How much does your 10 month old eat?

How much does your 10-11 month old eat ?! My baby will be 11 months old on the 17th and has about 3-4 8oz bottles a day . And she has some baby food mainly for lunch and dinner and some snack in between she weighs about 18 pounds . Just feel like I don’t give her enough

Every baby is different… my 4 month old weighs 13 pounds and my friends baby is 3 weeks after my babe and she weighs over 17 pounds (4 months and 3 weeks old). Both are breastfed babies. I was at my hair salon yesterday getting my hair done and the owner has a little girl who is 7 months old and weighs 17 pounds… as along as they aren’t giving you the cues for hunger then don’t worry and stress… if she is giving you hunger cues (crying,fingers in the mouth, “nucking” “rooting”) and her pediatrician hasn’t expressed any concerns then keep on doing it! I will say you may want to explore more table foods and exploring her palate and trying to wean the bottles down to night time as she gets older.

She will let you know if she’s hungry , could probably start on some table food.

I think every kid is different. My son was eating all solids (soft ones of course) by 10-11 months old. He would have maybe 10-16 ounces of formula a day and the rest would be water. The more bottles they have, formula or breastmilk, the less hungry they will be to eat the solid food

Give her pieces of your dinner. Small pieces obviously but actual food.