How much should a ten year old weigh?

How much does your ten year old weigh? Mine weighs 76 pounds. Doctor says it’s a lot for her age. Doesn’t seem big to me.


My nephew is 11 and weighs 74

That’s not big!!! He’s crazy.

11 years old girl weighs 89 lbs , dr said she’s perfect …

My 6 year old is 72! Lol

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My daughter is 10 and probably weighs more than that. She’s always been above average height and weight though. Is she short?

Depends on how tall she is! Google bmi and put in her weight and height! It will tell you if, in fact, she is overweight!

Genetics plays a part. Don’t worry about the scale.

My miss 5 and master 11both weigh 33kg. They have different dad’s, one is all muscle at 75/80kg the other all fat at 120kg

My 10 year old boy is 95 lbs

A female aged at 10 should have an average weight of 70lbs. As long as she engages in exercise/activity and eats moderate amounts and a well rounded diet, I wouldn’t worry (unless you’re concerned it could be a thyroid issue, etc).

My 5 year old is a little over 60 :roll_eyes: theres no way that’s “alot”

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Mine weighed about 120 but she was solid and tall. She doesn’t look overweight at all.

My grandson is nine and he weighs 99

My daughter is 8, and 58 lbs last time we checked.

My son is 6 and weighs 79lbs

My 6 yr old son is 64lb but he is also like 4’6… and he still looks like a string bean

My grandson is nine and he weighs 99

My daughter is 10 and she weighs 58 lbs

My child is 51 and almost ten and weighs 95

9 yr old is 78ish lbs but she’s tall and looks perfectly normal :slight_smile:

My 8yr old is 72 lbs.

My 11 year old is 5 1 and she weighs 97 lb

My 11 year old son weighs 125.

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My kids 4 and weighs 85. But he’s also 4 feet tall :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I don’t think that’s big,my 5 1/2 Yr old weighs 52 last we checked. She’s thick but not over weight. Every child will have a different body type.

Mine is 9 and weights 62 they say she’s underweight

My 10 year old is about 60 pounds but she’s tall and thin. It probably depends on her height also!

My son is 7 and weighs 70. Hes tall though

My son is 11 and weighs 68lbs and he’s underweight

There are charts, different doctors follow different charts. It cracks me up to see parents saying that their kids are not overweight. Kids can be overweight just like adults can. However there is a wide range of normal.

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Ha! My 12 year old daughter weighs 170!!


My son is 11, 4 ft 11in and weighs 120ish. The doctor’s never comment on his weight. Of course he was underweight most of his life til he was 9.

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My son is 11 and is 122


Shoot my 4 year old is over half her weight (45 pounds). My TWO year old IS half her weight (35 pounds). They’re healthy as can be and not overweight. She seems kinda small for a 10 year old to me.

My 10 year old weighs 90lbs my 12 year old weighs 82lbs. Every kid grows different

My 10 yo is in the 50s.

My 6 year old is 4 foot tall and 70 lbs

Not at all! My daughter is 7 and weighs 74lbs and the only thing any doc has ever said was make sure she’s eating healthy which she does. She’s just tall and lots of muscle.

My 9 yr old girl weighs 102 lbs

My daughter is 9 and is 105.

My 10, almost 11 year old weighs around 80lbs.

My 5 year old is 50 lbs. He’s tall though

I don’t think that’s over weight. Anyway kids that age still has baby fat. With summer coming, and all the activities kids do that baby fat will come right off. Don’t worry little momma

My sister is 11 and weighs about 65

That doctor is full of Crap!!

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My son weighs that same amount at 11. Not too big at all… PERFECT!!

My 8 year old is 74 lbs. Not obese but solid. Wears the same size clothes as his cousin that’s 3 months younger but only 50 lbs

My 4 year old has the height of a 6-7 year old but he’s 38 lbs n apparently he’s overweight :sleepy::sleepy:
He doesn’t seemed to be overweight but who understands them🤷🏻‍♀️

My 9 year old son weighs 50lbs maybe. He is disabled though so it’s hard for him to gain weight

  1. She’s very tall as well. 5’3"

It all depends on height and type of body frame.

My 10 year old weighs 110 and 5’2

My 7 year old is almost 5ft tall and weighs 116 lbs.


My two year old is 3ft 2 and weighs 18kgs so that’s 39lbs but isn’t overweight just very strong and tall !! When he’s ten he will probably weight three times his weight now

Weight, height and body structure. It’s more of a formula than a set weight. Also depends on weight gain over a period of time. Doctor may also consider family history. Many factors go in to that weight statement.

How tall is your ten year old? Mine is slightly taller than me I’m 5’2" and weighs 110lbs. My 12 year old is about 5’6" and weighs 130lbs. My gosh, my 4 year old weighs 46lbs. But she’s also fairly tall. No one is worried about their weight. I see nothing wrong with the weight as long as they’re well proportioned.

My son will be 8 on June 16th and he weighs 73 pounds

11 year old girl (autistic and legally blind) is 5 foot 6 inches and weighs 160…she looks proportioned! 13 year old son is 5 foot 10 inches and weighs 180 pounds…again proportioned! 16 year old daughter is 5 foot 4 inches and weighs around 130 pounds…very athletic and looks skinny but has a lot of muscle! Each kid is different so I wouldn’t worry about it unless they have blood sugar or cholesterol problems to be honest!!

My 12, almost 13, year old son is right at 5ft tall and weighs around 80 to 90 pounds…he loves basketball too

Our 10 yo girl weighs 70lbs (just turned 10 & I would say slim for her age) & our yo weighs 59lbs and is considered over weight but hes very healthy :woman_shrugging:

My 10 year old weighs 55lbs but she’s small framed and ADHD makes it hard for her to gain.

They go by height and weight.

You have to remember that muscle weighs more then fat so if he’s active then that’s a totally normal weight :joy: I was full of muscle so around 11 I hit 100lbs and all the adults would tell me “there’s NO WAY you’re 100lbs” and make me get on a scale to prove it lol

Depends how tall. I was 5’3 at 12 and weighed 106 and was a skinny looking stick girl lol :upside_down_face: if she has more muscle mass or is more active then she will weigh more than other girls since muscle weighs more. Really upsets me that Drs are even influencing appearance over health.

It depends a lot on height and build… that doesn’t sound like a lot for a 10 year old though…

My 11 year old weighs 84

Depends on how tall. Not really age. My 6 yr old is over weight. He is 46 inches tall and 86 pounds but i know a 11 yr old girl thats not that tall and she only weighs 62 lbs. So it just depends on how tall they are.

How tall?? And involved in a lot of physical activities or sits a lot?? Diet pretty healthy or a lotta junk? It all depends on aaalll that, And a pound is a pound no matter if it’s muscle or fat! But muscle is leaner than fat so an active kid Could weigh the same as a sedentary kid but look much leaner

My daughter just turned 10 and is 98 lbs. Not fat or chubby, but definitely solid & extremely active!..our pediatrician isnt concerned

My 7 year old is 60 lbs and 4 foot 3 inches. The taller they are and the type of build all depends on it

My 6 year old weighs that

76 lbs at ten is large? Shoot. It’s all about build. Weight is a number. My 7 year old weighs 65 pounds and is perfectly healthy. She’s just solid.

Glad my babies are on the tinier side!

I weighed 73 in 9th grade

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My daughter is 12 weighs 130

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Mines 82 and tall! But I’d say he is a tiny pudgy lol

My son is 11yrs old …100lbs (weighed 10lbs at birth) …everyone assumed he’d be way heavier by now🤷🏾‍♀️

I only weighed 46 for the first few years I was in school and 85 when I graduated. Depends on a lot of things as to what would be a good weight. Sounds a little too much to me.

My 10 year old son weighs 105 lbs

My 12 year old son is 188+ and he’s 5’8

My son is 10 and weighs 105lbs! He came into the world at 10lbs but his dr is completely fine with his size. I believe my 9 yr old is about 80 something.

I have a 97lb 14yr old

My 10 yr old girl is 93.

My ten year old weighs 66lbs

My 15 yr old is 92.5 lbs

Doctors :roll_eyes: google says 70.5 she’s fine I’d say

My 8 year old weighs 80 pounds

My 11 yr old girl is 86 tall and healthy

My 10 year old boy is around 85 lbs

My girls have always been on the smaller side (preemies) and they’re 10 and weigh 58 and 60 lbs

Shes fine my daughter is 11 and weighs 105

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At 10 mine weighed 90

My 8 year old is a bean pole, and weighs 68. Was it a lot for height?

My daughter will be 10 years old on June 8th. She weighs 57 lbs. But she is on the small/skinny size.

My daughter is 11. She weighs in at 101 lbs. she is also 5’2” tall. Not every child fits into that box.

My 11 year old weighs 152 lbs. She’s almost 5’3" and hitting puberty.


My son just turned 11 and is 96lbs. vs my 10year old son that weighs 70

My daughter will be 10 the end of july and is 135 and 5’3".

My daughter is 10 & weighs 75