How many words does your 10-month-old say?

Hi. I have a ten-month-old, and he can say, mama, dada, and nana, but he goes days at times without using his words and just makes noises. He only said dada for like two days and then just stuck with mama. I call that a mom wins, but my question is, any other moms have babies around his age that have days they just don’t use their words? I get it. I have days where I don’t want to talk, but the Drs and milestones make it seem they are supposed to be different. And No, I haven’t brought up this to the dr because he is young, and I don’t see any reason to be concerned I’m just curious as to other babies. Thanks.


My almost 10mo baby only says mama, dada, baba, and sometimes papa. At her 9 month check up the doctor didn’t even question if she was saying words, just wanted to make sure her motor skills were developing. So I think it’s normal around this age. Some days mine says dada all day long, others she just screams all day.

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My kids didn’t have full talking conversations until 2(?) I would say. Somewhere close to there.

As long as he is saying words and is understanding the words, you’re good. Try showing him things and use one syllable words to describe them. Have him repeat…bring it up randomly every day. Over time they catch on and it is so fun to watch. That’s how they learn


Its normal. My kids both around that age talked about and then went a good couple of weeks without saying words.

My niece just turned two and doesnt speak at all. No words. Just sounds.


My son could talk more than he let on. He just wasnt a talker. He would say a few words here and there but he was just a random noise maker but the dr said we needed to start encouraging him to use his words. So when he pointed and made a noise saying he wanted something I would tell him the words he needed to say and he started saying words instead of pointing and grunting

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Einstein didn’t talk till 5!


My 15 month old only says mama, daddy, Yeah, no, boo and boobie but its obvious he understands alot of what we say. I wouldn’t worry xx

I have 3 kids. My two oldest didn’t start speaking coherently or in full sentences until like 2.5-3…

My youngest just turned 1 in June & he says dada and hi…

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My 10 month almost 11 month says dada, mama, and hi. :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s a baby lol! they don’t really start saying words until maybe 12-18 months relax Mama! and everybody’s baby is different


And im not being rude or anything, but boys usuallly develop slower than girls!! But i think he is fine! Everyone goes at their own pace!

Kids learn differently at different stages… my 17 month old rarely talks. Hes using sign language and can say about 4 different things but rarely speaks words… and they are basic babbles when he does. my oldest daughter was very late talking around 2… 2 1/2

I have a 12 mo old and she only says mama and dada. It’s normal.

My baby girl will be 11 months tomorrow she only says mama and dada. And other little sounds and noises lol her doctor isn’t worried. Now if she was closer to being two I would be worried. I have been trying to use little small words in sign language too.

I wouldn’t worry my 1 year old says mamma daddy an mamma he used to say hiya but some days he doesn’t speak an he makes noises x

My 10 month old says dada mostly and dads not even in the picture. He also says momma, bubba (bottle) aunty, nana and hi and duck bc he loves bath time and he always plays with his little ducks. His doc is not worried. He will talk when he wants.

My little sister was 3 before she said anything at all they ran all these tests and everything. Turned out everyone just always handed her everything she wanted or needed so she didn’t actually need to talk…

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My 14 month old said Mama first around 10 months, then dada, and now doesn’t say them (well he says dadada and da to everything). I’m convinced those are just early sounds! My son goes through phases with sounds. I bet if he were my second kid, I would realize some of these sounds are associated to certain things, therefore becoming a “word” for him. Right now he can meow whenever he sees a cat, roar like a dinosaur, and say “yeeeeah!” I think it’s normal and not every kid will have “real” words until closer to 18 months.

My grandaughter didn’t speak until she was almost 3. Don’t worry. Kids will speak when they are ready x


My son would always just say dada for the longest time. He could say mama, dog, & a few other things, but really just said dada all the time. He’s now 13 months & starting to talk a bunch more. His sister was the opposite she was a chatter box starting at like 4 months old.

Not all babies say a lot of words by then. Some say one to two and some say up to 10 words. My daughter was the one who was saying up to ten words but my friends baby was only saying two. Don’t be discouraged momma every baby is different

Don’t ever compare your babies milestones to anyone else’s. Each child is different


Theres no reason to be concerned about language skills at 10 months.

My 18 month old only says mama, dada, bye, tries to say thank you, and hey.

My child just turned 11 months old today, but he only says mama, dada, moe (more), and baba and he does hand signals for milk (I never taught him that, he just started doing it randomly)

He is on track as long as he is making diffent sounds they will one day start talking and you wont be able to get him to stop

The requirement is one word by one. Do not stress where your child or

My sons doctor said at 18 months it’s normal for a child to say 5-6 words. My son was saying triple that at 18 months. 10 months, it was your typical mama and dada, but nothing crazy. Every kid is different.

My son took a while longer too. Don’t worry! My son is now 2.3 and he’s talking up a storm. Some words are mumbles. But he tries to say anything I ask him to now. Also flash cards jump started him. :heart:

At that age it was only mama dada yay baby. Now it’s that with hi and mimi for my mom lol

My daughter is 10 months old and she knows mama and dada, but for some reason she won’t say dada anymore, and hasn’t for a few weeks she only says mama now

Hi, boo, mama, dada, bye, teta, baby, stop…just those 8 …that’s my 10 month old…my older child didn’t speak until she was like 3

I talked till I was 2 and quit talking all together tell I was 6

Lol my 10 month old occasionally says bye bye … that’s it. They go at their own pace . Some just don’t care about talking yet because they don’t feel like they need to.

Even if you’re baby isnt talking. They’re listening and watching you! Talk to them.

My grandson did that bit then around like 14 months his vocabulary is huge and he talks all the time . No worries

One of my kids had probably 200 words before a year old and could string together simple 3-4 word sentences. ( I have juice please, i want go outside)
One of my kids had about 25 words at 18 months lol.
Kids are different! Both very bright children, both excel at school, just had different starts.

We have one at the house that will be 2 Aug.28 and does not say mush. But we keep working with him.

Most babies dont talk much til after they are a year old.their vocabulary increases as they get older.none of mine talked before a year other than dada and mama

Not too unusual. Especially for a boy.

My son just turned one and he used to say mama dada nana and pawpaw. He quit saying those and is saying “hey” now and tried to say “oh no” hes now trying to say I love you but there are times he wont say anything. I think hes just learning at his own pace

That’s about normal for his age.

My daughter is 25 months and she just started saying words

Completely normal. My son stopped talking for a while and we were worried but then he started developing a lot of non verbal skills. They don’t multitask when developing a lot of the time.

Mine are 1 today and only say our dogs name which is “pupup” - don’t ask😂 and “mama” when they want food, and “dada” sometimes. My daughter is a little ahead of her brother. She’s trying to talk but speaking gibberish. My son doesn’t use words but he’s very vocal

Mine just says “ba” :joy: they’re all different I wouldn’t worry. My oldest two talked later than “normal” too but now they never stoppppp lol

My son is 2 and picks up words like a hawk. He still has days where the majority of what he says is absolutely straight gibberish lol. Babies are constantly learning every single day I can only assume they’d want little breaks

No need to be concerned umtil between 2 and 3

My son is 19 months and doesn’t say much…
He uses his manners, and says please, Ta or more when he wants something but he doesn’t really say anything else…
he just babbles and laughs to himself. he can say mumma and dadda but he only says them when upset!

My oldest was talking at 10mnths old an his vocab was awesome by 12mnths.

Mine is 10 in half months old and doesn’t really say anything either

What midestones do you follow? Cause you baby is just fine. Babies make noises to communicate, not words

Dont worry when they get to the teen years they go back to maybe 20 words a day if lucky.

My son’s 19 months and he only speaks 8-10 words. One day he started saying things out of no where :woman_shrugging:t3: Either way, doctor wasn’t concerned at all.

He is 10 months,give him time.

My son will be 3 years old next month and he can say it cold mmm good dada mama papa bye hi please and thank you sissy and bath cat moon dog and he is still behind on speech

At 10 months only about 4. They are 10 years and 12 years and caught up. Don’t worry about it!!!

Mine started saying words after her 1st bday

My son didn’t actually speak full sentences until he was about 2. Now he talks all the time and has learned things so fast. Just be patient momma. If later down the road he still doesn’t want to talk then bring it to the doctor but until then I would just wait. My son only said juice, duck, and mommy for the longest.

Don’t get hung up on milestones. He is young and he will hopefully talk in his own time. My daughter wasn’t saying much at that age and she didn’t have 50 words at 18 months. Her pediatrician said unless there was an obvious issue she didn’t get concerned until 2. She also said that in her experience when they hit motor skills milestones they seem to talk later. She hit about 22 months and she hasn’t shut up since lol. Be patient and maybe at a well visit bring it up to her pediatrician.

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Mine is 19 months old and says some words, his longest is thank you. He knows way more sign language that he uses. His pediatrician was not concerned.

we had a foster son that didnt say anything till he was 2 by 2.5 he started talking and he never stops talking wouldnt worry yet, he is 6 now and he talks from morning to night non stop talking he is adopted to us now

My first son would only say words like mama, and cookie. When he was two, I turned the tv off on him, he said, " I want to watch that robot chicken!" I was so shocked that I turned the tv back on.


Mine is 13 months and he only says a few words. And yes he did have days where he wouldn’t use his words much a few months ago… it’s super normal. They progress at their own speed

My son didnt talk til he was two…a few words…they said he should be saying more ut I knew he could but would only talk when he wanted to and only to me. A week before his 3rd birthday he started talking in full clear sentences and never stopped!

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Mine is 14 months and makes lots of noises, says a few words (mostly dada and mama) and honestly? I’m not worried. He’s quite young still, he still has time.

The more they hear words / conversations, the more they will talk. My oldest kids and youngest kids were very different in ages of full on talking. My youngest was much more verbal because she heard talking ALL THE TIME.

My son didnt really start talking talking until he was around 3… He would and could say words but it was a lot of just sounds and babble and screeches… My daughter on the other hand started talking early even before 1… (Shes almost 2 now and can say whole sentences)… Idk… I know boys are late bloomers


Every child is different and do things at different times. My first one started babbling at about 4 months ma, ma, ma. By the time she was a year old she could speak clearly, but my other 3 were at least 2 when they finally started to say some words. No kid is better for doing things first than others. My oldest just liked to talk a lot and STILL does :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

First off, you can’t compare children. Each child is different and talks when they are ready. With that being said, my son started talking in 2-3 word sentences at 11 months but I have worked with children that don’t talk until they were 2. I had one child that started talking after the age of 3. No issues or developmental delays. He just wasn’t ready

My children were the same. Grownups now and fine. Read and speak to him. Dont rush him. He is very young three to four years old they do more talking. Get his hearing and eyes checked out if you like.

My grand baby boy 3 years out uses very few words but has gotten much better in the last few months. His sister was using a lot more words then he did at that age. I think it really just depends on the child.

My son didn’t talk much for the LONGEST time… doctor was actually worried but I caught him talking to himself and practicing his words in his room at night around age 1… then a few day’s later he’d say a new word or 2. Then nothing. Then a couple more words a few days later. It was like he didn’t want to speak until he got the word right. Now he’s 2.5 and talks non stop, but it took a long time before he said anything to anyone, and then even when he would speak to me he refused to speak to doctors or at daycare. :woman_shrugging:t2: all kids are different with speech development. I wouldn’t worry much at such a young age.

Sounds like he is doing great. Making noises is more important than the words at 10months. Noises are where it all starts. Talk to him lots and he will respond. Good job mama x

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Mine didn’t really say much at that age. Mama and dada, but I wasn’t sure she even meant mom and dad. 10 months is really early to be worrying about their language skills.

My son will be 3 years old in September and he’s barely getting comfortable saying a few words. Every child is diff mama. Just give your baby time :blue_heart:

my daughter would say dada mama lala bye maw og for dog baba and a few others. she said her first full word at 13 months old and it was circle. and was speaking fyll sentence about 15 months ol. for my son well he didnt say nothing but dada and mama

My baby is around that age and is exactly the same way. My oldest could hold a conversation at 1.5 years, my second was almost 2 and still wasn’t that advanced In her speech :woman_shrugging: all kids are different and its usually nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

My buba could say her name at 8months old!!:scream: I swear people don’t believe me but I have it on video​:sweat_smile: shes turning 1 in a couple of days and repeats everything we say including scoldings​:rofl::rofl:

Our oldest son only spoke a couple words and was falling behind at 18 months and had been scheduled to see a speech pathologist. But his baby sister was born and he’ll be 18 in February and hasn’t shut up since :rofl: Give them time, every child is different

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Hes like 10 months . Really ? This is a question? Your kid is
Normal and pretty smart for saying what he does

My daughter only said momma and dada for the most part until 2. It wasn’t that she couldn’t talk, she just didn’t want to. I was worried but now she is 2 1/2 and very talkative, saying full sentences and everything. Each kid is different, I wouldn’t worry.


At the beginning of 9 m… my son started saying words but there were days he wouldnt. He is turning 10 m in a couple of days and now he talks more than ever … his favorite word is dada :laughing: every kid is different.

My now 3 year old didn’t have many words till she was two . Now she doesn’t stop talking . All of the sudden the words just kept coming

He’s only 10 months. I think your worrying to much. They aren’t gonna say all that much at that age. My son is 12 months and he only said mama, dada, mom, dog, and fan. At 10 months I would say that’s normal

My daughter was talking at 9 months. My son didn’t talk until he was 2! Third daughter didn’t talk much until 3. Youngest daughter said full sentences at 1!

Our grandson who is now 13 months, we do have to encourage on a daily basis to use words. I have 3 adult children 2 girls 1 boy and have found that boys aren’t as community of with words as expressive sounds of enthusiasm. Just keep patiently working with them

My daughter only said papa and mama at 11 months. She’s 20 months now and says pretty much everything. She’s just started to string words together.

My son didn’t start talking at all til he was 2, he’s 3 now and still struggles

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Mine is 15 almost 16 months and has about 10 solid words but she won’t talk at all in front of most people. Her only super solid words are “momma, dada, teddy (our pet), yeah, and no”. The other few she doesn’t use consistently or pronounce well but she’ll try to repeat like “chair”. We just had a Ped visit and he said they don’t really stick with the guidelines as long as they have about 20 words at 2 and can put a couple together like “more milk, or red apple”. I think they all just do things on their own time :woman_shrugging: she walked early but took forever to crawl. She’s interested in age appropriate toys, like stacking her blocks and cups, and loves flipping through books so I’m not worried about the speech yet.

My son used to say about 5 words since 8 months. He now only says 2 and he bo longer says mama or papa.

My son is 16mths. He says mom (along with mama) dad (along with dada) yeah more done (you can hear him try his thank you and love you) baba hi nana

My son is almost 2 he said most of the word related to car and fruits other than that he is not interested :disappointed:I teach him but every time I failed. But he says dada car key, dada car, sisy mama mountain, some fruits name and agin start with the car whatever I teach him he ended with car. saying car wheel, sta-ting for starring, seat, everything related to car but not others

My daughter is 10 months. She says mama dada nana dog and now she says flower. Everything is a flower.

My daughter had dada and bottle until about 2.5.
She now has a bigger vocabulary than I do some days.
Everyone told me not to worry, so don’t worry!

I have a 15 mo old and I think that’s totally normal for your kid. Mine has said mama a handful of times and just doesn’t anymore. She prefers what’s that, dada and hot currently. But it comes and goes.

The noises you’re hearing are sounds your baby likes to make; they’re soon to be real talk.

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Iv heard people say their children didn’t talk til they were 3 years old and are perfectly normal, you have a smart little baby!!:blush:

That’s totally normal. They learn words in spurts. When they are working on a different skill (such as walking or crawling) they focus more on that. They say kids are supposed to be using 2 word phrases by the time they’re 2. Your kiddo has plenty of time. Just talk to him often and use words as he points at things. If he wants his cup just out loud say “cup? Do you want a drink from your cup?” Eventually he’ll start talking back. Then it never ends. Haha