wisconsin. Which is pretty basic here.

it should be something you and the person caring for your child speak about and agree on…I’ve cared for several kids thru out my life and if I was gonna do it again today I would say $75 a week for an infant… Be sure you its someone you trust !

I mean… just give her your whole check… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

In seriousness though. Negotiate what you can afford and what is fair. Childcare is expensive but she’s doing it privately/independently… I would think 150-200 a week would be fair if you’re providing everything and your LO is still young enough that they’ll sleep a lot, so… really isn’t much work. So between 600-800 a month… which yes, is under minimum wage for those on that line of thinking… my line of thinking is… it’s not a traditional job and if it were me… 600-800 a month leaves me with literally 220 out of my biweekly pay… so… :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: be reasonable

It really all depends on your finances. If you could afford more than $100 a week do it. But I say a $100 a week should suffice because she already said she was willing to babysit. Plus it’s tax free.


I charge $20 a day.
And I supplied everything. Most of that went towards snacks and activities for the child. Not to mention I also have a small pre-k curriculum for the kids.

Make sure you lay down what you have to bring. Is she cooking? Or are you providing food?

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That’s soooooo small of an age, I’d say 35/40 a day min. Maybe when your child.hits toddler stage 30 a day is goos

Communicate with the sitter. Compromise on a price fit for both. Easy …no need to complicate it.

I watch a toddlee and infant for 45$ a day im not a licensed daycare provider. I help a friend out. She provides formula and diapers and wipes. I have my 2 toddlers to. She has offered alot more. But the idea is to help her to live financially secure. Not broke to pay me. I would ask her how much she feels is right. I dont know about some of you but that extra 45$ does me great since hubby works and im a stay at home mom. Its just extra to our income.

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20-30$ per day for 1 baby, I live in Jersey. Leaving her dinner would also be a form of payment you can choose to agree on. I always provided my babysitter with homemade daily meals in Togo containers (for her and my 4 kids)

I had a friend who would watch my daughter for me, at my house, full time Monday thru friday. I provided everything, including food for my friend as they would eat breakfast and lunch with my daughter. I paid my friend $125 a week. My friend would also take out my 4 dogs a few times a day and hang with the dogs, he also cooked breakfast and lunch, not microwave stuff or left overs he always made fresh food. When I put her in daycare at 2.5 yrs old it was only $95 a week and they provided everything but diapers…I was shocked I had been overpaying lol. But he was a great babysitter honestly

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Because it’s not a licensed daycare and you’d be supplying everything and it sounds like your neighbor is trying to help I’d say 20% of your check weekly, 30% if you have a partner. I’d give a small bonus around holidays.