How much does birth control cost?

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Less than 18 years of food, clothes, and entertainment.


Depends on type of birth control and what insurance you have. My old insurance (excellus) I paid $10 for pills and $35 for nuva ring. My current insurance it has been $0 for nuva ring. I haven’t been on other methods since changing insurance a few years ago. Hoping they’ll pay for tubal ligation after this pregnancy is over. :sweat_smile:

Depends what country you also live in.
I live in Australia and mine cost no more than a script with a healthcare card ($7)

Way cheaper then a baby. However, my daughter gets her free through our insurance

Try a woman’s clinic. It’s usually cheaper and you can use a variety of insurance or pay based off income levels.

Around $10 a month, but I’ve heard of some being as low as $4 at Walmart.

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For Mirena, I had to pay my $35 co-pay for the office visit but the actual IUD was 100% covered, so free for 5 years.

Less than child support and years of therapy…

Mine cost 125$ copper IUD only because they won’t tie my tubes​:joy::joy:


1 shot of Depo is around $110, and its every 3 months.

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Depends on which birth control you wanna go with. I’m on the depo shot. Cost me 45 every 3 months.

Health dept can give it to free or very lost cost (less than $10/mth).

Health department is free

The bigger question is why isn’t it as cheap as condoms? And why is a vasectomy basically fully covered by insurance by men when a women’s surgery isn’t? If we can equalize this, then we’d have both sides understanding that “yes” a women takes just as much responsibility as a man…and especially that a woman has to medically sustain a hell of a lot more during any of it.

I have insurance here in KY so it costs me nothing but the particular one I use is $60 without. But there are usually cheaper options free or damn near it.

Without insurance my pills are $45 every 3 months but the patch was like $300 a month

Varies on the type, where you go to get it, whether you have insurance or not. Sooo yea, depends on a lot lol

I’ve got the marina cost $45 AUD
for 5 years

My bc is $280 a month.

Nothing if you just say NO and CROSS YOUR LEGS !!!

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Depends. If you have insurance nothing :woman_shrugging:t2:

Free at county health centers

Contraception is free in the UK