How much should a newborn be pooping?

My newborn poops at least 15 times a day is that normal ?

**Baby is fed formula and breastmilk.


A newborn should poop after every feed, so yes.


Only time my child has done that is if he is sick.

Normal for my kids and just when you get used to it then no poop for 2 days so you panic lol😂


I think that’s a lot I’d say 3 tops a day is normal to me

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If you do both, it will mess up the baby’s stomach

Make sure the baby doesn’t get dehydrated

None of my kids pooped that much a day. It could be the formula causing it to be like that. My twins are 19 months old was on Neosure and pooped maybe 2-3 times a day between them I changed about 20 diapers (10 per baby).

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Call and ask ur pediatrician or a nurse who works in the office.


Yes, within a 24 hour period, as long as baby is peeing at least 6 wet diapers. My son pooped after every feed until 2 months old, now at almost 5 months, about 4 poops A day at the same time each day.

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Yes. All 4 of my kids pooped every change which was every 2 hours for the first few months. Better out than in I always say

My baby has always pooped once a day and she’s 8 months old. Her ped says shes fine

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My first only pooped once every few days. Second had poop at every diaper change. Her body slowly adjusted and it slowed down over time. Both EBF and both our pediatrician said was normal.

It seems pretty normal for a breastfed baby. As long as they look pretty normal I wouldn’t worry. My little pooped after every feeding up until he was a few months old, then it changed to going a few days without pooping. Yellow and seedy poopy diapers are healthy ones!

Yes it gets better as they get older

Every bottle or breastfeed should have a wet diaper whether pee or poo

Welcome to motherhood :joy:

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Omg! Seriously?! No one ever told me that before! Thanks for the info.

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My new born kids always pooped alot and peed so ya it’s normal

Yes! It will get better :slightly_smiling_face:

Up to 10 times a day is normal.

My 3 kids never pooped that much! That’s a bit excessive

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Yes… It disgest faster when u breastfeed… They poop like all thats bern hold in them for 10 months

Anything is normal with a newborn…


Pooping with every diaper to not pooping in 2 weeks is the normal spectrum for breastfed babies. As long as ot doesn’t seem to bother your littlw one and the poop looks the way it should you’re fine mama


Breastfed babies can poop after every feeding.


And it’s not a hard poop,it’s like runny…

Change the formula. Could be lactose intolerant. My youngest daughter was put on neocate when she was 2 months old. My oldest, omg we went through every formula out there before we found the right one. Good luck

You’re going to continue to get mixed responses between “yes” and “no”, so my advice is to call and talk with your pediatrician.


I thought you weren’t supposed to do both? It is that out the window now?

My son pooped a ton. Everytime I changed his diaper there was something in there. Not alot everytime but when he passed gas a little always came out. It became more normal as his digestive system matured. I think as long as it looks normal color and the baby is gaining weight then I wouldn’t worry. My son is exclusively breastfed.

Mine pooped a lot, but not 15. Maybe 5-6 times a day as a newborn. It’s not supposed to be solid, they’re not eating solids.

My 5th baby pooped every single diaper change . So prob close to the 15 times you say your baby does, and I brought it up to the doc and he said it was fine as long as it looked normal, baby was gaining weight and baby was still eating normal

My son had a poopy diaper every time I changed into every two hours he would poop he did that for the first few months and then it would go to about every other diaper change