How much should breastfed babies poop?

Question for breast feeding momma, so my LO(3 months)has not pooped for 4 days did a good size poop but now back on day 3 of no poop. I have read and heard that breast feed babies can go a week or two with out going it just seem so long for me. It worries me as I hear her stomach rumble and she is farting alot. Please give me you input.


Normal as long as still eating no problem

I freaked out because my son wasn’t pooping for seven days at a time but it’s perfectly normal for breastfed babies because they absorb everything from our breast milk

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Completely normal momma!

Breastmilk has SO many nutrients in it that there is little to no waste from it.

Dr. Jack Newman (world renown breastfeeding consultant) had a patient go 31 days once without a bowel movement and it was completely fine!

As long as babe isn’t in visible pain-don’t worry!

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Normal but you can always give her pear juice.

Totally normal. My son would go almost a week between poops when he was a newbie. It worried me too, but he never acted uncomfortable or anything by it. Then, when he would go, it would be a blowout. Up the back and all :joy:

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No. It’s not. Every baby, every person should be going at least once a day. It is FALSE that breast milk is absorbed to where there is no waste. Your fecal matter isn’t just made up of your food, people!


Normal. Mine poops every 3-7 days.

Pepper mint water, 1 to 2 oz a day

As long as baby seems okay I wouldn’t worry about it. If they seem fussy you can get some gripe water

Mine pooped every time they ate but long periods are normal. As long as you hear rumbling and gas is being expelled and belly is soft it’s ok. If stomach becomes hard and distended(bloated out) and baby seems to be in discomfort call the pediatrician

Breastmilk always made my kids poop every time they ate lol

Warm bath and bicycle her legs?

My boys would go 6-8 days without pooping until they were about 12 months and showed no signs of discomfort.

My pediatrician told me they’re not concerned about how often baby does or does not poop as long as they’re not showing discomfort, eating normally and urinating regularly.

Its normal! The first 6 weeks my son went every diaper by 3/4 months it was every 6-9 days like clock work.

Completely normal. All my breastfed kids went a week between poops.

Mine is the same way. I give her one bottle of soy formula every 3 days and she poops after that. It freaks me out that she doesn’t poop.